sights of the ears, sounds of the eyes.

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a piece from the warm heart of a cold man.

Submitted: July 07, 2010

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Submitted: July 07, 2010



It started out as subtle hints. Random laughs masked in tint.

Eyes dancing enthusiastically, looking for a place to rest but only sporadically.

I am a blind man with no eyes to actually see. Or rather my eyes I couldn’t believe.

Can I really feel so naturally free? This flow of warmth, did you give it to me?

Or maybe I had it all along. I just needed to find where I belonged.

Now that I know I can see the path. If you ask the world your question, be quite…it will answer back.

I can speak the language of all things. The lost connection shared by all living beings. .

It makes me see you, it makes me know you. In ways I can’t describe not even with enough time.

I just know that I like it. I guess that’s all there is. Not sure what else to say so I guess now I’ll listen.

Hear everything that my uneasy heart was missin. I closed my eyes to see and shut my ears to listen.

I can hear it all now even the tiny things far off in the distance.

Can you see the signs too, I wonder if you know. The truth of it all is that I really don’t know.

Not what’s to come or where to go from here. So I will sit quietly and listen to the world, it will tell of what’s to come it will tell of what I must do.

It will guide me to what I need and wrap me in the will of the universe, a force unseen.

Sharpen my knife for the entire world to behold, the boy who lost his way until he was lost no more.

I set aside all my distractions, my legend awaits. Nothing can stop me unless it’s me.

Even then in the face of untold danger and guaranteed failure. I will press forward,

I understand the universe now we are no longer strangers.

Thanks be to you, you have no clue. Wonder all you like, you won’t know who you are.

But you can rest assured and believe in your heart, this letter is for you. It was from the start.

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