I Was Enchanted To Meet You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Savannah Millandra ,a 17 years old popular student meet an average 18 years old Leo Winchester,she didn't mean to fell in love .Obstacles comes like hurricane .But could Leo's love stand stronger than what she ever think off ?

Savannah Millandra



Leo Winchester




June 5th 2009


I just finished my last class and it was raining heavily .I was rushing down the stairs where I eventually miss a step -- few steps and leaded me to a spactacular "acrobatics". I sat on the side , ignoring the books ,my works my sheets scattered arount the floor .

"Hey are you okay ?"

A male voice greeted me . "No .I'm doing great after tumbling down stairs . Of course not !" I screamed while rubbing my ankle . "Geez cool dude." The male finally infront of me .He touched my shoulder and I lifted my head ,eyes to eyes with him .With his framed-glass he actually look cool .

He collected my things and helped me sat on the stairs .

"You're my junior right ?" I nodded

"Leo . Leo Winchester."

"Savannah . Savannah Millandra"



September 9th 2009

It's already passed 4 months since the day I met Leo and we growing closer .What I mean is growing more than a friend should be .But sadly we are different.

He is the good . I'm the Bad

He is the polite . I'm the Rude

He is well behave . I'm mis behave

He is the average . I'm the popular .

Bitch , I hate this .I mean why can I be with him .I'm not using him .He not .....I don't know if he using me . "Hey girl ."I turned around from my locker ."Yeah you .Savannah .Here ." A girl ,with this miniskirt and pony-tied hair came closer to me .Lamely to say she's short than me .Sadly she's my ex-bestfriend,Lancey "I heard you're dating Mr Nerd Leo .It's so pathetic of you." I rolled my eyes and closed my locker and walked away ."Hey bitch Im talking to you ."

"I don't give a fuck but .." I raised my middle finger right on her Barbie face .

I felt sastified with that and walked .

"You'll get it big time .When he know about you ,he won't love you anymore." She screamed .

Well what the hell ? Do I care ?





After a mindless day at school ,I went home .I park my car infront of my house to find Leo was sitting on the porch .I grabbed my bag and actually ......RAN to him .It's really my bad day and I really need him .

"LEO !" I screamed .

"Savannah ! Becare.....ful !"

Blind by his voice , I tripped over a stair and fell down . Leo rushed to me and helped me .In few seconds ,he burst in laugh ."Nothing funny with me fall and trip. Ouch !" I said ,sulking when he lifted me in his arm . Knocking on my door , my mother opened it and the ladle on her hand dropped down .

"Savannah what happen to you?"

I giggled and laughed but then I yelped in pain when my mom touched my feet ." She slipped and fell at the stair just now ,Mrs Millandra ." My mom make 'O' mouth make me giggled more ."Well who are you ?" She asked ."I'm Leo .Sa...." I skipped his words and standed up , "My boyfriend ." My mom was trying to control her face from making a 'WHAT?' expression .My ankle strained me and I sat rubbing my ankle ."I might need ice .And first aid." Leo said while crouching at my leg . "Becareful what you do cause I'm gonna kick you in your face ."He laughed and opened my high-cut and rolled off my stocking.

"Boyfriend huh ?"

"Boyfriend have a lot of meaning ,Leo ."

He looked up and stared into my eyes ."Then pick which meaning ?"

"This one ." I leaned and kissed him .My feet was on his groin so I moved it giving him a hard-on that he have to control infront of my mom . "Leo .I have a .." I pulled away when my mom entered with a bowl with ice packet and first-aid ."It's everything okay ?" She asked .

"Yeah everythng is totally fine ."Both off us said .

"I'll be in the kitchen cooking .Call me if you're hungry ." She said and leave both of us .

"Somebody got a hard-on." I whispered and giggled ."Very funny ,Savannah .It's really hurt okay ." Leo said while trying to reduce the bruise ."Hard-on hurt?" I asked . Since I don't think teacher teach that in my Sex Education class ,I might think Leo have a better answer ;) "I've to control it and if it wasn't your mom in the kitchen , I'll think your panties gonna be under the table." I giggled ."Really ?"

"Of course not .We're not even a couple ."

"Who said ?"

"You ." He said and stared at me deeply .I slipped down off the sofa on his lap and kissed him softly ."Of course we're couple .we're already marry ." I joked and we were laughing .My smile turned into frown , realisining what Lancey said to me ."What's wrong ?" He asked .

"You don't mind dating me ?"

"No .Of course .I love you ."

"Then you should know something about our family ."Mrs Millandra said coming out from the kitchen and motion us to table.





"About what Mrs Millandra ?" Leo asked after seated me down .

"Firstly call me Hailee ." She sighed and grabbed my hand .I smiled, half hearted ,"Go and tell ." She nodded ."You should know that my husband ,Garett ,Savannah's dad have mentally problem .Psychopath .So does me .Garett suffered RBD ,Schizophrenia and this OCD" He nodded .

" Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder and Obssesive-Compulsive Disorder .This doesn't sound good ." My mom smiled.

"You take Psychopathology ?"

"Yes .That's mean almost 50 percent of Savannah is psychopath .She's mentally disorder ."He said and looked at me .I fake a smile .

"Garett is where now ?"

"He attemped a suicide years ago when he almost kill Savannah ."

"That's why I moved here .Our old house is like haunted by the voice .Then I've this clinical depression .That's why I only got 1 child .I got this major depression disorder after giving birth to Savannah.I actually aspected that years years ago when I married Garett ."Leo gripped my hand tighter and he saw I looked like I want to burst in tears ."I suffered ADHD ,Schizophrenia ,DID ,RBD and OCD .That's why I take Psycopathology .I want to cure myself." I said while covering my face .He wrapped his hand around me .Confroting me ."I know .I understood ."He kissed my forehead softly ."I love you and that never change although you're a psychopath .You're my psychopath ."

"Promise ."

"Yes ,I promise you ."




Leo Winchester's POV


Today is Talent day .Nobody know really what my talent are .Even Savannah didn't know .I told Savannah to come and there , I see her from back of the curtain .She was walking with her new bestfriend ,Lively .My performance was the 5th .I'm singing with my buddy ,Kameron .Yes , Kameron ,with 'K' .Tomorrow is the Savannah going to see her psychologist and I want her to know I'll be right next to her .

Clock was ticking madly and I started sweating .

"Hey Winchester ,you're next ."

I heard the clap and the music started . The song was Next to you by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber .

Kameron started singing and walked out the curtain .My part was getting near and I sang .

You're my dream

There's not a thing I won't do

I give my life for you

Cause you're my dream

And baby everything that I have is you

You would never go cold or hungry

I'll be there when you're insecure

Let you know that you're always lovely

Girl ,cause you're the only thing that I have right know

Savannah was like been struck by a lightning .I keep my eyes on her and every seconds her cheek reddening .She wrote something on a paper but her cheek was red .

You have my child

You'll make my life complete

Just to have your smile on little me ,

That be mine forever

She was blushing .I saw tears collecting in her eyes .The song get to the closure .

Stay by my side

When the sky fall down

My baby

My baby

You got the smile

that only heaven can made

I pray to God everyday

To keep you forever

She closed her eyes and the tears dripped on the paper .She turned the paper around ,showing to me .I smiled .






Mom drove the car back from my psychologist's office back home .My phone rang . "Who is it?" I opened and it's from Leo ."Leo ."I said simply and answered it .

"Leo ."

"I'm right behind you ."

I looked back and there was Leo's Mercedes behind my mom's Lancer .Mom parked and I ran down running to him .I jumped onto his hug and we kissed "Savannah." My mom said while taking my backpack and few back of groceries and headed in .Leo actually carried me inside until my mom lectured me .

"Savannah ! Leo !"

"Yes mum ."I said .Mom changed her clothes and walked down ."I'm going for work .There's ingredient for lasagna in the refrigerator .Cook it .Bye ." My mom headed up and the Lancer drove away . "I'm hungry." Leo said ."Let's go cooking."I dragged Mr Lazy Leo to the kitchen





"What the doctor said ?" Leo asked while putting the lasagna in the oven .

"Not really .We did a theraphy that's all."

He nodded ."Did the oven have self timer when it already cook?"I nodded ."Why?"

"you set it up?" I nodded

He lifted me up and kissed me .His feet started making his way to my room .My heart started beating heavily.





"Leo."I whispered softly ,trying to find him in the darkness of my room .

"Yes."I felt him on me and his lips meet mine .

His hands were pulling my shirt off .I felt embarrased ."It's just me Savannah .It's me Leo .The one who is loving you past 3 months and will love you for infinite ."He whispered understanding my embarasement .

And he take me .He take me .Not the popular .Nor the psycopath .Just Savannah .





I opened my eyes when I heard the door squeked opened ."Savannah ! Leo ! Why are..."The words stop eventually .It's my mom ."I clutched the comforter tightly to my chest and Leo was struck by silence ."Oh my godness ."She whispered .I saw tears on her lids and she closed the door and ran out .


"Go find her.Let's go."

I slipped on my long shirt and my panties and ran out to my mother's room .She wasn't there .I ran to every part of house before went to the Basement .She was there .


"Leave me alone ."

"Mom I'm sorry ." I said ."I don't want to lose you Savannah .Leo is taking you from me." I shaked and Leo walked down the stairs ."No he wasn't ." My mom wiped her tears and pushed me down ."You're taking her away from me .She's sick .She's mentally sick .You cannot help her .You can't !! You only want sex .Not for love for sex ! You hear me ,for SEX !" My mom screamed at Leo and ran out .I covered my face and started crying .


"You only want sex?"

"No. of..off of course not."

I pushed him and screamed ,"GET THE HELL OUT OFF MY HOUSE !"





4 days later ,

I been throught a depressing moment .I'm losing both of them .I ignored my mom and I ignored Leo .Both of them .

I called my psychologist.

"Hello.Doctor Michalya."

"It's me ,Savannah."

"Yeah. Can I help you?"

"I been thinking about what you said few days and I agree."

"Are you sure Miss Millandra? Have you told you're mother ?"

"This is my desicion."

"Are you sure ?"

"Yes .I want to go to Australia Mental Institute for Adolscent."




Leo Winchester's POV


My happiness slipped away when Savannah's mom called saying Savannah is going for a Mental Institute 3 weeks later .I ran from my house ,in the raining ,3 miles to her house .I arrived ,feeling dizzy and scared ."Savannah ! Don't do this to me.Savannah !" I screamed and fell on the ground .I sat there in the cold ,I knew Savannah is inside and I need her badly .

"Go Leo .Leave me."

She , my love standing at the porch.I standed ,walking to her .She knelt and I looked into her beautiful eyes."Don't leave me." I whispered sadly .Tears rolling down my face and I'm weak .I need her badly and I'm shaking .

"Leave me."

"I love you Savannah ."

"but I don't."

I swallowed my salvia and dare to look into her eyes ."The promise .The dream ."I asked her .She shaked ."Already Burned ."

"I love you Savannah and it's never gonna change a bit ."I whispered and kissed her cheek .She stared at me and in seconds her eyelids fluttered with tears .She sat next to me and her face burried in my neck .She cried as hard as she could .She have be this strong for so long and she need to let the pain go away ."I love you Leo .It's just my conditions didn't allowed us to be together ."She said .I kissed her forehead and pulled her on my lap ."I don't care if you a psycopath .I love you."

"If we get married ,50% chances that our baby gonna be a psycopath .You gonna deal with me almost killing you everynight .I going to put you and our children in danger and I don't want too ."She whispered .Suddenly I become hesitated .Hesitate about my love to her .I love her but could she love me back ?

"Savannah Alli Millandra .Would you marry me ?" I whispered at her ears.

Do I want to marry a psycopath ?

Yes .I want to marry my psycopath .









I sit in the bedroom with the memories running throught my 21-years-old-mind .Giving a wonderful-sadness ache in my chest .Yes ,I married Savannah and it's the most awesome thing I ever do .We were married by the beach and it's felt like just yesterday that I got married to her .The same day I propose her ,she declined to go to mental institute .

"Leo." I turn around and smile .

Savannah close the door ,with her right hand on her bloated tummy with two lives inside she been carried for 6 months .I pat a spot right next to me and she sit there and I lace our hands together . "What's doctor said ?" I ask . "It's fine .The babies are fine but as naughty as their daddy ."I laugh and lean ,kissing the bloated tummy .

"Bad babies ."

"Bad daddy." Savannah said ,laughing and raking my hair

"Thank you ."I whisper . "For?" She ask back .I said ,"Everything .Last 4 years of our relationship and ended up like this .I'm the happiest man ever ." She laugh and nodded .

"I love you Leo ."

"I always love you Savannah ."



4 years later




"Lilac !Don't run in the house ! Sit down and eat ."

"Rosilette ! Put the lollipop down and sit with your sister ."

I rub my eyes and peel the comforter off .I had my sweatpants on without a shirt .It's hot here in Michigan and I been sweating like hell . Savannah's sharp voice hit me . "What's wrong?" I ask and wrap my hands around Savannah's second bloated tummy .Both of my little princesses is wearing a short and singlet each other ,doing mischief in the house ."They don't want to eat and Rosie want to eat the big lollipop."

"I want to eat lollipop." Rosilette cried .Rosilette have a lot of my features ecxept for her eyes who adapted from her mother .Lilac have all of her mother but have pair of my eyes .I shake and ask for the candy ."Give daddy the candy and I'll promise tomorrow we gonna buy a lot candy and go to beach ." Both of them scream and Rosie hands me the candy and eat their Macaroni and Cheese .

"You know they gonna asked for the promise."Savannah said while pulling my nose .

"I'm gonna keep it .It's hot and we need some swimming .Right baby ?"I said and kissing her tummy .

I did a great job of building a family ,but next time I need to use condoms.






I lay on the bed waiting for Savannah who went to tuck in my babies and gave a anti-depression to them .The door creep open and Savannah walk in .Her face was beautiful and I feel to pull her and peel her clothes one by one .But the baby condition didn't allowed me to do that .

"They're asleep?" She nod.

Both Rosilette and Lilac have Schizophrenia and OCD from Savannah .I don't care at least both of us know how to control them .She lay next to me and kiss my lips .

"I love you ."

"I love you too."

"Forever your name on my lips."She whispers and hug me ."Always ." I said caressing her cheek and down to her bloated tummy .

"Yes. Always ."






Author's Note

Firstly thankyou for reading .Sorry if it's sucks because I'm not really good and I wasn't perfect .

Schizophrenia ,RBD ,DID and etc. are mentally disorder sickness. (I want to be

a psychologist :D ) .I'm writting a sequal :D





Submitted: August 14, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Alila Tasha. All rights reserved.

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Bea Blue

I loved it(: And may I say, Leo is so cute xD

Sun, August 14th, 2011 7:17am


Hey thank you :D let you know when the sequel is out :3

Mon, August 15th, 2011 5:46am

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