The Lab

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Well I don't really have an idea of what this is about really. I just started writing so I hope it's halfway decent. Sorry for the super weak ending. Its about a doctor in a lab and a little back story of why she's there.

Submitted: September 26, 2013

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Submitted: September 26, 2013



  She looked down at her subjects worshiping the cold steel wall that had blocked them from the outside world for so long while the plague killed them ever so slowly. These were some of the last humans left on earth, quarantined from birth to be put in this cage and tested on all of their short miserable lives. She hated them and took joy in killingg them in the name of science. She had been forced to leave everything behind for this sstupid project of the government. They had  thought we would find a cure before the United States so instead of saving what was left of the United States they put all their money into expiraments that will never succed while what was left of the money went to protecting themselves and anyone else with money. Now because of them the afflicted roam the streets killing off the rest of humanity while she sits in this lab for the "good of humanity" she wouldn't be here for much longer though. she had heard the screams near the building a sure sign that the afflicted were near. She already had her gun ready with the safety off incase they find her and from what she knows, they will find her.

  It has been two weeks since she heard the first scream and they had finally found her lab. they were beating on the back doors and were making litlle progress. She had maybe four to five hours to clean out and terminate her subjects and prepare herself fro what she had to do. She hears them closer now just in the hallway she knows it's time she holds the gun to her head ina trembiling hand and pulls the trigger.

  Too bad she had not read the meassages on her computer or she would have know it was not the aafflicted that were breaking down her door but an evac team sent from what was left of the United States government to inform her that another lab had found the cure to the plague. As the soldiers looked into the room where her subjects were kept they were met with a horrible smell and blood spray painted on the walls. They knew it the subjects were all dead but they had a duty to check all the bodies to make sure. It was the worst six minutes of their lives. Once they had checked the bodies they ventured further into the lab and found the doctors brain splattered onto her desk beside her body was a photo of her long dead family. It was not the first or the last instance they would encounter this identical sceen throughout all the labs except for the few who's computer still worked. Now the States had learned what not to do if this plague came again.

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