Betrayal- a story which I thought of

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Betrayal is a short story which I thought of. The story is not really based on anything. I just made up this story and wrote it down.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



Mr. Richard Burns is a billionaire. He is in the eighty’s and and Mr. Richard Burns has so much property around the world and so much money. Mr. Richard’s wife passed away 8 years back and he has only 3 sons. The eldest son is Stuart and then his next son is James and his youngest son is Andrew. All 3 of them are studying in different universities. Stuart and James are quite intelligent and solve problems quickly and Andrew is quite different. He is smart but he is more energetic and loves sports.

Principle Skinner was standing in the front of the assemble hall and announced that today afterschool there will be a shooting competition just like last year and if you want to join then fill in this form which will be placed on the table and meet us after school at the stadium at exactly 3 PM. Andrew filled in the form and a few others and they went of to their classes. Andrew aimed all 4 shots at the bulls eye wheras others didn't and he was the winner. The P.E teacher gave him a medal and gave him a trophy. Then after a few minutes 4 men in black suits were coming up to Andrew. One of the man said “ for the last 3 years I have been noticing that you are winning the shooting competitions and coming first place which makes you a professional at shooting. I want you in my team and you will get paid over 50,000 per month. So, what do you say”. Andrew was thinking for a while. He said “ who are you guys” and then he replied “ for now that is not important, we will tell you everything once you join our team”. Then Andrew replied no because he did not trust them. The man gave him his card and said “ if you want any help then you can call me” and they left.

2 YEARS LATER….Stuart finished university and now opened up his own business selling garments. He has 2 kids. James, the second son, also finished university and opened his own business selling gold. He has 3 kids. It was Andrew’s last year in university. It was dinner time now. All 3 sons went to the table and Mr. Richard burns was there. Then suddenly Richard started coughing so badly. He was coughing so hardly then Stuart got shocked. James said “ quickly, we have to take him to the hospital. Stuart you take out the car and Andrew help me take him to the car”. They all did as told. 10 Minutes later they arrived to the hospital. The 3 sons were outside very tensed. The doctors, checked his pulse rate, his heart rate and they were doing an operation on him. The doctor came out of the room and said “ sorry, we could not save him”. The 3 sons were shocked. That same day they called their relationships and called them to the graveyard. Over there they buried their father. They went home after the death. Stuart went in his dad’s safe and took out the contract. Andrew said “ what is that”.

Andrew asked him “ what is that” and Stuart said “ this is the contract which our dad has left. It says that Stuart gets 42 % of the shares and property which his dad left behind and 200 million dollars. James gets 25 % of the shares and property and 100 million dollars and lastly Andrew gets 23 % of the shares and property and 85 million dollars because he is the youngest”. They all agreed with the amount. Stuart said “ the money will be dealt tomorrow because we need to get the permission from our lauyer”. After their dad died, Andrew left university and opened up his own business selling clothes and garments just like Stuart. All 3 businesses were going well. They were getting a lot of sale and profit. One girl came with her parents to Andrew’s shop to look around. Andrew kept staring at her. He started falling for her. When the girl came to the cash counter to pay, Andrew said “ meet me at the coffee shop tomorrow at 6 pm sharp”. She agreed. They both went to the coffee shop and ordered coffee. They were talking and talking for many minutes and they as the days went by they fell in love. Joanne, the girl’s name, said come and meet my father tomorrow at my house and he said “ no problem”.

Andrew went to Joanne’s home. When he reached there he was shocked. She had a huge mansion which mean she was rich. Andrew was thinking that Joanne never told me that she was rich. When Andrew entered the house, down the hall Joanne and he father was standing. The father looked strict and was a serious person. Then Andrew noticed that it was Mr. Warren Buffet who is also a billionaire in Los Angeles. Andrew said “ don’t u notice me. I am the son of Mr. Richards. He is also a billionaire just like you”. Mr. Warren Buffet said “ I need proof. I heard that my daughter and you have accepted that you guys are going to get married” and Andrew replied “ yes”. Warren said “ to make sure that you are a son of a billionaire, I want to see 50 million dollars in front of me. If you have the money then I will accept your 2 marriage. Andrew was thinking that Stuart said I would get 80 million so he said “ sir, what 50 million, I will get you 80 million”. He laughed and Andrew left. When Andrew went home he saw his 2 brothers sharing out the money. Andrew asked where is my 80 million dollars. Stuart said “ umm…sorry, I miscalculated. You are supposed to get 45 million dollars.

Andrew was shocked. If he had 45 million dollars then he would not be able to marry Joanna. Andrew said to Stuart “ to calculate again” and Stuart said “ I calculated about 5 times and you get 45 million dollars”. For the last few days he was very tensed. Mr. Warren’s phone came on Andrew’s mobile and he said “ have you got the money ready. If no, then you have 5 days left until I will find another man for my daughter”. Andrew said “ no, no, don’t do that, I got the money ready. It is just taking time for the money to come from the bank” and they closed the phone. Andrew had no choice but to kill Stuart because he has more money and after he dies, James will get half of his property and money and I will get half of his property and money and then I will be able to marry Joanne. Andrew kept a full record of what Stuart does.

Stuart took out his car and drove. Andrew already reached there and parked on the side of the lane. He could see Stuart’s car coming and the traffic light turned red. Stuart secretly took out his gun and aimed it on Stuart’s head. Then he pulled the trigger. PUFFFFF!!!!! Stuart died. Andrew aimed at the petrol tank and shot it and the car blew up just so that there wont be any evidence left. Then Andrew quickly drove home and acted normal. James asked Andrew “ where is Stuart. Why is he taking so long” and he replied I do not know. Maybe he is on his way and then the door bell rang. James was on his way to the door and when he opened the door he saw 2 police men standing there. He said “ officer, what are you doing here” and they replied “ I am here to tell you that your brother Stuart has died. He has been murdered”. Both of the sons were like “ WHAT”. Andrew came and said “ how can this happen. It is impossible. He can not die”. The police men said calm down. We are still investigating the case. We will inform you when we get some evidence or proof there for don’t worry. James opened Stuart’s safe and shared the money half half because there was no other choice. Andrew said “ YES”.

Andrew got the money in so many suitcases and headed to Joanne’s home. Over there he showed the money to Mr. Warren and he was very happy and he said “ okay, you two can get married now”. A phone call came on James phone and it was the police inspector and he said to come to the police station, we found something. James quickly went to the police station. The police man said “ we experimented on the tires at the scene and we found out that it was from a Mercedes Benz. This means some guy in a Mercedes Benz killed your brother. James was being suspicious because Andrew also had a Mercedes Benz. James told the Inspector that James had a Mercedes Benz and told him the whole story of Andrew. E.G. he needed money so that he and Joanne can get married etc… The Inspector said I am going to arrest Andrew for a month or so and we will get some evidence out of him and if he is the killer than I will contact you. Andrew replied “ No Problem”.

3 Months later…. The police promised James that they would keep Andrew in jail for one month but it has been 3 months because he would not say anything and they still did not get any proof so therefore the police decided to make him free. Andrew went to check on his business and when he went there the shop was closed. He was very tensed now. He went to apply for a job but no one gave him the job because he went to jail. He tried there and there and was very tired. Andrew did not tell this to Joanne. Joanne thinks Andrew went on a business trip for 3 months. Now he is very tensed. He went home. Joanne asked “ when did you come back and why do you look so tensed” but he did not say anything and just went up to bed. Then Andrew remembered one thing. 3 years ago when he was in university 4 men came up to him and gave him a card. He went searching for the card and found it in his wallet. He called the number on the card and one man picked up “ who is this” and he replied “ it is me Andrew, remember 3 years ago” and the man said “ yes, yes, I remember. He said if you want a job, I can give you one.

Andrew went to the place. Over there he saw many men with guns. The main leader came and said “ Welcome Andrew, I have been waiting for you. We are a group of terrorists. We needed a good shooter like you in our gang, and now you came I can tell you your job. I will give you a series of events. If you complete them successfully I will pay you heaps of cash. So are you in or out”. Andrew replied “ yes, I am in”. So your first task will be to take out a few people. Andrew was very happy. He went and did so much shopping, enjoyed with his family, bought new cars and a new house etc... Andrew’s second task was to crash a plane full of passengers and he accepted it.

Joanne was being quite suspicious. She was thinking whenever it is announced on the news that a terrorist attack has occurred, Andrew gets his pay cheque. Joanne calls the police and discusses the matter with them. The police had an idea. He called James in. He said James you have to find out what Andrew is doing, his job and who he is working for and James replied “ but how”. The officer said “ you have to do something so that you can see if he is a terrorist. You don’t worry. I will give you all the instructions and as the days pass by also check if he was the one who killed your brother. James did not mind at all. The next day James went to Andrew’s home and said if I could stay in your home for a few days because the police are investigating the murder scene in my home and Andrew replied “ no problem”. James placed a gun in the drawer where Andrew always goes to get his car keys and wallet. When Andrew went in the drawer he saw the gun. He was so shocked. He called James and said what is this and James replied “oh, that’s mine. I keep it for safety all the time” and Andrew said what, keep it away from here. Keep It somewhere else. James called the police officer.

James said to the police officer that his face expressions were like he never saw a gun before. The police officer replied, don’t give up so quickly, I got another plan. That night James and Andrew went for a walk. One thief came up to them and said give me your wallets or I swear to god im gonna kill ya. Andrew got scared and was about to take out his wallet but James just shot him and he died there. Andrew said “ what the f**k did you do. You killed him. Come on run before some one sees us”. They quickly ran away and James was thinking that Andrew Is not a terrorist and was happy. The police officer went up to the dead body and said “ ok, ok, enough of your acting, here is your money”. James sat in the car and Andrew drove away. Andrew took James to this creepy, black place. Over there 5 men came out and Andrew said “ I work for a terrorist group and these are my people”. James was shocked and stood still there. Andrew said you are a good shooter and he said you see that person over there in the far end, I want you to shoot him. If you do, you can come in my gang. James secretly was talking to the police officer and the office said if you want to know what he does then shoot him and James shot the man.

Andrew told the rest of the gang and James that tomorrow they are going to steal all the money from the police head quarters. Andrew told this to the police officer. The police said that tomorrow he will send the whole police force to arrest the terrorist group. James went home and over there he was talking to Joanne. Joanne said “ hush, don’t say it. I know that Andrew, my husband works for a terrorist group. I am not telling him because he is getting paid so much and he seems happy. I found out since that day when 5 men came up to him in university. Since that day and now I was so scared that he might not return home tonight”. The next day arrived. Everyone entered the room with the money, but Andrew went to the top of the building. James was wondering why. James told the officer this and he said he is going to do something bad so he sent a helicopter to stop him and the officer said to James that this is your chance, go talk to him, make him surrender and if he doesn’t then I am afraid we will have to kill him so James quickly went to the roof. He said to Andrew, STOP, I sent these police here and Andrew punched him

Andrew said you made such a big mistake. He said here is what happened. “ Ores, he is the gang leader who I am working with. He was the one who killed our father. He killed him because our father had to return money to him but he forgot the deadline therefore he poisoned him. That was why he was coughing so badly that day. And that day In the hospital, when our father was about to die, I was in the room, he told me to kill Ores. This was his last wish therefore I had to full fill it to make him happy. At that time I was very tensed because I didn’t know who Ores was and then when I joined this gang I found out that the gang’s leader’s name was Ores. This made it easier for me to kill him. And the terrorist attacks I had to do because I needed money and right here in this building is Ores. I set bombs everywhere and today I am going to kill him. And one more thing, I did not kill your brother Stuart. Ores made me do it. He forced me. He gave me all the spy equipments. That body of Stuart’s is fake. He is alive. They captured him in AI100 street. They put the fake body there so that the police would think I killed him and they would take me to jail and after going to jail Ores knew that I would not find a job so he would come to us. Ores did this because he wanted me in his gang. But Ores doesn’t know that I am the son of Mr. Richard who he killed. So Stuart jump of this building now and I am about to press the trigger. Stuart said no, you are innocent so come with me, I will tell the police everything and he replied there Is no point. They think im a terrorist and they will kill me and I rather die myself along with Ores. He said Stuart JUMP, JUMP NOW and Stuart jumped of the building and the other officers caught him. He pulled the trigger . BOOOOM!!!

They quickly went to rescue Stuart from the place which Andrew told. Stuart asked James “ where is Andrew” and James replied “ it is a long story, I will tell you at home”. James told everything that happened to the police officer and Stuart and the police officer said “ why could not Andrew tell us about the flashback earlier on. Such a betrayal.

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