Murderer on the loose: Kidnapper

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This is where they see Jason or Chris. The new characters that they always wanted to forget. But will they meet in a different way?

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



Murderer on the loose:


By:Alondra Navarro

They were at the hospital. They just couldn't believe this night. Especially Janice. She never thought that her parents would die today.

I don't get it though. You're parent's are suppose to be at there honeymoon. You said that they were going to be there for 3 weeks and it has been 2. How did the person do that?” Nikki asked.

Janice looked at her.

How could the person do it?”

Nikki couldn't bare looking at Janice. She has been crying for so long it almost looks like she balled her eyes out.

I want to know that and I know how to get the answer. And I know who will tell me one way or another,” Nikki said.

Your not thinking of going to her are you?” Micheal asked. They have been in the hospital since Halloween. They have been there for a day.

I have to. Jake?” Nikki said.

Yea?” Jake replied.

I want you to come with me,” Nikki said.

He didn't want to say anything. He got up and said goodbye to Janice. Nikki kissed Micheal Goodbye. They left.

Um...i need to talk to you,” Nikki said to Jake.

Jake nodded.

I was going to ask about you and Janice. I know right now is kind of hard for her and us....but it looks like you and her are getting really close. Are you thinking of taking it any further?” Nikki asked.

Jake looked at her.

If I show you do you promise not to tell anyone?” Jake asked Nikki.

Nikki nodded her head.

Jake stopped the car and reached in one of the car pockets. It was in a small box. He opened the box and there was an engagement ring in it. Nikki smiled.

I planned on purposing to her but....this happened so I have to postpone,” Jake said.

Nikki grabbed the box and grabbed the ring and looked at it. She looked at the ring and grabbed it.

Can I wear it?” Nikki said looking desperate.

Jake shook his head.

Nikki sighed.

They were finally there.

Have we been wearing this for this long?” Nikki said.

Jake looked down. He looked embarrassed.

Don't worry. I have clothes in the back,” Nikki said.

They were done changing.

They walked in the Mental Hospital. Let's go to the bathroom and freshen up,” Nikki said.

They went to the bathroom.

Nikki was fixing her hair. The bathroom wasn't that bad.

She was fixing her hair and her make-up. She didn't see anything coming. Then a hand was put over her mouth and she couldn't breath. She didn't know who it was.

She was being pulled and couldn't do anything. She was put in a room. It was Nicole.

I know you come for answers. I'm not telling you anything. You already tried to kill me and I'm returning it to you! Watch your back. I'm making you do something. Anything I say you do!” Nicole said.

Nikki had no choice.

Nikki” walked out. She was really Nicole in a wig. And in her clothes and wearing make-up just like her.

Jake motioned her to go to “Nicole's” room. And they did go in.

I can't believe he actually fell for it?! This is surprising!”

She said in her head.

They walked in her room. And there was Nikki.

Nicole smiled. She never thought that she would look just like her in a mental hospital.

You are so disabled,” Jake said.

Nikki looked at him she was trying hard not to fight back. She knew if she blew her cover she would get...well, she didn't know what was going to happen to her.

So, at least I'm not planning to get married to a crybaby!”

Jake looked shocked. Nicole gasped.

How would she know? I didn't tell her? How would she even know, I never I ever told her. Wait?! What if she is?! No!” Jake thought in his head.

How would you know?” Jake asked.

I know everything” Nikki said.

Nicole was staying out of this. She knew she had no part in it. And she didn't know what to say at all.

She thought she should leave. She was walking slowly out and out. Jake turned around and she was gone. Then Jake turned back around and Nikki was gone. He thought it was strange.

It never worked! You win! This may be the only you win!” Nicole said.

Nikki smiled. And walked away.


They went back to the house they were staying at. It was Janice's house. Micheal and Janice were already there. Janice was in her room and Micheal was watching TV.

Jake and Nikki got there. They sat down and didn't say anything.

Hey did you know I'm Mexican?” Nikki asked.

Micheal and Jake looked at her. They were all shocked.

Janice walked out of her room. She looked a little bit happy. “Hey Janice, did you know that Nikki is Mexican?!” Jake asked.

Yeah,” Janice said.

They all looked at her.

Why didn't you tell us?!” Jake said.

i thought you guys knew! Don't you ever here me talk to my cousin in Spanish?” Nikki asked.

I thought it was a secret language you guys made up!” Jake said.

Nikki looked at them, she was trying hard not to laugh.

Are you and Nikki still dating?” Janice asked.

Oh no, we broke up a long time ago,” Nikki said.

But you gave Micheal a good bye kiss at the hospital?!” Janice said confused.

We just didn't want to tell you guys. You guys go all like,'Are you okay?' and all of this crap,” Nikki said.

Why did you guys break up anyways?” Janice asked.

We just thought it was for the best,” Nikki said.

Micheal and Nikki nodded at the same time.

Nikki's iPhone rang. She answered it.

She went to another room. She came out like a minute later. She had a cheeky smile.

Get your suitcases,” Nikki said and then winked at them.

They did and they got in the car.

20 minutes later they were outside of a building.

Jake was about to say something but he didn't.

They went inside and got a key. They all looked confused.

They went up a couple stairs and soon they were in the middle of 2 doors.

Janice pick a door,”Nikki said.

Janice walked up to a door on the right. They boys went up to the left door.

Open the door now,” Nikki said.

They walked in and walked out. They all hugged Nikki.

You got us apartments!!!!”Janice said jumping up and down.

Yeah, I bought them with out money. And the good thing Is were next door to each other,”Nikki said.

Wait?! Our money?!” Janice said.

Yeah, don't you know that there is a saving account for the 4 of us. I made it like a year ago,” Nikki said.

How many things have you done that we don't know about?” Janice asked Nikki.

Alot,” Nikki said.
“Well, let's go unpack!” Jake said.


They have everything set up. They have the apartment, they have everything they need. Jake and Janice almost a wedding couple. Wait until Jason and Chris plan to “kill” Regina. They will all believe it,” Nicole said.

Yeah, I can't wait until that happens, they will all be shocked,” Adrian said.


Everything is set up!!! We have a new home now!” Janice was so happy. No one bothered bringing up her parents. They didn't want to ruin the moment.

I love this view in out apartment!!! You can like see everything from here!!” Janice said.

Nikki was texting Jake she sent him a message.

She asked him if they wanted to go to a cafe.

He said sure.

They did go. But they ended up going to a frozen yogurt place. And they did like it.

Were here. I hope this place has good food,” Nikki said.

They were all getting out of the car. Michael suddenly got token away without anyone knowing.

Michael!!! You coming?” Nikki shouted.

Micheal?” Jake said.

They look and they didn't see him in the car or outside. Just his phone. They picked it up and there was a small crack on the screen. It still worked. But it was weird he was gone.

Where is he?” Janice asked.

Nikki and Jake shook there heads.


Leave me alone!!!” Michael was shouting.

Don't you recognize me?”

Michael was shocked.

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