Murderer On The Loose: More Then One Funeral Or Not?

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Your in for a treat! It's like the end of the series! :'(

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



 Murderer On The Loose:

More Then One Funeral Or



By: Alondra Navarro


They were all at the police office. They didn't really understand why they had to be there. They didn't know anything that the police was going to do or ask them. They were sorda quiet and speechless.

You 4...come with me,” One police officer said.

They all got up and followed the police officer in the interrogation room.

The police spoke to each one of them separate.

Nikki Garcia Hew...come with us,” the officer ordered. She got up and looked kinda scared. She crossed her fingers at them.

Sit down please,” the officer said.

I'm Officer Keller. I will ask you a series of questions. You will give me a clear answer and we will see if you are guilty or not,” Officer Keller said.

Have you ever been committed of murder?” He asked.

Nikki froze. She she had killed her sister.


Have you ever been to jail?”


Have you ever been committed of an illegal relationship?”

No! Diffidently No!!” She said.

Okay. I know that you have been threw a lot. You have almost been murdered. Is there anything new with any of that? I know that you are in your last year of school. So you have to say something in this question,” said Officer Keller.

You know what's so stupid? That you guys ask all these personal questions! You guy's aren't pervert's you know?!” shouted Nikki.

Watch that tone! Just because you might be innocent or not doesn't mean I can't put you in jail for talking back to a Police Officer! I could even call the president so he could kick you out of this country, Immigrant!” argued Officer Keller.

So know your being racist!?” Nikki argued back.

Nikki stared at his eyes. She was tempted to do something.

Just because you Mexican-”

Nikki tackled him down right when he said that. They all looked up to hear screams in the room. Jake ran in the room followed be Janice and Micheal. Police officer's came running in. They toke her off.

It's official! She's being put in Riley's Mental Hospital! Take her in now!” Officer Keller lectured.

They toke Nikki out. She was screaming non stop.

They couldn't bare to see it.

Janice said 'No' to all the questions he asked. So did Jake and Micheal.


I can't believe they would do that!” Janice said. She was so mad.

This is a crazy night. I can't even remember what happened.

It's just so. So ...unexplainable!” Micheal said.

I don't think I am going to be able to sleep,” Janice said.

They all nodded in agreement.

For the whole night they didn't sleep. They just talked.


The next day. It was weird. Nikki came home.

You're back!” Janice exclaimed.

Yeah they let me out. It was just a meltdown,” Nikki said with a smile.

Okay? Anyways did you kill Nicole,” Jake asked.

No she came to visit yesterday. It was weird,” Nikki said. But she had a look on her face that she wasn't surprised.

Huh?” Janice said. Janice was kneeling on the couch. She was facing the kitchen.

Hey Jake me and Nicole talked about the whole pregnant thing. She said that she doesn't want to remember anything about it and she said that you are really good at that,” Nikki said.

Jake's eyes widened.

Micheal gasped.

Janice was confused.

What?” Janice uttered.

Nikki?!” Jake said.

Oops?” Nikki responded.

You got Nicole pregnant?” Janice was in shock.

Yeah about that. It was a drunken mistake,” Jake said.

You're a father already?” Janice asked.

No! Someone adopted the baby! It's like 3 years old now!” Jake said. He was hoping that she was happy now.

For 3 years! And you didn't tell me in the 5 years we knew each other because?”Janice asked.

Jake was speechless.

You know what? I need to get some fresh air and be away from you,” Janice pointed at Jake. He felt guilty.

Why did you say that!?” Jake was said really angrily at Nikki.

It slept out!” Nikki said.

Just out of no where they heard a scream.

It was Janice.

They all ran out worried. They followed the person. It was all in black. Holding Janice. It was covering her mouth.

Wait!” Nikki said has they were running.

No time to wait!” Jake said.

No! I go with Janice. And you go with Chris and Jason. You know there both your enemies,” Nikki said.

They didn't argue and agreed.

Jake and Micheal were in the guy's apartment. I t was dark and they couldn't find the light switch. It impossible.

They heard a glass shatter and they door shut. They didn't know what to do.

Well, well. We knew you would come,” Jason said.

Yeah. Were not leaving until we get our friend back,” Jake said.

She's more of a friend to you,” Jason said.

Shut up!” shouted Jake.

Micheal did nothing. He stood there. He looked like he was planning something. Chris was staring at him. Micheal was looking at a hook on the wall that the door was. He slowly started walking back. Chris was looking at Jake. They were in a talk fight.

Micheal was gone. He was in Chris's room. He had a gun.

He dropped it to make them notice him.

Everyone looked at him.

What the fuck do you have there?!” Chris said.

Micheal ran. He ran threw Chris and Jason. He left Jake alone in the room. Chris went out running to.

Jake and Jason were in the room alone.

Look's like I have time to kill someone,” Jason threatened.

Not if I do it first!” Jake said.

Jason looked like he was ready to fight.

Jason ran to Jake. Jake kicked him the stomach. Jason flipped over.


Nikki was chasing the cloak. He/She was heading to the roof. She toke a shortcut.

The person didn't know.

Were finally alone!” Said the person.

Janice was scared. But she was not scared enough to do this.

Janice slapped the person and punched it in the face. It fell to the floor.

Nikki was behind the person. She pulled the hood off. It was Nicole.

Nikki was shocked. Nicole got a gun out. She was about to kill Nikki.

Nicole fell to the floor. She had blood coming out of her back.

They couldn't believe that she had killed her.

Nikki was in complete shock.

Regina what did you do!?” Janice couldn't believe it.

Finally! This is over!”Nikki exclaimed.

What about Nicole?!” Janice asked.

Oh yeah. Her. No problem, they'll be another funeral. It's okay,”Nikki said. She didn't seem to care that Nicole was dead.

Explanation please?”Janice said.

They were going to kill me. I had no choice. And I was the one that killed Adrian. And I know I'm going back to jail...but I had to do what I had to do,” Regina said. She sighed after that.

Jake and Micheal came running in.

Go! Run!” Jake said.

Janice started stepping back. She ran into somebody. It was Jason.

Jason grinned.

Janice slapped him. He was stunned. He was on the wall leaning. Janice went running. She was running toward the stairs.

She was stopped and pulled by the hair. It was Jason. He was pulling her. He put her in a little storage room. He pushed her in. He tied up on a hook. He put an apple on her mouth. She was trapped

He shut the door. Luckily she could spit the apple out.

There was a little light. But that was it.

Nikki was trying to hit Chris. Denied. He kept on ducking and moving. She finally got the chance and kicked him in the crouch. He fell down. He was groaning.

Regina was having trouble getting rid of Jason. She was kicking and punching. She finally got it. She was pushing and pushing him.

Janice found something sharp. She moved her leg forward and was able to kick it to her. She grabbed it and started cutting the rope. She was doing and doing it. She finally got it. She got up and kicked the door open. She went put and started helping Jake get up. Jason kicked him in the gut with a door. He could barely breath. She got him up.

No! Don't!” Regina yelled.

Yea! Maybe this well get rid of you,” Jason said. He was able to get Regina off of his back. They were at the ledge. Nikki ran over there trying to help Regina. It was too late.

By the time she got over there. Regina was gone. She was going down to the floor. When she landed. All you could see was blood coming out of her head.


5 months later

June 15th.

The funeral.

Can you believe that all of this happened to us. Just us,” Nikki asked.

Right. Regina and Adrian and.......Nicole! Are now dead. I just can't believe it. It seems so fake,” Micheal said.

Nikki and Micheal walked away.

Janice ran to the bathroom.

She went into a stall. It was the time to see if she was. She just couldn't believe that the first time it was a “Positive”. She got out the stick. And peed on it. She got up. She got of the stall. She washed her hands on the sink. She covered the stick with the cap. She put it on the counter where the sink was. She was scared the it was going to be a positive. But she kinda wanted it to be.

Nikki walked in.

Janice grabbed the pregnancy test from counter and put it behind her back.

Nikki looked at Janice suspiciously.

What do you got there?” Nikki asked.

Janice shoke her head.

Nikki stepped toward her. Janice stepped back.

2 can play at this game,” Nikki noted.

Nikki snapped her finger's. She opened her hand.

Janice hesitated. She gave the pregnancy test to Nikki. Janice ran out.

Nikki gasped.


Before the Funeral started.

Nikki was getting ready. She just got out of the shower. She was drying her hair. She spilled a little water on the sink. She wiped it with toilet paper. She was going to throw it away. She stopped. She saw a pregnancy test. She picked it up. She opened the door. Good thing that Micheal was the only one out there. Janice and Jake were in the Janice's room.

Micheal? Come here!” Nikki insisted.

Nikki...Our hands are unglued. You don't-”

No it's not that...It's something..something more important,”Nikki said.

Micheal looked kinda worried. He walked towards the bathroom. He entered. She shut the door behind him, and locked it.

Look!” Nikki said.

Micheal's eyes widened.

Who did this to you?” Micheal said statistically.

Haha! Very funny!” Nikki said sarcastically.

I think this is Janice's,” Nikki said.

You know?” Micheal asked.

No! What do I need to know?!”Nikki asked.

That night. That me and you were out. Having a bite at Buffalo Wild Wings. Jake was at your place with Janice in the living room. Before we were about to leave. I walked in because I forgot the key's. Janice and Jake were on the couch talking. They didn't even know I was in the room. So before I was going to leave. I left the counter door open. And then I turned around....and I saw Jake and Janice making out. They were half naked. And then I ran out when they were just about know. Jake being inside of Janice,”Micheal said. She was completely grossed out from the story.

Nikki was speechless.

Why would you even watch them?!” Nikki was grossed out.

Micheal was so mad at her for that.

It doesn't matter! She's probably pregnant,”Micheal exclaimed.

Just....! Just go!” Nikki yelled.

Micheal ignored her.

Go! Run Little Boy! Run!” Nikki yelled.

Micheal ran out.


Nikki couldn't believe it.

Janice was pregnant.

Nikki ran out. She was trying to find Janice. Janice looked at her and ran out of the building. She ran outside.

She almost ran out until she bumped into Micheal.

It's Janice! She! Baby! 9 months!” Nikki didn't know what to say.

Micheal's eyes widened.

How do you know!?” Micheal was in panic.

Look!” Nikki held the pregnancy test up.

Micheal gasped.


They actually think that she's prego?!”

Right! That's not even a real one! All this time! It's been fake!” Jason exclaimed.

This is going to be the best prank ever!!” 

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