Murderer on the losse: Murderous Ways

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Regina meets somebody at the back at the woods.
And is Jake going out with Janice.
And is Regina going out with Michael.
Find out.

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



Murderer: Murderous Ways

By: Alondra Navarro

Regina screamed for her life. She didn’t know what to do.

“ SOMEBODY CALL THE POLIC!!!!!!!!!!” Regina yelled.

Janice toke Michael from the collar of his shirt and toke him out of Taylor’s house.


When the police arrived, they were asking everyone if they were innocent. But of course they were drunk and didn’t know what to do so they either puked or said no.

“ I didn’t know that the police would make such a fuss about this, and I didn’t know that Regina would make such a fuss about her finding out that he was cheating in her if she was cheating on him,” Janice said.

“ Look there is Regina heading toward us,” Michael whispered.

“ Hide” Janice said.

Regina was heading towards the wood s to meet someone because they saw someone all black and with somebody next to him/her.

“ I see you came and brought her,” Regina said.

“ Yes I did, and why are your eyes all teary?”

“ It’s all long story, the good thing is that Nikki won’t be here for long, we are going to get rid of her……for good,” Regina said. Nikki’s eyes started to tear up.

“ Don’t cry!”

“ Look I’ll meet you tomorrow in class,” Regina said

The person just walked away.

“Regina what are you doing with Nikki?!?!?!?!?!?” Janice asked in exclamation.

“ I don’t have to answer anything from your girly mouths,” Regina hissed.

She walked away. Then she got in her car and toke off.


The next day when Janice and Michael got off the bus they saw Regina talking to one of the losers in school.

Janice and Michael started walking toward her and when she saw them she toke off.

Then they saw Jake and they headed toward him instead. When he saw them, he stood there to wait for an explanation.
“ Look, I can explain, I was just trying too……. I was jealous, OKAY!” Janice said.

“ Why did you do it, though, I know I was cheating on her with Jordan, but-”

“ Look, I really like you so I didn’t want you to get hurt by knowing that she was cheating in you, too,” Janice said.

“ She was cheating on me too, I was going to break up with Jordan at the party, but then Regina walked in……and I didn’t get a chance,” Jake said.

“Will then was wondering if you were going to break up with Jordan?”

Jake nodded his, yes.

Michael wasn’t there because he got bored with all of this drama going on.

“ Well then, will you go out with me?” Janice asked. She toke her fingers and put them in the back of her body and crossed her fingers.

Jake thought for moment.

“ Yes.”



Michael was heading toward Regina. When she saw him had a smile on her face.

“ Hey, Regina. How are you doing?” Michael asked.

“ I’m fine, cutie,” she said in a happy voice.

Michael blurted out, “ Will you go out with me?!?!?!?”

“ I thought you’d never ask, of course,” Regina said, then she turned around and winked at somebody.

Janice saw the wink and so did Jake.

“ We need to tell him that she is just using him,” Janice said with a worried look on her face.

“ We will, but who did she just wink at, it looks like she just winked at somebody in a black cloak and in a black face mask,” Jake said.

“ We need to know what Regina is up to, which is why I have a chip,” Janice said.

“ A chip,” Jake said.

“ She gave me a chip so I could contact anywhere she went,” Janice replied.

Jake made a why-would-she-do-that face to Janice and what-kind-of-stupid-girl-is-she.

“I don’t know,” Janice said.



It was pitch black at night and Janice and Jake saw Regina and Michael Hiding toward an abandon place.




“ And this is where I keep all the people I hate and them I kill them, but there is one person that I haven’t killed yet, because she has to many memories with me,” Regina said.

Is Regina the murderer of all those missing people? Michael thought.

Regina left to go and get the person she worked with.

“ Look, I am going to help you get out of here before she gets back,” Michael said.

Nikki nodded.

Suddenly has Michael was about to untie the knot Regina came and kicked Michael in the stomach which made him fall to the floor.




Janice and Michael opened the door and saw Regina tying up Michael.

“ Look who came, don’t turn around it’s bad luck,” Regina said.

So Janice didn’t but Jake did.

He fell to the floor and blood was gushing out of his stomach.

The person in the black cloak slapped Janice across the face which knocked Janice out.

Michael was budging to untie the knot but it was no use.

“ You guys are going to be here for all long time,” Regina said.

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