Call His Name

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As the new year kicks off, God begins a new work in my heart. This is just one piece of my story.

This video doesn’t even have a title. Yet in a matter of minutes, it changed my entire perspective. I’ve gone to church my whole life, and I have never seen something so powerful. Within seconds, I could feel my face being washed in tears. It was the perfect unity of beauty, pain, love and joy.
Let me begin by telling you a little bit about me. I am a Christian, and have supposedly been one since the day I asked Jesus in my heart when I was little. Honestly, I can’t tell you the date or the year – all I remember was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, eating a turkey sandwich, and praying a little prayer with her. I closed my eyes, repeated after her, and smiled, feeling good inside but not really understanding what had taken place.
Since then, it’s been a long journey.I was homeschooled (up until high school) so I had more time than your average kid, some of which I devoted to God.  One year, I told myself I would read the whole Bible in no less than 365 days.  I know a lot of people share that goal, but they seldom achieve it. Well, I did. All the way through the books of the law, the prophets, the New Testament – I read every word, no matter how boring.
At this point, you’re probably thinking “Wow, this girl likes to brag about herself.” Well, let me explain what happened after this big accomplishment of reading the Bible. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sure, I went to church several times a week, volunteered in countless different ministries, was a kind person, and tried to be good (my friends called me the ultimate “goody-goody”). But I didn’t understand what it meant to be a true follower of Christ. I somehow missed the message even though I read the Book. I was still the same old me, five days a week. Sure, I kept on reading my Bible…when I could squeeze it in. Sure, I prayed…when I remembered. I became just like so many other Christians out there: following God was an obligation to me. It was on the list. It was something I felt bad about avoiding, yet I avoided it anyway.
That was six months ago. This is now. I go to church with my dad (my parents aren’t divorced…yet) and I am a passionate follower of Christ. Sure, I might not read my Bible or pray as often as I should, but you know what? Focusing on technicalities (making those things technicalities) – that’s not the point. Building a relationship is. When I fail to read my Bible, I don’t feel “guilty” anymore…I feel I have lost the chance to do something I WANT to do with all my heart, all my soul. God’s presence is what I desire. I want to soak in more of Him every single day I’m alive – not just Sundays, not just Wednesdays, but every SINGLE day.
That is my story – in a nutshell. Switching over to my dad’s church was a lot more complex than I just described. Perhaps I will post the details later. But for now, let me explain my original thought: the video.
I was on a website looking for Christian groups to join. I came across this one group called “Tell Everyone About Jesus.” It looked enticing enough. Before I clicked the “join” button, I looked around a little. Under media items, there was one that caught my attention: “Watch this video and tell me that you are not touched by this,” was the comment. So I clicked.
It began simply, with a girl onstage. There was a man behind her – Jesus. Every time He moved, she moved with Him. Every time she danced, He danced by her side. The music is playing and the scene continues like this for a minute. Doesn’t seem like anything too special. Then suddenly a guy comes to the stage. He starts dancing with the girl – dancing like he wanted to be more than a friend. As they dance, Jesus is pushed into the background. Subtly, more guys begin to appear. Then comes a girl. She puts her arm around the first girl, as if she needs someone to talk to about her drama. Then another girl appears, this time a model in a pretty dress. She walks by the first girl, strutting her stuff, clearly trying to stir up jealousy. Suddenly a spirit clothed in black appears behind the first girl. Distraught and confused, she takes a knife from his hand and slides the blade down her arm. The pain on her face intensifies as she tries to run from all these people. Unable to escape, she now holds a gun. She raises it to her head, but cannot pull the trigger. She cries out and drops the gun, but no one listens. She begins to wrestle with these characters who are the source of her agony, but she is beaten down. She now sees Jesus, who has been in the background trying unsuccessfully to get her attention. She continues to fight, crawling on her knees toward Jesus, but constantly being pulled back. Finally, Jesus enters the fight Himself. He is pushed, beaten, and bruised, but He holds His ground. In a matter of moments, the enemies are destroyed and He and the girl are together again. They dance, they spin, and laugh together. She has found her way back home.
When the video ended, my face was soaked in tears. I finally realized what the cross of Christ means to me. For years, I’d tried to imagine a picture of Jesus, dying a cruel death on the cross; I hoped it would spark some flame in me. Yet even the movie the Passion, in all its gruesomeness, still could not open my eyes. It was a simple skit that made me see.
The cross means that all of the junk in my life (literally anything that brings me down) can be conquered by Jesus. He wants to have a relationship with me SO badly that He will bear all the sin and shame Himself.In the video, when the girl became obsessed with things of the world, she was completely separate from Jesus. In my life, that has happened too many times. But then she realized that because of Jesus death and resurrection, that separation, that gap between God and humanity, is gone! For all of time.
Joy and peace belong to us because of Jesus Christ. He is the one who restores us, who makes us whole. Whenever we shove Him into the shadows, He waits patiently: all we have to do is call His name.

Submitted: January 02, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Alive In Christ. All rights reserved.

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You paint a very good picture of Christ, you have an exceptional writing prowess, I can't wait for more.

Wed, January 2nd, 2008 9:54am


Thanks so much! I'm glad to see someone appreciates my work :)

Wed, January 2nd, 2008 1:59am


I LOVED this. It's harder to focus on God when there's SO many distractions around us. I cant wait to read more.

Thu, January 3rd, 2008 7:37am


Thanks so much for reading and commenting! God bless :)

Thu, January 3rd, 2008 12:23am

Ozzie the Redneck

A very down-to-earth, straight-up way of looking at things, and also very encouraging. A very good read, and I will come away thinking about it for a long time. Excellent job!
Write on.


Fri, January 11th, 2008 6:47pm

Mind Sight

I really enjoyed this piece. Sometimes, the greatest stories are our own. Very well written. I wish you well and God Bless. Lisa

Fri, January 25th, 2008 2:57pm

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