The Test of the Forever King

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there exists some deadly allure.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



The forever king says, “Oh, my blessed dear, shall I bestow you with a precious mirror, through which you can read every person’s mind as clearly as you see into a crystal ball?”

The blessed person replies, “My lord, please forgive me not to have the ability to enjoy your kindness, for, with that precious mirror, the crystal-clear observation of a person’s mind shall definitely drive me to your kingdom, which I have not well prepared for.”

The forever king nods, “Oh, yes, surely, this is a test for you and you’ve passed the test; in return, I bless you with my forever wisdom: Don’t ever try to see into people’s mind as I do——the more you see, the less hope you have; the less you see, the more love you maintain.” An old song goes like this:

I dare not touch the knife,

For I see the glamorous smile of the forever king

In the knife’s bright reflection.

I dare not ascend mountains high,

For I see the enchanting dance of the forever king

In the mountains’ green temptation.

Standing on the brink of indulgence,

Is my heart to the deadly charm of the forever king.

Far and far is my abandonment

Of the tumultuous things that sting.

However, once again, I’m afraid

Of the entrance that’s labeled as eternity;

For I am in a golden age,

Which is supposed to enjoy beauty,

This age is full of vigor- unlike the glamour offered by the forever king,

Which is eternal stagnation.

But, still, towards the king’s gorgeous offer

I feel a sudden compulsion.

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