the wretched and forgotten

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when ever we feel down we dont always look at things in a postive way this is kinda how this poem is

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



The Wretched and Forgotten

We were never meant to go to heaven

We were born to rot in hell 

Sell my soul for nothing that its worth

Bleeding away the pain

While listening to the rain

The only happiness slowly fades away

Jaded deep inside my core

Take a blade

Press it against my skin

I will never win


Rotten deep inside my soul

The last bit of faith

Has gone away

I'll kill myself to make everybody pay

The light will shine again

But todays not that day

Say what you need to say

Do what you need to do

Run away from the truth

Its an ugly world

Behind all the money

Behind all the beauty

They are all spoiled

Wrap it in foil

But now its spoiled

They all are forgotten

No one remembers their faces

They erased they smiles on their face

Dug a hole 10 miles wide

They lost their pride

The balck veil of the bride

Lied right in their eyes

Where are the people that were gonna be there

Where are the ones who loved us


We need you now

And youre no one to be found

We lost our ground

Darkness all around

We forgot us

Didnt even pay attention to us
Were the wretched and forgotten





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