No Happiness Beneath The Spell Book

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



August 17, 3004

My life is filled with mysteries. Ever since Mum and Pa have died, I have been raised by my fairy godmother. She wants me to be just like her, filled with magic and care. But who is this girl? I want to know this. I was reading a book one day and found this little note. It was a love note from her long lost husband. It read, My love has left you to no good. If you are reading this, then forget all of me. Goodbye. He left her in the dust all alone. I guess that she is related to me in some way. I grew older and older and I always asked my parents who this women was, so that I could find out the whole situation. All they would say was that her name was Jole. I have decided to write a diary about the few years in my life that have led me to be such a good person, and think more.

June 15, 3008

“ Hey princess,” Pa shifted himself so that he was towards me, “ How about we as a family go to the new fairy movie with your brother and sister before they go off to the crazy, creaky college?” January and Jack are my twin brother and sister. They are my peanut butter and jelly. They are always caring and knowledgable. They won’t have any problem at college. The college that January and Jack are going to is called, Flying or Wise School for the Smart Ones. My parents feel that they will be very sad when they are left with just one child. They have this absurd idea of maybe adopting.

“ I also have something to say,” interupts Mum. “ I have been working as a cook for a long time for the poor and homeless kids in this world. So I think that we should add a new addition to the family.”  

“What does this mean?” I exclaimed.

“ That we will be welcoming a new baby girl to this family. Rosy Alvares!” I couldn’t believe what my mum was saying. I would have a baby sister! Another generation. Rosy had very soft, delicate, hands. They were as soft as flour while baking. She had a smile on her face. Soon she began laughing, and that is when I knew that she was my everything. I had one question for my Mum though,

“ Is Rosy a human or is she just like me?” Mum looked at me,

“She is going to be just like you. I thought other wise, mischievous little one should come to the family, and you never know, she might grow up to be just like me. When I was younger, I was a fairy. I went to the same school that you go to and also the college you will go to. When I was about 22 or 23, I started to not seem like me. I was doing a lot of stuff I usually had not done, and I also was starting to lose my power.I felt like I was a knowone that was just in this world to just be lonely and left out. Like the only bird that has one wing.

I thought to myself,

“ I love having power and I don’t want to lose it!”

“Just an FYI Issabelle, that I also lost it because I didn’t believe in myself. I hope you do, so just keep in mind of that.”


June 16, 3008

The next day was the day that we would go to the movies. I was so excited. I was always wondering if they would make another movie in the series. I got up very early like at 5 o’clock. I ate breakfast with my whole family. It was very delicious and splendid.I never, ever thought that that would be my last breakfast with my parents. So depressing and sorrowful.

“ Sit down kids,” alerts Pa. “Here is our new daughter and sister, Rosy Alvares.” Mum came around the corner with Baby Rosy in her hands. She was so cute and I loved her. I held her many times, before she had to go to daycare, and I had to go to Fairy School.

“Get in the car kiddo.  Long day of school coming your way,” Jole repeated.

“Ugh,” I murmured.

I hopped in the car.

“Hey Isabelle can you gently grab Rosy from her cradle and buckle her up in the car? said Jole.

“Ya I can.” I called.

I grabbed Rosy and put her in the van. I was so excited because Mum and Pa would be

picking me up after their mission at the abandoned home in Walker after school. I finally got to school where my two friends Avery and Meagan were awaiting.

“Love you,” Jole whispered

I made a heart sign

“ Give your sister a kiss before her first day of daycare.”

I gave Rosy a big smooch on the cheek. Then I headed towards the building where Megan and Avery followed.

I was very bored most of the day because we had to read from the spell books the whole time. It was really great to eat lunch so that my eyes could Adjust from all that reading.

“ Hey, Isabelle can you tell me a little about your new little sister? She is so adorable. Well I could barely see her but I kind of got a view of her through the window of Jole’s van.”

“ Meagan I will tell you but you have to let me talk for you to know about her!

“ Right,” Meagan said.

“ She is from the East Coast of Europe. She is only 2 months old.”

“ Amazing,” Avery exclaimed.

“ I wanted a sister but I got a brother. But he is really cute,” Meagan repeated.

The bell rang and so we had to go back to class.

“ Today class we will be talking about the phrase, “ Be wise before someone dies.”
This is a very important phrase when casting secret, mischevious, spells because spells can be very dark and dangerous. So right now I want you guys to get a rule handbook from the back of the room to read about. This will be your homework for tonight.

We read for the whole class time. The bell rang and so I raced to get my backpack so that I could leave to go to the movies soon. I sat outside for a while. Seconds then minutes and more minutes went by. Soon enough the buses were leaving and you could here a penny drop outside. I went into the office to call Jole. Okay breathe, I thought to myself. I punched in the numbers, 546-649- Fairy. I waited for Jole to pick up the phone.

“ Hello this is Jole Wicked speaking.”

“ Um….. Hey Jole this is Isabelle. I just wanted you to know that Mum and Pa aren’t here yet. Can you pick me up?”

“ Ya I will be right there. I already am at Rosy’s day care. Be there in five.”


“Ba Bye sweetie,” Jole said in a soothing voice then hung up.
Jole came and Rosy was in the back seat. Jole called both Mum and Pa and they didn’t answer. We all stopped at the abandoned home where Mum and Pa were. Me and Jole got out of the car. We saw something very strange, and when we turned the corner, something made our jaws drop.

“ Oh no. This can’t be happening. Please tell me this is a dream? I said with tears streaming down my eyes.

Right before my eyes, lays my Mum and Pa dead. I didn’t know what to do except for cry. Jole kept me company and we drove home. We called the cops and that’s what my day was filled with, tears and no hope. They found the people that killed my Pa and Mum. They were taken straight to the nearest Fairy Tale Jail.

June 19, 3008

A few days later, my family all got together to say our last goodbyes to my parents at a close by funeral place. It was a very sad and miserable day. The people would bury my parents and that would be the last time I had ever seen them.


January 12, 3012

Time has passed and I am used to just me, Rosie, and Jole during our everyday lives. I am really sad though and I don’t feel the same. Like something is not right. I really miss my parents so much that I have given up on a lot of sports and dance classes. I feel that I am kind of worthless now. But not everything is bad. At least I still have some people in my lives. Rosy is now three years of age. She is very sassy and misbehaves a lot. She is learning many things right now like how to start using spells and casting them. January and Jack have one more year of college until they are a fairy and wizard. I am really happy for them. As they get older they will get more and more wise. I am just very impressed.

“ Hey, Isabelle want to go to ballet tonight?” Jole said in a persuading voice.

“ No, not really. I just want to stay home.”

“ What is the matter. You have been acting like this a lot lately and I really don’t appreciate it.”

“ I am fine, I just need a break.” I said.

“ You have been saying that for the past two years. Enough is enough. I have let this go for too long. We are setting you a fairy doctor’s appointment whether you like it or not. There hasn’t been improvement like you said there was going to be. Hello doctor this is Jole Wicked and I want to set up an appointment for Isabelle Alveres. Mm hmm. Yes. Okay great can’t wait to see you. To contact me my number is 546-649- Fairy. Okay buh bye. Alright you are set for an appointment at 1 o’clock. Let’s eat lunch and then we will have to go to the appointment.”

“ Okay,” I said in a sassy voice.

“ Alright Rosy and Isabelle get in the car.”

We all got in the van, and soon we were gone. When we got there I got in right away.

“ Ms. Isabelle Alveres please come this way,” voiced the nurse.

I went into this room where I would be tested. The doctor came in and did some blood work.

“ Alright let me find the case if you have one.” said doctor.

He came back about 10 minutes later.

“ I am sorry to say this but you may be losing your power, so you might be just a normal human soon. I am sorry to give you this bad news, but to come back to being powerful you will have to talk to this magic ball. It is in the room around the corner. I will let you guys go to talk for a while. If you choose to get your spelling hobby back, then you can go to the room named keep out on the door whenever you are ready. Have a nice day.” Doctor said sadly, but with hope.

“ Okay thanks, have a nice day,” said Jole.

“Oh no! This could be the last time that I have all my powers.”

“ Honey,” explained Jole. “ You can do it. Just tell the magic ball everything that is happening and tell the truth. Believe that the magic ball will understand and help you. This is your last chance, so talk to the magic ball when you are ready. Remember to use very calm words and speak politely. Sometimes the magic ball will only listen to you if you speak soothingly.”

“ okay,” whispers Isabelle.

“Now I am going to take you to the wizard's room right around the corner. We all believe in you Isabelle, you just have to believe in yourself.” Isabelle shakes her head and goes to the room. Where she is all alone where you can here a penny drop easily. Isabelle breathes heavily into the ball and whispers,

“ Good day wizard. I have come today to tell you that I am having some problems. I feel that the past four years, I have not had any faith in myself. This began to show when my Mum and Pa had been killed. They would be gone forever. I couldn’t believe it and so I was just really sad and in a bad slump. Some things I have noticed is that I am getting weaker at school because I can hardly use my powers. I also noticed that I was having a hard time sleeping. Also I have not been participating in any sporty activities and so that worried my fairy godmother, Jole. So if you could help me believe and have faith I would really appreciate it. I want my old life back so please help.” Isabelle stops talking and ponders for a while, waiting for the Magic Ball to maybe respond……….

“ Yes Isabelle I have noticed that you are very upset and not faithful. With this grant that I have wished on you, it will hopefully make you a better person. Can you please take the paper out that you have in your right back pocket.” Isabella put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a blue envelope with a gold sticker.

“ What is this?” exclaimed Isabelle. “

Open it up and see what is in it.” I opened it up and it read,


Congratulations Isabelle Alveres

You have been asked by your peers and teachers to

go to the University Of Fairy and Wizard School

Here is a scholarship of 200 pounds.


The Board of Education

“What?” Isabelle raises her eyebrows. “ How could this be?”

“ What did I say about believing. You believed in yourself so now you have your full powers again. Thanks for speaking to me but that is all I have to say now. Thank you for your faith Isabelle, and always believe.

I was so happy and I jumped around for a while before I came out and told my family.

“Congratulations Isabelle!!”

It seemed like they already knew. “ How did you know?”

“Because we believed in you, and you believed in yourself.”

I ran and gave Rosy and Jole a hug. After this day I went to my parents grave acrossed the street from my old house. I told them that everything was going to be okay. I then laid some flowers on the grave. On the grave for a split second I saw Mum and Pa smiling. I would never forget this crazy, misteressful day and always believe!!


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