Quantum Leap 2 - The Three Little Chicks

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I became a fan of the series Quantum Leap with Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci.
So I decided to model this story off of the series.
Speaking of...this story is in the same universe as a few others you may see. "Neela" "Toya's Mansion" and "Slave Sunday"
The Difference with this story is that you can leap into future.

Submitted: April 09, 2012

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Submitted: April 09, 2012



The Three Little Chicks
[Ending to Toya's Phantom Mansion]
"I'm telling you Cal, what you did man, it was awesome!  You totally got all the hot chicks...you're going to getting a lot of a-- tonight."
"(laughs)You really think so?"
"Yeah man even Toya was digging you.  People going to be talking up about you for months, maybe years.  You were cool, casual, clever, suave, all of the above, you feared no one."
"Yeah I surprised myself, I could not believe that I saved the day like that, and I knew what to do and masterminded the plan."
"See Cal, you can do anything when you put your mind to it...(JT continues talking)"
(Calvin beings to to leap)
[Start of The three little chicks]
When Calvin finished leaping he found himeself in the heart of where pedestrians, people, stories, and soicialites flourished!  But he was not alone walking along to his sides were two young ladies in their mid teens maybe up to early twenties who knows, strolling merrily along the arena of stores encountering people friends equipped with cell phones, the one to his left was using hers to look at something but was not talking on it.  The other one the right was talking about something that may have been about her experiences, or her wishes but it is not clear  The girl using the phone was also communicating back to the talking one.  Calvin was wearing a full bodies sweatsuit that was grayish colored, because it was rather chilly that day.  Finally a comment was in a matter of time addressed to Calvin.  

"...We should go and get your hair done what about it Dee?" The talking girl asked as she glanced towards him.  
"(caught off guard)  who me?...Uh my hair is fine."
Getting his hair done?  Calvin then realized the possibility of the person he leaped into.  Could it be?  He had to get a mirror.
"Fine?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Rita show Dee her hair"
The talking girl requested.  Rita (the one on the left) used her cell phone, pushed some buttons and then aimed the phone away from Calvin at a distance and pressed some more buttons and show Calvin the results.  It was a face shot of a brown skinned black hair female, matching the approximate age of the other two ladies, but more modest and younger looking.  Though her hair was not all that bad but it did not compair to the other two.
"Oh my goodness, I'm a girl!" Calvin exclaimed.
"Duh, and you got to look like one." the talking girl added.
Admist the talking the other girl's name was revealed as Cori.  For now Calvin just knew his identity as Dee.

The Girls were thinking of how to get her hair fixed up, however they felt hungry, so they stopped at the nearest resturant.
"Hey Dee isn't that that boy you got a crush on up there?" Cori asked looking up ahead in the line."
"Who him?"  Calvin asked.
"No, the chair in the corner, of course I mean him Darrien."
"Oh it might be, but it like the chair better."
"Okay be funny then.  Just yesterday you couldn't stop talking about him.  'Oh Darrien is so cute, I can't wait to make out with him'..."  (shoves Calvin) "Go up there and talk to him, ask him to buy you lunch."
"Oh I'm not hungry."
"There you go again always making excuses.  You got to stop being shy."
"No really I'm not hungry."
"That doesn't matter, I'm talking about you and him together.  God, you always take things so literally?"
"...Uh Cori, I just don't feel like it right now.  Shouldn't boys like... make the first move?"
"She's has a point there Cori." Rita added.
"I am not disagreeing with that Rita.  But a woman's got to make herself known to a man so he will make the BIG move."
"Maybe she's not ready for that yet Cori."
"She's never ready.  (sigh)  Oh Dalisha, what am I going to do with you?"
"Dalisha..." Calvin resited to himself."
"Yes Dalisha.  Why are you saying your own name?"
"Just figured out why you all were calling me Dee."
"What's wrong you don't like the name Dee?"
"I didn't say that."
"You acted like you didn't know that we called you Dee this whole time.  You acting kinda strange, your not hungry, your not talking about Darrien and now this, are you okay?"
"I don't know.  Maybe I don't feel well."
"Really, what's wrong?  Are you sick?  Sad?  Something on your mind?..." Rita asked."
"No, just a little disoriented since we been walking."
"We come this way all the time, how could you be disoriented?" Cori asked
"Maybe it was something in the air.  Uh, I think I'll go to the bathroom or something." Calvin added.
Calvin walked out of the line and headed towards the restroom, but knowing that he was a girl and not a guy, he didn't want to walk in the wrong restroom nor start going to the ladies.  Luckly there was a door leading to the outside he headed for that.  Outside he waited to see if Melvin was going to appear to give him the stats for the leap as well as his mission.  It took long enough.

"Come on Melvin, where are you man?"
In the meantime he looked at a newspaper stand, however it was empty.  The environment around him looked contemporary, but something about it looked upgraded from his own time.  Finally Melvin walked throught the corridor of the imaging chamber as a hologram and greeted Calvin.
"Cal, what's up man?"
"It's about time."
"Yeah I see you all dolled up."
"Yeah, ima girl!  Why am I a girl Melvin?"
"Calm down man, it's going to be alright."
(Melvin pulls out the hand link and works with it as he responds to Calvin)
"I'm nervous.  How am I going to pull off being a girl?  I think I might have a boyfriend or something.  How am I going to deal with that?"
"Relax you don't have boyfriend, he's just a guy who goes to school with you, I mean Dee."
"But still, they are pressuring me to ask him out.  I just want to get out of here."
"Alright, we'll get you out of here as soon a possible Cal just hang tight.  Alright you're Dalisha Tyler born October 14 2002.  Today is Tuesday April 18 2017, so you are still in the future. (location withheld)"
As Melvin meantion this stats, a floating window in bluish tint appeared in mid air in which only Melvin and Calvin could see.  In that window was a full body profile of Dalisha life sized as well as the stats meantioned that changed as Melvin went along.  Dalisha was a short plumb young lady with affable features.
"That's my third consecutive leap in the future, and I am moving forward."
"Yeah the computer thinks your next few leaps are going to stay in the future until you reach 2025, then you'll jump back to maybe the 1980's again."
Calvin still nervous and jittery stretches out trying to calm himself with the excitement of being female.
"That'll be cool.  I like to see the 80's again.  I only got to see 1989 but it was like only for a day.  So what I'm here for?"
"Haven't gotten there yet. Dalisha has two close friends named Corianne Evans and Margarita Rivers, she's known Rita since first grade, and then Cori came nearly three years later."
"Yeah she seems to be the boss."
"Yeah, it's kinda says that here on her personality profile she is very outgoing and persuavive.  But she isn't evil."
"Yeah, I know that, kinda pushy though"
"It says part of you mission is not to let Cori make you do anything extreme."
"Is that it?"
"No man, you know there's more.  It says that there is a party that is going to go on this Saturday and Cori is the only one to go, and she gets involved in something but doesn't make it back home and she dissappears and is never heard from again."
"Oh my goodness, that's sad.  What happens to her?"
"I don't know man.  It doesn't say.  It is the future."
"How could it know all of this if it's in the future?  Well, I'll just tell her not to go."
"Come on Cal, you know it isn't going to be that easy.  In fact, it says that there is a 86% chance that Cori should go to this party regardless and not stay away."
"For what?"
"I don't know, maybe she's performing or hosting it.  Whatever it is she has to be there."
"I see, maybe it's not bad bad party, maybe it's a good one that goes bad.  But you see that makes it complex.  She has to be there, but she ends up not coming home.  So I have to go."
"Yeah, see Dalisha wouldn't go and she was too scared and shy.  And Rita didn't go, cause she had some kind engagement or affair to attend to, and Dalisha did not go anywhere without Rita.  She would never go with Cori by herself."
"She didn't trust her?  Or feel comfortable with Cori"
"I think so.  I saw her in the waiting room, and she hasn't said a word.  I think she was crying when I left her."
"So I have to go and see that Cori gets back home."
"But why do I feel like I am going to have a hard time getting there or staying with her?"
"Probably cause it's true.  I don't know, the computer doesn't mention any potential obsticles, you'll have to face them when you get to them."
"So that's it?  Save Cori, and I'll leap?"
"I guess so big pippen.  It says it's a 96.2% that is why you are here.  Anything else comes up, I'll hit you up man."
"Saturday, that's like four days away, what am I going to do as a girl for four days?"
"Well Cal, you haven't had a girlfriend before but now you get to be one and best of all you get to do what girls do in private...."
"What?  No way man I am not doing that..."
"You only live once man, this might be your only leap as a girl."
"And I hope it's my last."
After some more chitter chatter Melvin then departs and Calvin is by himself.
Calvin then proceeded to the inside there he ran into Darrien.
"Dalisha what's up girl?  I thought that was you.  You looking good as usual, what's going on?"
"Uh...nothing.  Just hanging with the girls."  Calvin replied.
"For real?  Yeah, I was thinking I could buy you something, would you like anything?"
"No, I'm fine, I'm not hungry."
"Not hungry?  Are you sure?  You sound different too, are you alright?"
"I'm fine...Darrien, I just need to relax.  I'll see you later okay?"
"Alright then, we still on for this Friday night?"
"You know, I was thinking about taking you to see that movie."
"Uh, I'll have to see about that."
"Alright, I like to know by Thursday so I can make my plans, because I still want to go see it."
(uncertain) "Okay... I'll... let you know by then."
(Darrien then departs with his fellas and their food)
Calvin then returns to the table with Rita and Cori who have already brought their food.  He had a little difficulty recognizing them as he wasn't yet familiar with their faces.
"Dee you back?  You feel better?, because you got us worried." Cori asked.
"I think I'm going to be alright."
"Rita brought you some food in case your mind about eating."
"Gee thanks Rita, you didn't have to."
"I wanted to Dalisha..."
"What did you get me?"
"You could have chicken sandwich and some fries, or you could slipt a salad with me.  And I brought you that parfait you wanted." Rita stated.
"Wow, it's like you treating me or something." Calvin thought.
"We are friends aren't we?  Sisters should look out for each other." Rita continued.
"Yes, I appreciate that.  So what are doing after this?"
"I think we call it day Girls.  I mean we do have homework." Cori started
"I miss Spring Break, I wish we had another." Rita added.
"I saw you talking to Darrien, what did you say to him Dee?"
"Nothing much, he just wanted me to come with him to the movies Friday." Calvin answered.
"Really?  Girl you should go with him.  It'll be the weekend and you won't have to worry about homework.  And you can come with me Saturday to the Music Fest."
"Music Fest..." Calvin resited.
"Yes Music Fest.  You coming too Rita?"
"I would love too, but I will have to pass, my family might be going out of town to visit some relatives and friends that we haven't seen in a while."
"So that's it." Calvin responded to himself.
"What's it Dee?"
"I was wondering why Rita might not go with you to the Music Fest.  But gee I don't know, for me to go to the movies with him, and then to the party on Saturday, is a lot for me."
"So what are saying, you not going to go?" Cori asked
"Believe it of not, I am considering going with you to the Music Fest."
"For Real Girl!  What made you say that?"  Cori asked
Rita stopped in her tracks of eating and paused looking at Dalisha/Calvin.
"I...had a vision...that I felt that I need to be there with you." Calvin answered.
"Vision?  Need to?" Rita questioned.  "Tell me more about this vision."
"Well, I can't remember it in great detail, I just remember that I feel that I need to be there."
"I wish I could understand your feeling.  I've never witness you making such a rash decision before Dalisha." Rita continued.
"Who cares, if she wants to go, then she wants to go, let her come and have some fun.  And she can bring Darrien with her."
"Are you saying that I shouldn't go Rita?" Calvin asked.
"No I meant I never witnessed you considering being spontaneous before.  Not to mention that you would be going without me.  There really seems to be something different about you since we left school today.  I can see it in your eyes.  I wish I knew what it was."
"Yeah that is right.  You never go anywhere without Rita.  This would be our first time just you and me Dee."
"I'm interested to see how that would work out too Cori." Rita added.  "The hidden chemistry that you two could create without me.  Yet I wouldn't be there to witness it.  How ironic."
"Sounds like you gals are all for it.  Then I shall go..."
(Cori hugs Dalisha/Calvin)
"Oh Dee I'm so proud of you.  We are going to have a lot of fun!"
"Wait a minute, what's going to be there, what are we going to do there?"
"Girl I got to show you how to have fun?"
The girls and Calvin continued to chat.  Later Calvin had to figure how he was going to get home.  Fortunately it was not an epic puzzle.  The girls used transit to get back to their neighborhood.  Calvin did his best to familiarize the routes they took from their departure and to their destination, thought he couldn't remember every detail.  Cori departed first while Rita and Calvin both got off at the same stop a few blocks down, as it appeared that Rita and Dalisha lived closer.
They reached a courted street in a well kept yet growing subdivision.  Most of the houses were relatively new under ten years old and were two stories.  The houses had very modest front yards, but still enough room to play with, but many had larger back yards, but many of them were wooded.
"I'd like to walk you home today, but I have get home and help with my family, sorry...  I'll see you tommorrow Dalisha."
"Wait, I need to..."
But Rita was too far away and greeted by her family awaiting her arrival and was inside.  Being a slightly shy person himself, he failed to speak up, mostly because it would be odd to ask someone which house was their own, when that person should know themself.  A woman hanging outside waved to Dalisha.  Calvin waved back.  Calvin now had to figure out which house was Dalisha's.  He then checked Dalisha's purse for some form of identification.  He found a diary among the clutter, which intrigued him, but he had to pass and of course respect Dalisha's privacy.  Then he found a wallet opened it and eventually found her school ID which listed her residential address.  He looked up at the corner of a street nerby and the perpendicular one matched the one on the ID.  So far so good.  He looked at the four digit numbers 3142.  As he walked down the courted street 3142 matched the only single story house on the block.  As he was heading towards the house, he was searching for the keys to it as it appeared that the house was locked.  Out of nowhere a little boy ran up to him.
"Hey Dee Dee, how was your day?" he asked Calvin
"Hey, uh who are you?"
"Dee Dee it's me Stevie.  I can't believe you don't remember me.  You do remember you promised to play with me when you got home from school today?"
"I did?"
"Yeah, we were going to play dodgeball and go roller skating.  You were going to teach me how to skate." Stevie proclaimed
"Oh, well I don't think I can play with you today Stevie, I have homework." Calvin answered.
"That's what you always say, ever since you found that boyfriend of yours, you been dumping me whenever I ask you for something."
"Dumping you?  Were we going together?"
"Yeah we were going together, I've been telling all my friends that you and I were a couple.  Dee Dee and Stevie!"
Calvin laughs a little
"I'm serious Dee Dee, I was going to take you out to Chuckie Cheese, and we have a ball."
"Keep dreaming Stevie, you're too young for me."
"Ah Dee Dee your hurting me here.  You know how much you mean to me.  None of the other girls treat me right."
"Take it like a man."
"Yeah..." (Stevie stops in his track as Calvin walks on and away from him.  Stevie lowers his head and slowly pivots and paces back the way he came in desolate steps.)

Calvin never actually found a key.  When he got to the door there was no keyhole.  The closest thing he found was a slot as for sliding a card through.  There was also a blank pad and below it an alpha-numeric keypad.  It seems that their were multiple ways of unlocking the door.  A card, the alpha-numeric keypad, or using your fingerprint on the blank pad to unlock the door.  He tried the fingerprint pad, but it gave him an error message. "Print not on file." "Please verify the database in question"  Apparently Calvin may still have his own fingerprints and not Dalisha's, or the leap maybe interfering with Dalisha's fingerprints.  Calvin didn't know the keypad code, so his only hope the card.  He goes back to the where he found the school ID and in another nearby pouch he finds a peculiar yet distinctive card.  He slides it though and the screen reads  "Accepted. Welcome D.L.Tyler"
As Calvin enters the house he finds that it's quiet, not a creature was stirring.  
He sees the living room that uses a flatscreen tv encircled by an optional wood/gas buring fireplace with an electric starter; a sofa, love seat and a coffee table in the middle.  In further checking out the living room he goes to the fireplace and views the featured family pictures.  From the left edge he can see Dalisha and her two friends Cori and Rita; Next Dalisha and a man and a woman appearing to be her parents; third a picture of a small young girl possible Dalisha; a picture of a bunch of children playing and a sunny day featuring the same young girl in the midst of the fiesta; Fifth a larger picture of the same man and woman together in an amorous pose; the fifth and six picture featured other unfamiliar people making their debut possible relatives of the family; seventh was an artificial picture of a cute bear handing a present to another bear.  Eighth, was Dalisha and Stevie at what looked to be Stevie's birthday party or gathering.  Ninth was another picture of Dalisha and the man and woman on a beach.
It appears that Dalisha's two parents are still together and that she is an only child.
The dining room featured the usual table, lovely and elegantly decorated with doilies, and china.  A nearby china cabinet, and a piano with hymns and songs on the dash and an electric keyboard on top.  In the kitchen which can be viewed over the breakfast bar from the dining room there is a self cleaning stove/oven and mini oven, a vending machine styled refrigerator.  The refrigerator when restocked was preset to load specified items...more than just eggs milk and butter, but fruits, vegatables, soft drinks, juices, water coming out of the liquid dispenser when requested from the main control.  Speciality items customly setup by the user such as a lemon merigue pie.  When requested the user would enter where the pie was stored, and without opening the refrigerator it would be delievered.  To return the pie just place in back in the dispenser and hit return.  There was a manual override in case of power failure, however the entire house as well as the neighborhood ran backup generators enough to last at least five hours for basic appliances.  The frige can also detech if foods are bound to be spoiled based on the date of installation.  The dishwasher was designed for a larger capicity and to hold larger dishes and clean the dishes with caked on food or if they were oddly place in away from the spray.  A disassembable island separted the floor.  It served the purpose for preparing meals snacks, storing other dishes and objects but also it was kinda like an office/eating table.  Lurking around was a small robotic cleaning machine.  No more than about four inches tall and a foot in diameter.  The Robot surprising spoke to Calvin.

"Greetings, I am RADIUS, I don't recall if we have met before.  What is your name?" Robotic Automated.... ... Unit Service
"Wow you can talk?"
"I can talk as well as clean, manage, and organized tasks.  Your name please?"
"I'm Dalisha." Calvin said.
"[Beeping] Dalisha?  As in Dalisha Tyler?"
"Yes that is me."
"[Buzzing] Error, does not compute.  Database does not recognize you as Dalisha Tyler, Identification number 860112-TRL."
"How do you know that I'm not Dalisha?"
"RADIUS program recognizes human contact by a variety of factors, scent; voice pitch and wavelengths; alpha brain waves; heat output variance; personality; and a sixth sense - an unknown determinant."
"Wow that's incredible.  Do you know who I am?"
"Negative.  At this moment I am transmitting this new data to the main library."
"Whoa wait a minute, why are you doing that?  Are you just a cleaning tool.  It may not be a good idea for you to go through that trouble to find out who I am."
RADIUS has multiple tasks in housekeeping.  One of such is keeping track of who intrepids the household."
"Listen RADIUS, that really isn't necessary.  I don't want there to be a fuss about this.  I AM Dalisha Tyler."
"RADIUS is temporarily identifying you as Dalisha Tyler Identification Number 050991-HGX, until further notice."
"Uh oh.  Hey Please don't tell the family about this."
"Your request has been noted, but is subject to be overrided by authorized user commands, or if necessary to break the request upon varitant circumstances.  Have a nice day."
The robot goes it's merry way leaving the kitchen into the dining room then turning left.  To the right was the solarium/porch.  This room was very spacy yet cozy, warm and bright with lights, color and a spirit.  It features high ceilings and decorative asthestics.  Perhaps this is where Dalisha comes to mediate, relax or even write her diary.
Calvin then heads up the stairs to find Dalisha's bedroom so he could start on her homework.
Upstairs Calvin found a hall closet, a set of double doors that overlapped which infact was an elevator; a bathroom, an unclaimed bedroom possibly a guest room, and another bedroom that seemed to fit as Dalisha's quarters.  This meant that the parents room was likely somewhere downstairs.  But Dalisha's room was quite a suite.  It hosted a full sized bed decorated with an overhang.  To the side was a bay window, and another door that lead to her own porch.  Even better Dalisha had her own powder room complete with a tub/shower vanity sink, and throne.  Her room had a small simplicity office with a labtop that also functioned as a television with wireless satellite and internet access.  And of course every gal has to have her secret food stash.  There was mini frigde and what looked to be another mini over or microwave.  Yes sir or ma'am Dee had it made.
Finally Calvin set down her backpack and purse on the bed.  Paused and mediated for a moment trying to make sense of this whole leap, not to meantion doing everything that Dalisha was suppose to do under normal circumstances such as her homework...but what was her homework?
The imaging chamber door reappeared behind Calvin's back.
"Ah man Melvin...I don't know what her homework is." Calvin began
"Do you remember who I am?" a female voice asked.
Calvin turns around
"Erika!  Wow I haven't seen you in a long time!  What are doing here?"
"I wanted to see you too honey.  We figured since you were in a girl's body you would need a woman's touch."
"So where is Melvin?"
"He's at the base with others.  We are still trying to talk to Dalisha in the waiting room.  She's staring to open up now."
"So how that going?"
"She has a very precious personality, but she does like to talk."
"Five days Erika.  I have to be girl for five days."
"That ain't nothing child.  I have to be girl for darn near 30 years.  And I had two kids, and gone through relationships, and those time of the months."
"Oh god, I'm not going to have those am I?"
Erika works the hand link...
"I am unable to determine when the last time she ovulated. Nor I can tell what it would be like.  But you should be fine."
"Wait a minute...all my guy parts are still there.  I can feel them.  I don't have her breasts.  All I have is her clothes and this wig of hair that's attached to my head.  I don't understand this."
"Trust me...to everyone else you have the womenly parts.  You have your own aura remember?"
"Yeah.  But what happens if I get kicked in the groin?"
"I'm pretty sure it would hurt, but I've never experience the feeling if you know what I mean."
"I got you.  So I would feel pain even as Dalisha?"
"Mmhmm, just make sure you don't let that happen."
"So what am I suppose to do now?  I know I have homework but I don't know what that is."
Erika works the hand link again...
"Well the computer says that Dalisha's parents should be home in approximately 86 minutes.  She usually spends this time talking on the phone listening to music, playing on her labtop, having some friends over...she actually waits toward 9pm before doing her homework if any..."
"Well none of that seems to be happening."
"You're right, it says that she isn't expecting any calls or friends over.  And you don't have to do the other stuff.  So yes the homework is definitely what you need to do.  It's says that all you have do is read a chapter in your history class.  That's actually on a website that your teacher setup, they don't use textbooks anymore.  Schools found that to be too expensive to upkeep.  Answer the questions at the end.  You have 13 math problems, it's nothing new that haven't learned, and you have to come up with a theme for your science project.  Uh...you don't have to worry about that...I see if Dalisha remembers what she had in mind and we'll let know.  And I'll give you the answers the math and history."
"But that's cheating."
"Calvin, I'm already telling you the future so you can leap.  At least you make this easier for the both of us and play along."
"You're right.  Alright do we get started?"
Erika fills Calvin in on the information needed for her classes on the next day.  This only took a half an hour.  With some time left Erika finally decided to address the concerns about Dalisha's hair.
"I heard what they said about your hair Calvin.  You gonna let them dis you like that?"
"I guess...what am I suppose to with it."
"You gonna have to fix it.  (looks around) Let's see what she has in her vanity."
Calvin and Erika head towards Dalisha's vanity room.
"Okay, what I want get it to look decent.  I know you are going to take a bath tonight so I want to get you set up."
"So I have to wear a shower cap?"
"That's what we usually do.  Now you know I'm just a hologram so you are going to have to do all the work.  I want you to find a brush, a hot comb, some curlers, hair gel, and hair dryer."
Calvin eventually found it all.  There was practically nothing Dalish didn't have.  It was a wonder why her hair became unkempt.
Erika prepped Calvin on how to fix Dalisha's hair.  Erika wanted to give Dalish some curls to spicen her appearance  Erika modeled the movements for Calvin to copy.  It took some practice but he got the gyst of it.
After the hair lesson Calvin has Dalisha looking Stylish, but Erika had some more advice to leave Calvin.  She warned him about Dalisha's sensitive skin, and showed him how to apply the correct ingredience to "her skin".  Then there was nail care; fashion beautique; and lady etiquette: such as how to walk and talk like a lady.  This of course exhausted the hour.

"Now Calvin, you know that little boy that tried to talk to you before you can in the house?"
"You're talking about Stevie?"
"Yes Stevie.  You were hard on him."
"I was?"
"Yes, the computer says that Dalisha doesn't treat Stevie that way.  It's very important that you stay nice to Stevie, so you should apologize to him when you see him next time, he's very special."
"Okay, I'm sure the computer has it's reasons, I need to fix what I made wrong.  I guess I was being too much of myself and not realizing how sensitive he is." Calvin replied.
"Calvin you take care honey, I'll see you went you get to the base, you'll be fine as a young woman...remember what I said about how to prep yourself."
"I will."
Erika push a button on the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens and she then departs.
Calvin sits down as Dalisha's desk to soak in all the information and finds something to write with to take a few notes.

The next day arrived and it was time for school, a warmer sunnier day was among the dawn.
Calvin heads over to Rita's house to see her, but mostly because he doesn't know the way to school.

"Dalisha...Wow! (caresses Dalisha hair) Your hair looks nice I like it, we look like twin sisters... what are are you doing here?  I thought you were going to wait for me at your house." Rita asked.
"Oh, I never get to see your house.  So I decided to check up on you." Calvin answered
"Dalisha, you come over my house like four times a week.  But this is different, We could stand a change.  Okay give me about five minutes and I'll be ready, come on in maybe you have some breakfast."
Calvin walked into the house and sat at the table in the nearby kitchen sitting down Dalisha's equipment.
"Good Morning Dalisha how are you?" A woman presumably Rita's Mother asked him."
"I'm fine, Mrs Rivers." Calvin answered.
"How's school?"
"It's okay."
"It's okay?  School should be fun!  You all get use all those computers, have more free time, you get to choose your own classes..."
"We do?  Oh I guess so."
"Do want anything to eat?  We have some Grits, toast, eggs, bacon..."
"No thank you ma'am."
"Not even a breakfast shake?"
"I alright ate."
Calvin's eye caught a picture that hung up above
"Where did you get that picture?" Calvin asked.
"I painted it."
"You paint?"
"Yes I already told you, I'm an art teacher."
"Oh okay.  What about writing?"
"I did a little a while back, but painting is my strength."
"And what does your husband do again?"
"...He's a doctor.  Dalisha are you okay?  I thought you knew that about us."
"I'm fine, I been confusing things lately."
"Rita said you seemed a little ill yesterday, I was worried about you."
"I'm ready to go Dalisha are you?"
"Yes Rita."
"Alright let's go...Bye Mom, bye Dad, bye Sis..."
all three acknowledge Rita's departure.  Her father was in the den at a desk working on something.  Presumably her younger sister, among any other siblings she may have had was to be dropped off by her mother before she left to teach her class(es).

This time there was a school bus to pick the girls up, which was very updated from today's school bus.  Standard now were multiple televisions all could play it's own program but in that case it was on a scholastic network channel.  Each seat had seat belts which were supposed to be worn.  The seats in front had compartmental pockets and outlets on the side to plug in basic electronics, but since most student's labtops were primarily battery operated, the outlets were only for the purpose of charging.
At the school Rita and Calvin finally met up with Cori briefly.
"Dee!  How's my girl?" (hugs Dalisha)
"I'm still so excited that you are coming with me this weekend...I can't get over it...(to herself) One Two Thre Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine....(exhales) Whew, I'm calm now.  (Screaming) I'm So excited you coming with me!!!"
"Geez, if you're calm now, I hate to see how you have fun."  Calvin said.
"Oh my goodness I love what you done to your hair, it looks nice...who did it?"  Cori asked
"That's a secret...I can't tell." Calvin said.
"Dang, whoever did it tell them to do mine, I getting split ends."

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