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A story of a human and an alien, both undergraduates sharing a boarding room.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Once upon a time, there was an alien called Nobody. Due to a space crash, that poor soul had to land on earth and survive with human beings. The alien did not like humans because they are unpredictable, conservative and cunning. Humans loved Nobody because this alien is funny and stupid. For humans,this alien is nothing but a toy for their distraction, alien knew it.

With the time Nobody got selected to a human university. Nobody was afraid to mingle with humans because Nobody is an alien. However Nobody had to share a room with 3 humans. Two of them showed their human qualities very quickly but the other one seemed unique and independent. The alien was very curious about this specific one called Unique. Alien heard from others that Unique is not sociable like others and very studious. As Unique seemed to be good comparing with other humans, alien spent a lot of time with Unique. Unique had a nice heart although Unique is a human being. This human’s talk, childish behavior and uniqueness attracted alien. Unique joked with Nobody, pushed Nobody to finish the meal completely that they share, invented new foods, tried to vanish alien’s phobia to human foods etc etc. Unique’s behavior planted human feelings in alien. Alien massaged this sweet human when they got muscle pain, tickled to make this human  laugh and always wanted to see that sweet smile on Unique’s face.

Unconsciously, alien started to take Unique close to the heart. Day by day with the growth of their friendship, Nobody couldn’t spend a day without Unique. When Unique is not around, Nobody had dangerous human feelings like sadness, nostalgy. Unique and Nobody used to share 2 missed calls every day and messages. Nobody didn’t like to delete Unique’s messages. So this alien saved them all in their mobile! Nobody wanted to protect Unique from every danger. So the alien Nobody cared for this human and sometimes voluntarily chose to be Unique’s guard although Unique refused. Nobody saw Unique in dreamland each day although aliens don’t dream usually. There were some humans who extremely liked Nobody but Nobody neglected them and didn’t take them to heart. Obviously, there wasn’t any free space in Nobody’s heart because Nobody has given all the space to Unique.

Time passed and 4 years went. With the attachment to Unique, Nobody, the alien was transforming to a human being. Nobody wanted to be a somebody but due to a social problem, it was impossible. However this alien never thought of a life without Unique.. During the small period after the submission of a little bible called Thesis, Nobody and Unique got extremely intimate. May be only the alien felt so because Nobody has alien genes. Next day Nobody brought a small mirror made like a red rose flower to gift Unique with excitement and hopes. Before giving the gift, Unique got a phone call from a human. The alien got some strange feelings as the call was going for hours. Finally Unique came and didn’t mention anything about that call. Nobody was upset. Nobody put the rose mirror that was near pillows of bed in to a pocket of the bag. Dinner time arrived and Nobody lightly asked Unique who phoned in the evening. Unique with a nice smile said that was a human who was wishing to have a relationship with Unique. Fried rice in the mouth of the alien became hard ice. The alien felt the throat was warming and strangled. The words stuck in the mouth and the alien was unable to talk or breath. The alien felt as their alien space ship crashed for the second time. The eyes started burning and they gave way to a hot spring of tears. Alien hid tearful eyes from Unique. Unique was talking without a stop but the alien didn’t hear anything. The ear holes of alien were covered by a mysterious thick warm air. Nobody couldn’t remember anything. Nobody stopped eating. Unique forced to eat. But Nobody didn’t eat. How to eat when the soul of this alien was in fire!

Unique tried to explain. Unique sat near Nobody’s bed. Like a patient Nobody the alien was gazing at the dirty fan without any emotions. Alien who lost the alien toughness and who developed human sensitivity saw the Death waving hand at this wretched fellow. Suffering, one of the worst human feelings started to torture Nobody to death. Nobody, the alien put back that rose mirror in to the bag.

Nobody went home but couldn’t touch a single book. The alien saw Unique’s smiling face everywhere. The body of the alien refused food. Nobody searched methods of refusing life in the internet. Nobody, the alien wanted to have an electric shock at the brain for a memory loss. Nobody couldn’t sleep. Nobody’s books, pillows got used to be wet by a liquid called tears. Unique said Unique too was sad. Alien came to the human room and tried to stay away from Unique, because it was hurting. Too much sorrow for that weak little heart. However Unique got a headache and when Nobody saw Unique’s suffering eyes, this alien couldn’t look away. So the alien applied balm very tenderly on Unique’s forehead and caressed Unique’s head with lot of affection even though Unique was no longer Nobody’s. The alien watched how that tender human eyes were closing.. Unique said that human didn’t phone Unique again.

Nobody came back home and sent Unique a msg. Pending! A second msg. Pending! Again the throat started burning. Strange feelings invaded alien’s mind. Alien knew the reason why that inbox was full. With a burning heart, with watering eyes and with a strangled throat, the alien sent the last message to Unique telling everything. Unique replied. An honest reply. But that didn’t end alien’s suffering. Days went. Only the alien knew how many times the alien died and reborn. How much did the alien eat.

Alien had the final exam in the human university. So the alien came to that wretched room after saying good bye to the university life with humans. Alien wanted to tell Unique that, if by any chance, Unique had to stay single, Nobody would care for Unique and protect Unique like precious eyes till their last breath. Not only Unique but also Unique’s family. Unique came to the room. Alien tried not to touch Unique and avoid this human’s dazzling eyes in the first place. But how? Unique cracked a joke one time and forgetful alien touched Unique’s hand. Hastily, Unique took back Unique’s hand. Alien felt sad and went to bed. Nobody asked about that human from Unique. Unique said the human phoned Unique day before yesterday too. Unique has asked the human about that human’s tribe and is getting ready for the male female human mating ceremony called mariage. Unique said lots of humans were coming after Unique. Nobody watched Unique. The alien thought what is this nonsense in earth. Is this real love? No. The humans want to breed and spread their race against all animals. For that purpose, they have made an artificial love. Although man is called the most intelligent animal, he is blind to this artificial love. Do humans value a love without mating purposes? Nobody didn’t know the answer because Nobody is not a human but an alien. Nobody thought, if Unique is fond of that ceremony, if Unique accepts the artificial love, why does Nobody weep and love Unique this much. The alien got hurt deeply. Nobody asked Unique to come outside and asked Unique not to give missed calls, calls, and messages again. Why? Those are the things that arouse love, affection, caring in Nobody towards Unique. There’s no point of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. But the alien promised to protect Unique and stay with Unique till the death if Unique stayed as a free human. It was a real promise coming from the heart. However, Unique said Unique valued tribal rules of Unique’s island called social norms more than anything. Unique said Unique doesn’t want to get rid of those chains. For the surprise of the alien, Unique showed some ordinary humans as the best examples who value tribal rules. No wonder, all ‘ordinary’ humans accept them. Nobody for the first time thought the name Unique is not appropriate for Unique. “After all Unique is also a human”, thought Nobody. Unique repeated that Unique doesn’t understand Nobody. It’s not a surprise; Nobody is an alien, not a human. Nobody said Nobody too could’nt understand Unique and Unique’s tribal rules. Unique’s reply was shocking. Unique said that Nobody is an alien and Nobody’s family is an alien community, so Nobody doesn’t understand the importance of tribal chains. Nobody didn’t have anything to say. Nobody, the alien was thinking about the good times they spent together.The darkness around the staircase near they talked reminded the alien how dark was the life now. The alien subjected again to the unlimited sorrow. Unique watching the alien smiled. How can someone smile when the other one was in a very sad mood? The alien wondered. May be humans do, Nobody thought. The alien felt that Unique is lost forever. Nobody can never ever keep Unique. Unique said Nobody was wrong and Nobody can keep a half of Unique. The other part is for that human. Nobody was confused. How to keep a half when Nobody already offered full body and soul to Unique? “It was impossible”, said the alien. Unique said Unique would miss the friend in Nobody. Unique has few good friends and Unique is worried that Unique was going to lose one good friend. Yes, one good friend. Nobody was really really sad. For Nobody, Unique was everything, the life, soul, the breath, everything. But for Unique, Nobody was just a good friend. Humans are very different from aliens, thought Nobody. Unique wanted to end the discussion and go. Unique promised the alien to walk away from the alien’s life. Unique said Unique won’t give missed calls again to the alien. Nobody,the alien remembered the sounds of Unique’s missed calls.. Tere baalon ki pannah mein,yeh siya raath guzreh,teri kaali kaali aankhen koi,ujili baath uthre,teri ek hansi ke badle,meri yeh sameen le le,mera aasman le le, saathiya, saathiya maadham maadham teri geeli hansi.. , You are the one you are the one,baby you are the one, you may be just a little bit deevani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one.. , Ore piya haaye Ore piyaa haaye, Udne laga kyon man baawla re, aaya kahaan se yeh hosla reh ore piyaa haaye… Nobody won’t hear them again in this life..

Unique went back to the room and started studying for the exam. The alien went to the bed and was watching the dirty fan with a blank mind. Suddenly, some thoughts came to the alien mind. The alien dropped rough alien qualities and became like a human because of Unique. Nobody didn’t value alien identity and threw it away because of Unique. Now Unique is gone. Gone forever. So why does the alien stay as a human? No point. It’s time to rediscover the lost alien identity. The alien will never ever love another human. Unique was the first and the last. If Nobody stayed like a human forever, suffering, pain, the human emotional serpents will finish the alien piece by piece. If Unique is fond of Unique’s tribe, Nobody should be fond of that alien identity. The rational thinking. Alien felt the tears got dry. The roughness boiled the blood. Immediately Nobody announced this to Unique like a true rough alien. Unique got angry and said Unique too would stay tough. Unique sat on Unique’s bed and started doing something in a little tech gadget called laptop. Alien saw how Unique was gazing at the bubbles on the screen. Nobody closed the eyes.

Next morning, when Nobody opened eyes, Unique was working. Unique didn’t say good morning. Nobody went to the bathroom because 5 human friends of Nobody have arranged a picnic to celebrate the end of human university life. When the alien came back to room, Unique has gone. Although Nobody wanted to drop all human qualities, it was bit difficult. Nobody wore a tshirt and a trouser and ran in search of Unique to wish Unique for the exam. Unique wasn’t in Wealthy food, a human hotel which sells poor food. Nobody got a 3 wheeler, a funny human taxi and went to the human university. Searched Unique in gardens, lecture rooms, canteens, everywhere. Asked about Unique from everyone that Nobody met. Not a single sign. Phoned Unique more than 5 times. No answer. The tshirt of Nobody was wet with sweat. The human friends who arranged the picnic phoned Nobody and said they were on the way. Nobody,the alien quit university with a blank mind. Automatically sent a message to Unique. Unique who promised Nobody not to message and phone again kept that promise. The alien didn’t see Unique again. Nobody wrote a note and pasted it on a cell of Nobody’s alien heart.

“My ever loving Unique,

Now that you have gone, I have to say you something. I don’t hate you. I can never do that. I’m really sorry for everything. Please forgive me for everything I have done. I loved you more than a friend, I tickled you too much to make you laugh, I didn’t let you sleep well and caressed your velvet skin watching how you fell asleep, I gave you big gifts little gifts to make you happy, I didn’t eat carrot pieces in fried rice sometimes, I closed my nose when you were doing banana therapy to me, I kept 1482 messages of you, I liked you truly.. I’M REALLY REALLY SORRY… Thank you very much for making me feel like a human. Thank you very much for being there whenever I wanted you. Thank you very much for being a good listener. Thank you very much for filling my life with friendship and love for 4 years. Thank you very much for bearing me. I wish you all the best for your new life. Being with humans is a difficult task for me.. I’m waiting to mend my spaceship and fly back to Uranus. Earth is not a good place for me. I can’t chase you from my mind. You are living there forever. Pain is inevitable. I put your heart close to mine and you took away yours unexpectedly. My heart weeps because a part of my heart went with yours. Honestly, I loved you and still loving you. That love is a fruit of mutual intimacy. It’s not lust, it’s not for the mating purposes, it’s not for the fun, it’s not a coincident, it’s not to gain property or inheritance, it’s not to make a group of relatives, in fact, it’s something dedicated only to you without any hidden purposes.. I guess it’s pure love.

Yours alien,


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