Blondie Pt. 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I checked my makeup in the bathroom one last time, making sure the concealer hid everything. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as last time.

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017



I checked my makeup in the bathroom one last time, making sure the concealer hid everything. Thankfully, this time it wasn't as bad as the last, so not much to cover. I quickly made my way down the stairs, ready to leave, making sure my sleeves were covering my sore arms.

“Good luck on your first day of highschool, sweetie.” She called to me as I was tying my dirty shoes, then quickly tugged on my jeans to cover my bruised ankles.“Thanks, mama. Love you.” I said as I opened out the front door. “Love you too,” she called back. “And Bree!” I turned around, tucking my honey brown hair over my ear. I was faced with my short mother and her worried face. “Yes?”

“Please honey, be safe. And please stay quiet about everything.” Her voice wavered and her eyes glossy. I sighed and gave her the best comforting hug I could. “It’s ok mama. I will be fine. Please be safe.” I whispered quietly, not wanting to wake up Adam. She nodded into my shoulder, and let go then wiped her face with her hands. “Okay! This is your first day of highschool! Be excited! Be happy!” I laughed with her and shouted a quick ‘I love you’ over my shoulder before I made my way out of that hell-bound house, and strolled to the bus stop. I was early, according to my watch, so I pulled out my phone, playing whatever game I could get to first.

“I never seen anyone else this early.” A male voice spoke, scaring me and almost causing me to drop my phone. I looked up at the owner of the bright laugh and radiant hazel eyes glowing with pure innocence. I glared at him with my dark green eyes, obviously annoyed for him scaring me and probably having to converse with him soon.

“So, have you gone to this school before?” Ah, there it is.

“Nope.” Short answer so he doesn't ask me any more questions. I'm going to look at my phone and make it at least seem like I have a social life.

“That's cool, I can show you around if you like?” Man, this guy needs to leave me alone.

“No Thanks.”

“Alright, so. . . what lunch do you have?” I need to lie, I need to lie, I need to lie.

“Oh, I have Lunch 3.”

“Oh that sucks, I have Lunch 1.” SHIT, THAT'S MY REAL LUNCH. ABORT ABORT.

“Oh… actually I’m not even 100% sure when I have lunch, anyways.” *whew*  His eyes seemed to brighten, even more, at that fact and I tried to restrain from rolling my eyes out of my head.

The bus came and saved my ass and I sat in the back and put my bag next to me so that guy doesn’t come back. Never mind, he took the seat across from me. Great.

“So, I didn’t catch your name.”

“I didn’t mean to give it to you.” I responded, quirking an eyebrow. He chuckled, “Well, my name is-”

“I don’t need to know your name, blondie.” I sighed a deep sigh, the guy obviously being embarrassed with his pinky face and dropped head. His messy blonde hair covered his face as he kept his head down.  “Look here kid, I don’t have friends” he looked up at me, eyes dimmed and confused, “and I don’t plan on making any. You should move on and, like, make a new friend” I plugged my ears with my earphones and blasted it with loud music before he could respond. “Maybe someone not as fucked up as me” I muttered as I watched him walk towards the front of the bus.


Period 1, English, Ms. Rocker. I opened the door and a round, soccer mom looking gal was sitting in a seat at the front. As my eyes dart around the room, I notice blondie almost immediately. Hoping he didn’t notice me I make my way quickly to the back corner of the room and turn the volume up on my already blasting Ipod. Once the bell rang, I pulled out my notebook and turned off my music. The teacher talked, the bell rang, and I waited for blondie to leave the classroom first before I followed. The day drags on and I had English and Math already with blondie. As I enter 3rd period Chemistry I, yet again, have another class with him. I look up at the seating chart the teacher posted and rolled my eyes. He paired me up with blondie so I trudged to my seat and sat down and rested my head on my palm. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see him smiling at me. The bell rang and the teacher walked in.

“Hello class,” he says, clapping his hands. “I’m Mr. Hunter and this will probably be your favorite class of the day.” The class chuckled at him as he continued to talk while pacing the room. He talked about the boring first day of school stuff, but my ears perked when I heard the word project. I sit up and actually start listening.

“-and so this project’s rubric is posted on my website, and you will have to work with your partner a lot outside of class throughout the year, so make friends.” My eyes widened. “And I won't be changing the seats the whole year.” The whole class nodded, content with their partners and the project, but I wasn’t okay. I started to breathe heavy and hear a ringing in my ears. I can’t work with him, he will know, I’ll be sent away. My parents will go to jail!! Mamma! No, no, no, no. My breathing got louder and blondie noticed it too. He looked at me, “Hey, you alright?” he whispered. It sounded as if everything was under water. I couldn’t breathe and saw bright spots in my vision. I shook my head no as I fainted, remembering falling into a comforting hold.


I woke up in what I assume is the nurse's office. I groggily open my eyes and look around the room. When I feel a bit more awake, I notice blondie in the corner of the room. I propped myself up on my elbows and his head immediately snaps to me and he visibly releases all tension. He got up and walked towards me and sat at the edge of the leather nurse office bed. He spoke first.

“Hey, are you okay?” I took a deep breath, not really knowing how to answer that. “Honestly,” I responded quietly, “I really don’t know.” I looked down at my arms, tugging on the sleeves again. “Why do you tug on your sleeves all the time?” he asked me. I looked into his hazel eyes, “What is it to you?”

“I mean, I kinda care about you.” he mumbled, but loud enough for me to hear. I cocked my head up at him and grinned, “Pretty sure you’re the first.” He shook his head, sorrow in his eyes. I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. The nurse came in, hearing us, and quickly started to check my temperature and heart rate. She put down the stethoscope, “Well, you heart rate is a little fast but not to a point where it is worrying.” The blood rushed to my face, Blondie is making my heart go faster? Ugh. As she was checking other things, she started talking.

“You know, this kid wouldn’t leave you alone.”

I laughed, “Tell me about it!” I could feel his eyes on me from the corner of the room, I quickly glanced to where he moved back and saw the tall boy with a flustered face.

“No I mean, seriously. He. Would. Not. Leave. He didn’t want you to be alone when you woke up,” she laughed, “he made it seem like y’all knew each other since forever.”

She finished with my “check up” and stepped away. Having an amused smile, I looked over at the boy, very red, and very squirmy. “Well, you’re fine, but come back anytime you don’t feel well.” I nodded and Blondie and I left and started walking down the empty hallways.

“Is it lunch time?” I asked him.


“My lunch is Lunch 1, by the way.”

He smirked at me, “Finally looked at your schedule?” he asked in a teasing tone.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He suddenly stopped and looked at me.

“You know, I have a car and were allowed to go off campus for lunch, sooo… ”

I sighed, “If you’re asking me out for lunch, blondie… I- You should ask some other girl. A- a cute one that's maybe a little less fucked up than me hon.” I turned on my heel and walked away , shaking my head. This boy is gonna cause some trouble.

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