The Allure of Beautiful Voices

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Beautiful songs are just so irresistable!

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



Now I’m listening to Savage Garden while working on Sunday! Their voices are so attractive, so beautiful, so…(try as many adjectives as you can) that I let myself indulge in listening while delay my work later——probably, no, definitely, to the spring holidays.

Magnetic sexy voices, lyrics consistent with the heart beat, rhythms conjuring up souls——oh, God, they are just so irresistible. Happy with your happiness, crying with your sadness, howling out what you have and have been suppressed, conveying what you have felt but cannot or dare not expressed——these are the power of great songs——resonation! While listening to them, you feel they are singing you and for you. People say “Art is without borders”; at least I’m sure of it in music. I’ve always thought I’m beyond salvation, not because I’m a bad person, but because I’ve not been as good as I had hoped myself to be. However, I do have hope in my enjoyment of bliss (I guess everybody has been dreaming of living happily ever after since their childhood?), and in this way, music is my only salvation, for, only music can pacify and purify this turbulent soul. To explain this, I have to begin from my very view of human nature.

I don’t think people are good in nature, but not being good in nature is not an excuse for being evil. This is because we are rational animals, and reason is the defender of goodness. So, in an exaggerated sense, we can say from day to day, or perhaps minute to minute, we are swinging between goodness and wickedness. And if you have the will to be good, then reason will come to your aid. However, reason is not something always available to you. This means that when wickedness presides over you, and to make things worse, reason is not there to aid you, and then you are doomed to dive into degeneration. As far as I am concerned, the easiest way to lose rationality is when you are heart-broken. That’s to say, when you are hurt, you want to hurt others; you do this, like, harm or sadness is something transferable. But conscience is there, which reminds you that that’s not the right thing to do. Now you seem to have been left floundering in pain and grief, which is the right moment for music to come to rescue you. Light music can calm down your heart; a piano piece blended with natural sounds can soothe you and refresh you; rock can unleash you anger, and when you are exhausted, you also feel relieved; blues can seduce your tears, and it is a universal truth that you always feel better after you have cried your sorrow out. Keep this in your mind that music comes from the heart, refined through the soul, and are finally expressed by the body. And you can only feel truly happy when your heart is with no burden, your soul is dancing in the warm sunshine, and your body is working properly at ease. Music is especially important to the inward people who are most often than not more sensitive to their surroundings.

I have been through a period, during which tears may stream down my cheeks involuntarily and I also suffer from insomnia. During those nights, music is my lover, caressing me, cuddling me, kissing away the tears, and whipping away the misery. It listens to my story and promises me that everything will be ok. In a word, it has saved me from dreams of blood and killing, from days of torturing myself and being tortured. In this way, I say at the beginning of this passage that music is my only salvation, for; I believe men themselves are the only savors of themselves.

I love two kinds of music: light music and rock with good lyrics. For light music, I especially love piano; and for piano, I especially love those pieces produced during the classical period; and for these pieces, I especially love Johann Sebastian Bach. Oh, I admire, to be more exact, worship him. Those notes, like angels dancing in your heart, touch you so deeply. Another point is that I prefer classical pieces to romantic ones, because I think there is reason in classical pieces while those romantic ones are full of overwhelming passion, like tide coming and ebbing away. To explain myself more clearly, I have to draw an analogy: eyes with tears are more beautiful and affecting than faces with tears. As to rock, I like “Backstreet Boys” (especially Larger than Life), “Westlife”, and of course Michael Jackson. Perhaps I should say I like foreign songs better than those of our country (once again I love my country) because of their touching rhythms and meaningful lyrics. I especially loathe those superficial love songs which are popular in our country and so do those songs in which the singers try all their efforts to cry, but good heavens, without tears——oh, God, singers are not actors; they cannot pretend to have what they actually don’t have.

In the end, let’s come to Savage Garden——but, sorry, I’m just a new fan of it, so I will leave their songs to your judgment.




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