Sweet Honey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



It's been a while since i've opened a book out of my own will

Rather than forced to pry open the pages and read between the lines

All to take a test to prove we obeyed a task

Given out by the people to swear to make my generation the best

When only a handful of students care

Only to make an “A”


I wondered why i stopped reading, I remember the sweet honey that coated on the pages

Each word leaking some, it becoming a drug to take me to a fantasy world

I remembered the high i would get after reading a great book,

Or even better yet, after reading a series

The satisfaction i would be filled with

A feeling i could conquer the world

That feeling, the sweet honey of the pages

Is what motivates me to tap the letters on my keys and write out the words in my head,

At least the ones i can without getting texts of worry from my friends

All i can hope is to give someone else that same high

But sadly, reading was my drug i've quit altogether

Why did i stop?

I pick up a book today, ready to feel the greatness i once did from words on a page

Then i'm finally reminded why i quit my drug

Once words that used to bring me happiness and to a world of fantasy

Now i have to deal with intrusive thoughts from my own damn head

The ones that make me question life more than i deem safe

I know now i stopped because

The sweet honey dripping from the pages have turned as bitter as a bar of soap

The distraction i once turned to, to trigger the dopamine in my brain

Became not strong enough

I turned to my new drug, the one that silenced the voices in my head

Kept a smile on my face

The screen lit up, casting a sickly glow on my face

I smile as i see images of a different place

I am bound to this distraction like a tattoo on vigin skin

Sometimes forgetting i'm addicted

Here i am still though,

Writing words on this hypnotizing screen

Yet i will continue to read

Hopeful to feel what i once did

And find the fuel to try to make my own sweet honey


© Copyright 2020 alittledistraction. All rights reserved.

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