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Real life event

Submitted: October 20, 2015

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Submitted: October 20, 2015



The story of life

By M.Ali


 That day was like other working days for me. I got up at 7:45 and started to get ready for the work. Feeling tired and sleepy I made myself be quick because I did not want to be late for work again. When I was ready to leave for job I just looked out from the window to check the weather. It was cloudy and a little bit windy outside. The spring had come but the sun still was hiding somewhere in the sky behind the clouds. Cloudy weather made me feel sad deep inside. Feeling down I grabbed my bag and left the apartment. As usual the elevator was out of order which meant that I had to go downstairs by stairs from the eighth floor.  Down in the yard I met some of my neighbors who also were not so happy about the weather or something else. My office was not so far from my apartment but I had to change two buses to reach there, which had always been ridiculous for me. That day I decided to be on one crowded bus so I walked till the next bus stop where I was going to catch the second bus. On my way there I was complaining about the weather, elevator, buses, people and so on.  I was about to reach the second bus stop where I stopped on the sidewalk and waited for traffic light to indicate the free way for pedestrians. On the other side of the road I saw a man who was trying to cross the road. At that moment I thought:” Hey man wait for 30 seconds and the road will be yours…….all people are in a hurry in the morning”. Only few seconds after this thought I hated myself and my thoughts, because I noticed a stick in his hand which he was moving around to feel the surroundings. He was an old blind man in grey costume and black shirt. His grey hair was untidy. That moment image of life was so touching for me that I forgot about the traffic light and cars moving along the road and rushed to help the man. I soon as I reached him I stopped him: Do not hurry sir, I will help you to cross the road. The old man smiled and said: there are still good people in this world with kind heart.” Now I could see deep wrinkles on his face which were the traces of hard times. The perfume I could feel when I was next to him was like a sweet memory from his youth. These seconds, some seconds seemed like a year to me. The traffic light indicated way for pedestrians. I helped the man to cross the road and asked him where he wanted to go further. I could see again the same warm smile on his face. He touched my arm and I felt his strength for life. At last he said: My dear thank you a lot…you can go …. My friend will be here in a minute. Every day he comes on time and helps me cross the road. Today he is late so I decided to cross the road myself” He smiled again and continued: But there were you… you helped me.” I will wait till your friend comes” I said. The man took my hand and kept it between his warm hands. Together with his hand I could feel the handle of his stick touching my hand which was smooth and firm. He raised his head as if he was trying to see my face: My son the world is dark and cold place for me, but I am still grateful to God because he always sends me people who make the world the brightest place for me. Do remember this……..He paused for some seconds……then he continued: Appreciate what you have, never complain and think about others who would  give their life to be like you….” Suddenly loud voice distracted me. A tall man approached us who was out of breath: My friend you made me worry  today. I was looking for you on the other side of the road” The old man said: My dear this young gentleman helped me cross the road.” I smiled. The tall man thanked me and took man’s arm. I said goodbye to them. The old man turned back and said: Try to enjoy and appreciate everything before it is too late….goodbye my son”

They left, but I was standing there frozen. I felt guilty and sad because of the complaints I had  had over different things in my life……It was a real burden felt in my heart…. I promised myself not to complain and be thankful to God forever…  At that moment my phone rang: Halo” Hey man where are you? It is 9:30, boss has a meeting with you. Have you forgotten? My counterpart on the other side of line said. “ Good morning, I am glad to hear your voice early  in the morning. I am on my way coming to work. I replied. Why are late? He asked again. I was learning how to be happy in this life….” I said and hung up.

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