Never Imagine We End Like This (sequel)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

(sequel of I was Enchanted to Meet you)

2 years after the happy ending ,Leo and Savannah's marriage starting shaking .Even Lilac and Rosie ,their daughters are having silence war .Will his name forever on her lips?

Never Imagine We End Like This


Rosilette Fawn (left) and Lilac Naomi Winchester(right)



2 years later ,


Savannah Winchester's POV

I'm shaking and I sit on the bed .Leo is with the babies after my attemp to kill Lilac .

Your husband is trying to dominate you .Kill him .Drown him. The sinister voice start again.

"Shut up." I said

Kill him .Drown him .Your husband didn't love you .Fuck that voice .

"Get the hell out of my mind ! GET OUT AND FUCKING SHUT UP !" I scream pulling my hair .


I look up and Leo peek behind the door .Rosie and Lilac are behind him ,hugging his legs ."Lilac."I said softly ."Mommy?"She said and walk to me ."I'm sorry okay?I didn't mean to do that ." She hug me and I cry ."The voice disturb you again ?"Lilac ask and I nod and I kiss her forehead ."He also disturb me .He ask me to kill daddy but I said to him don't disturb me anymore .He's bad ."Lilac whispers as the voice is in the room .

"Promise me you would never listen to the voice .Never ever listen to it .Never ever listen to the voice .He's bad and I don't want you to do something that could take you away from me .Do you understand ?" They both nod .I kiss their forehead and went to tuck them in .Leo leans on the wall when I close the door .I felt bad and embarass of what I just did ."It was out of control .Don't need to be embarrass ."Leo said while closing the our bedroom's door .

"I almost lose Lilac ,Leo .The voice is haunting .The voice is responsible for all of my loss .I loss my sister and my baby ,Leo ."

I start crying and all I know is Leo's arms wrap around me in this cold month of December .His lips lingers on my face and it was soft and lovely against my skin .I cried all night long and Leo never got tired of taking care of me . I felt glad that Leo is fine with my Schizophrenia .Both of us graduated year ago and mastered Major of Psychologist and both of us are working .I lose my baby early of this year after hypnotized by the voice and I went and punched rapidly on my womb .Luckily I was bring to the nearest hospital fast by Leo but the baby couldn't be save .I still remember when Leo suddenly hitted by a despression and we have a silence treatment for almost 2 weeks .Rosie and Lilac who actually bring us back together and I'm glad Leo is fine with that .

I coldn't sleep so I sit and watch my husband fell into a deep sleep .I wish I was normal ,so I couldn't end up kiling someone who actually meant a whole life to me .Especially Leo .


Leo Winchester's POV

I wake up by the smell of bacon and sound of happy laughter in the kitchen .I put on a shirt and walk downstairs where Rosie and Lilac both are helping --or disturbing her cooking ."Daddy !" They jump of the chairs and run to me .Savannah hand me my mug and we kiss .She seem fine ,better than yesterday .

"Daddy! Daddy!" Both of them are calling me and pulling my arm .

Prangg !

"Rosilette Fawn Winchester ! Lilac Naomi Winchester !"

Savannah growl ,putting her hands on her hips ."What did you do ?"She ask .They roll head down .I lift Rosie away from the puddle of coffee and shattered mug .Savannah do the same at Lilac and grab a plastic from a drawer ."Can you do it ?"I ask while helping her .She nod . "Get a wet towel ." I do what she to me and I help her clean the mess ."I'm sorry mommy ." Both of the twin said and hug her .

"You worried me .What it the chirps get into daddy's leg ? Or on your leg ?" She said while kissing their cheeks .

"I'm sorry ."

"It's okay .Now sit and eat ." They nod and run to the table .She continued washing dishes .I motion the kids to go to their room and stay there until I call them .They nod and tiptoed upstairs .I wrapped my hand around her waist and pull the string that's holding her pants .My lips get wild on her neck .

'Leo .Kids ."She said fighting her way out .

"I sent them upstairs .Choose table or floor ?"

She laugh and ,do I need to tell the rest ?


Leo Winchester's POV

After tucking the kids that night ,we made love for the third time for the day and Savannah fell asleep instantly .I felt something's wrong tonight .Ignoring the feeling ,I hug my sleeping wife and sleep .

"MOMMMYYY ! DAADDDYY !" The scream wake me and Savannah instantly .We rush to the twin's room and open it .Lilac is on Rosie ,trying to strangle her with a skipping rope ."Lilac!" I scream and pull her away from Rosie .Savannah untangle the rope and hug the crying Rosie .In seconds ,Lilac start crying and she hug me .I look at Savannah and she is shushing her .

"Lilac ,come to mommy ."

She obey and when Lilac getting closer to her ,Rosie run and hide behind me . "Rosie .Go to daddy's room .I come to you after this ."She hesitate but she obey me .

"Talk to me .Is he disturbing you ?" Lilac wipe her eyes and nod .

"He said Rosie is stealling you both from me .I was mad and rage ,I woke and grabbed her rope and strangled her ."The way she talking to Savannah ,is full with rage and madness ."Lilac ,I've told you so many time not to listen to him .He's a liar ."I told Lilac and she cry more .'I'm sorry daddy .I'm sorry mommy .I don't want to lose you ."I kiss her forehead and kiss Savannah .I heard she murmur 's'okay' .

"Sleep with her .I'll be with Rosie ."

She nod ."Take care ." I said and leave her.


Savannah Winchester's POV

I sit at the sofa .It's 1.58 am .I hesitate my past desicion .

Of marrying Leo .

And also bore another psychopath.

It's snowing heavily and my long sleeve didn't really keep my heat from running away .I feel a cold lips press against my neck before I feel a blanket drap over my shoulder .I turn to see who and it's Leo ,he's heading upstairs back .I slowly make my way upstairs .It's been a silence war between pyschopaths and normal .

Me with Lilac and Leo with Rosie .

I open the door slowly and Rosie is laying on the bed with Leo .I eavesdrop on them .

"I hate mommy .I hate Lilac .They're crazy .Daddy they can kill people ."I feel my heart shattering on the floor .

"I know .It's just ...huh You cannot talk like that to you mother and sister ."

Now I know .My own daughter hates me and her twin sister .I carried her 9 months in pain and she shared it with her twins and she talk like that behind us .I start doubting my love to both of them ,especially Leo .Lilac is sleeping peacefully in her bed .A week we been separated I can felt everything is over know .I pull out a marker and write on the wall .My tears is dripping and my sob woke Lilac up .Lilac run to me ,hugging me .


Leo Winchester's POV


I wake up and spot a Post-It on my phone .

Went Groceries .

Rosie is still sleeping next to me .I stand and slip my robe .I want to check Lilac .I went to the room and she isn't there but writtings .I know Lilac is Schizophrenia but this is Savannah's work .

I'm psychopath .

I'm a killer

Cold-blooded creature


Hated by my own daughter

Losing my love

Betrayed .

All of the words on the wall describe Savannah perfectly .Everything hit me on my face

you told me you love me so why did you go away ?

My daughter call me a killer

My husband hate me

Cold-Blooded Heartless killer

I run my fingers through it and it still smell .I assume she wrote it yesterday night .I could feel her tears running and how she wrote full with rage and mad ."Daddy." I turn around and Lilac is standing there in a jacket and boots ."Where's mommy ?"I ask her .I felt my heart stop beating ."Lilac tell me ! Where's your mother?" She's shaking .

"She said she's going to a mental institute .Daddy ,why did you said you hate me and mommy ?We love you so much daddy .Do you hate me ?Do you hate mommy because she sick ?" I shut my mouth .Her questions hit me straightly on my face .The house's phone rings .I jump and run to get the phone ."Winchester's Resident."I said

"This is Nevada Mental Institution for Criminally Mental .May I talk to Mr Winchester ?"

"This is Mr Winchester talking .It's everything alright?"

"We just want to confirm that you wife is with us .Can you come ?"

"Yes . Yes .I'll be right there ."

I rush upstairs and drag Rosie down into my car with Lilac .I'm scared and panic condition .The drive suppose to take 1 hour turn 30 minutes faster .I jump out and I see a guard there .

"Doctor Leo Winchester ?"I nod .

"You're advise to leave the kids with somebody .She is in scared condition .She might be attacking people .Before you come she beat up 2 guards ."My friend who work there ,Dr Cammy ,come down to me .I hand the kids to her and ask her to take care of them .Lilac follow me .She said it might be the voice .We arrive at Floor 3 : Paddled Room .I spot Savannah's mom there and a friend of Savannah ,Gabe .

"Mom ." I call her .She point to a room that only have a small view from the window .

I take a peek and there's my wife .She's crying ,in a straitjacket without pants .What have I done ?


Leo Winchester's POV

"Can I talk to her ?" Lilac said to me .

"It' dangerous ." I said .

"It's okay .I'm dangerous too .When the voice haunt me I always talk to mommy and so those mommy .She need to talk about the voice .I'll be fine ,just leave the door open so if something ,I could run easily ."I look at Hailee and she nod .Lilac walk in and Savannah look at her sharply .


"Stay away from me ."

"Mommy is me Lilac ."She said and cup Savannah's face ."Hone..ey .Go .It's ss it's not safe ."She said softly ."Mommy ,The voice is here right ?" Savannah nod ."What he said ?" Lilac sit on the floor facing her .I couldn't believe this .Even this 6 years old kid is stronger than me to face a psycopath mom .I always know that Lilac is close to Savannah ,but never know that everything she feel she told Lilac .Not me ."He said I need blood .My natural urge is to kill .Where's Leo ?I need him .I miss him ."She said and starts crying again .Gabe is writting something ."Talk to her .SHe need you ."Hailee said to me .I rake my hair back and walk in .Savannah look at me ,her eyes seems to lighten up .She struggle to stand up and I could remember the first time I saw this girl .

My eyelids is collecting tears .


My male voice greeted her . "No .I'm doing great after tumbling down stairs . Of course not !" Savannah screamed while rubbing her ankle . "Geez cool dude." I finally infront of her .I touched her shoulder and she lifted her head ,eyes to eyes with me .With my framed-glass I actually look cool .

I collected her things and helped her sat on the stairs .

"You're my junior right ?" She nodded

"Leo . Leo Winchester."

"Savannah . Savannah Millandra"


My chest is anching .I could remember the first time I have my kiss .The first time we made love without doubt .The first time we fought .I close my eyes and those tears drip down ."Leo?" Her sweet voice wake me up from the dream .She infront of me .With no hesitate I caress her cheek and her tears flooding her cheek .I kiss her and hug her ."I love you Savannah .Don't you ever leave me like just now ."


Savannah Winchester's POV

My psychologist allow me to go home tomorrow after a small chat with Leo .They release me from the straitjacket and I'm leaning on the wall hugging Lilac .Leo is talking to my mom and I'm so tired .Leo motion Lilac to follow Grandma ."I take you tomorrow with mommy okay ?" She nod and rush to me ."I love you mommy ." I smile and kiss her cheek ."Bye bye ."Leo walk her out and come here back with some pillows and blanket and a ....

"Pants ."My eyes lighten up .

He laugh ,"It's a pants ,Savannah .Only a pants ." I grin ."It's cold and my feet hurts a lot ."

He help me wearing pants and we laid in the bed of pillows ."Pants make you excited .You never excited seeing me ." He sulk and I laugh .I climb on top of him and bit my lips ."I always excited meeting you .More when ....." I kiss him ,"naked ." We kiss and our rhythm is soft and gently like a long-lost lover ."Why aren't you wearing bra ?" He ask and I smile ."They think I'm gonna kill you with bra .Shove into your mouth and slowly sli...." He cut my words with his kiss ."I'm so scared ."He said and I laugh .

"Leo."I whispers .


"Made love with me ?"

I look into his eyes ,it was calm and somesort of invitation .I kiss his lips once against and slowly strips my clothes .I open my shirt revealing my not-too-big-and-not-too-smal breasts and pull my (althought I didn't want too) pants and my panties .Leo couldn't help and stare at me .His hands was shaking trying to pull his jeans off .I help him because I want him . "Damnit." He curses below breath .

"Leo."I call his name trying to find him .The light didn't really help because it's blinking .I felt arms wrap around my body and it is perfect ."I'm here ."He lay me down ."Softly and Gently ."I whisper .He nod ,"Softly and gently."

Few minutes later ,

"Yes ! Yes ! God ! Yes ! Leo !. Yes ! Leo ! Leo !"


1 Month later ,

Leo Winchester's POV

Savannah is back to her silence treatment .She just scare to be with me and rarely talk .She serve our breakfast without talking .Lilac even following her steps .She rarely talk to me and not even talking to Rosie .Lilac eat a bit and push the plate away ."Lilac .Finish it ." I said while putting the plate close to her .She shake and walk upstairs .I eventually lose my appetite and collect the dishes and wash .I went to the back door and Savannah is sitting at the stairs, her bare feet on the snow with blanket around her and mug of hot chocolate .

She is crying .I walk closer and kiss her head .She wipe her tears and fake smile at me ."Every thing alright ?" She nod .Her voice is shaking ."Come inside ."She shake ."What's wrong with you ?" I said ,raising my voice a bit .'Nothing ." She said while walking in ."Yes .You lying .You're fucking lying." I scream ."Who care ?"

"I'm your husband !You should have respect me !"

"How could I respect a person who even call me a killer ?"

I raised my hand .I slap her . "You change ."

"You're the one who changing ,Leo."She scream

"You and your daughter hate me .I'm a killer and I kill .That's why you hate me !You hate Lilac .Because we're crazy cold blooded killer."

"Yes !You're a psychopath !."

"Then why you marry me ?"

"Because I thought you love me .Now every thing ch....."


We turn at the stairs and Lilac is standing there crying ."Stop ! Please ."She whisper and run upstairs .Savannah wipe her tears and sob .She run upstairs and slammed the door close .I close my face .What have I done ?


Savannah Winchester's POV

It's 2 am and I couldn't sleep .My mind been replaying our fight .It's hurt me hell more that a knife stabbed on my chest .I kiss Lilac's white cheek and get up .I pull out few clothes and pack up .

Kill them Savannah .They hate you .The voice come and I ignore it .

They call you crazy .Get the knife at your bedroom.

Kill Lilac .Slaughter Leo .Strangle Rosie .

They never love you

They will never love you

You're a killer .So go and kill them .


I push the voice out of my mind .Although some of them are right .They will never love me .They will never love a psychopath .Pulling the bag ,I went to the study room .I wote three letters for three of them .My tears dripped on the paper .I walk out of the warm house ,in the cold snowy road .

Goodbye life .


And I hope the sun shines

And it's a beautiful day

And something reminds you

You wish you had stayed

You can plan on a change

in a weather and town

But I never planned on

You changing your mind


Author's Note

I'm sorry if there's error .Me myself is crying .Heh .Tell me your opinions for the part 3 .Thank you for the compliment :)









Submitted: August 20, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Alila Tasha. All rights reserved.

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Awe , this is such a sad ending I didn't know she would leave! and I wonder what will happen to Lilac? Does she kill her father and sister and goes looking for her mother again? , I wonder if you'll continue this again .. Wonderful story , Keep me updated . :)

Sun, August 21st, 2011 12:28am


Hey it's so nice of you ,.Yeah I'm making the next sequel .Between kill her father and sister or find her mom ? it's a secret ;) I'll keep you update .btw,thanks for reading

Sat, August 20th, 2011 7:24pm

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