It has been fifty-three years since the initial attack. The day every person has imprinted in their minds. The black clouds floating over Russia. If only then we knew. Of course, we never found out until it's too late. Now someone has emerged from the body of an alien. Is he a friend or foe?

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Human Limits

It has been fifty-three years since the initial attack. The day every person has imprinted in their minds. The black clouds floating over Russia. If only then we knew. Of course, we never find out until it's too late.

If you have seen or read "Shingeki no Kyojin" or "Attack on Titans" you will see that was my inspiration along with the movie "Pacific Rim". However, I am not stealing any of the characters. Read Chapter

How? He repeated that word over and over again. It has been years since he heard the sound of his voice and now that he has, it sounds fo... Read Chapter

He knew he was outside. His skin prickled with the cool air; the light breeze lifting the hair from his neck. The sun was directly above ... Read Chapter

"What's your name?" "Travis Miller." "When were you born?" "August eighth, two thousand and forty-two." "Can you remember... Read Chapter

There were only two choices: Life or Death. General Backings stood outside with the commander as he explained the options available. "The... Read Chapter

Wet grass brushed his ankle, the soft dirt got trapped between his toes. Life. Those words rang clearly in his head. Days passed since he... Read Chapter

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“Please!” “I said no.” Siren peered over his shoulder so he could see the girl’s face. She has been following him since the... Read Chapter

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Travis eyes were clenched close. They laughed as they abused him. Tears slid down the teenager's face. "Hey! What do you believe you're d... Read Chapter

"I've seen tots throw better punches." Siren remarked. Travis had much to learn. First, the thumb goes outside not inside. His hand has t... Read Chapter

There was always hope. There were survivors and he held onto the hope he parents were alive. Malp agreed on doing a search since it would... Read Chapter

The course was to introduce them to the new environment. Apparently, the bedrooms for beginner trainees were two large rooms. There was o... Read Chapter

Siren woke Travis up at six as he always did. They began with the strength and climbing exercises. However, Travis always preferred the c... Read Chapter

The walls were vast, long, and curved to hug the human community. The wall stood about sixty feet tall, except for the gate and towers th... Read Chapter

His head hurt. As he sat up, he pressed his hand against the injury. Siren felt the blood ooze between his fingers. He didn't fret over i... Read Chapter

Crane’s left side was gone. From her upper chest, all the way down to her leg. The only part of her left side that remained was her hea... Read Chapter

Backings stared at the green material in his hands. “What is this?” He pulled at the layers. The stretched out looking like a thin sh... Read Chapter

“More than a fourth of the population died.” General Backings muttered to himself. He sat in a small metal chair behind a curtain. He... Read Chapter

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He stared at her in awe. She was the most beautiful member of the warrior class. Even when she was slicing the heads off of Cuzhacs, she ... Read Chapter

It's was wrong. She knew that information as such was classified. Only those in the military can look at such information, but she coul... Read Chapter