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katelyn's world is turned upside down after she goes to a concert

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013




Here you go young lady,” the nurse said with a warm heart as she handed me my pills.


Her warm tone just bounced off my cold exterior. I hate it in this damn place. I don’t belong here. She was evil. They didn’t see the evil inside her. What she did, it killed any mercy and feeling I had for her.


The nurse pushed me back into my padded cell. They told my the more I fight the straitjacket the more it hurts me, but they don’t know what pain is. They also don’t know about what I’ve become. Before she died she gave me the best and worst present. I suppose before I go into any more about my current situation in the institution for the criminally insane, I should tell you of my past.


It all started when me and my best friend in the whole world, Marley went to a bar where we found a great band playing. This band's name was The Beautiful Outcasts. The lead singer was a gorgeous specimen. He had long black hair, black shirt, and a white shirt. His blue eyes were the most attractive thing about him. They were an electric blue.


He seemed to be focused on someone to the person to the right of me, Marley. She almost was in a trance. She wasn’t moving at all and she was hardly breathing. “Marley, Marley,” I tried to shake her awake or at least break the gaze between the two.


I smelled something burning. I looked behind me. The building was on fire. Marley was still in a coma like state. By this time people were panicking and running into the streets. Some support beams had fallen. We had to get out, but I knew that Marley wasn’t going to be any help. I quickly thought of an alternative route because the front door was blocked by a wall of fire. I took Marley’s hand and ran to the bathroom. I stood her on the toilet and opened the window for her to climb out. After she was safely out I followed her and we ran into the parking lot then when stumbled into the band.


Are you guys alright,” the lead singer said. I could tell what he really meant was is Marley alright.


Yeah,” Marley said in her shy voice, which I hadn’t heard very often. Marley wasn’t the type to ever be shy. She was the prettiest girl in school. And she knew it, nobody could touch her.


I'm really in survival mode right now and I feel that we should get in my van and go somewhere safe,” he said in a very fake concerned voice.


At this point I didn’t know what his plans were but I was sure I didn’t want anything to do with them.

Marley however looked as if she wanted to jump in his arms. I didn’t trust him.


No, but I can tell you’re really concerned with our safety,” I said in a slightly bitter and sarcastic tone.


Let's get in his van Kat,” she said in a fragile tone. She knows I hated being called Kat. My name was Katherine. Not Kat.


Are you crazy? We don’t know these guys, they could be rapists for all we know,” I said with hushed tone.


They seem innocent enough to me. you’re being paranoid, and it wouldn’t be rape, trust me. If you don’t want to go that’s fine, but I am.”


Without another word she left me standing in the parking lot while she sped off in their van.

I walked home while I prayed for her safety. I wasn’t religious but I couldn’t do anything else.


My mom was catholic until she had a hysterectomy because she had her period every other week instead of each month. She was kicked out. She still is a die hard religious person. Every Sunday she drags me to church. I am forced to sit there and listen to the pastor scream about our savior coming to earth. I stop listening and pop in my headphones and listen to my favorite bands sing about tragedy and love. To me, music was god. I just recently stopped going with her. She stills asks me about going but I always make up excuses. I digress.


I finally got home. I went up to my room and undressed I walked naked into the bathroom. I knew nobody was home. It was only 10:00 and my mom was going to be at church and doing other various things until 2:00 am. I washed all the ash off my body but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen to Marley.


I finished in the shower and wrapped myself with a towel. I walked back into my bedroom. I got dressed in my blue cotton shorts and t-shirt. Time to feed my addictions. I took out my pipe and weed and a razor. I packed the bowl and took a long hit and held my breath then blew out the smoke. I did this about ten more times. That was twice the amount I needed to get wasted. Next I took my razor and sliced deep into my wrist. I groaned slightly. I love the rush of watching the blood flow. I know, it's sick, but that’s exactly what I am, sick. I sliced into my other wrist and licked the blood from both.


I started to feel the weed kick in. I got hungry and poured myself a bowl of cereal. After I had my fill of artificial flavors and dyes I walked into my mom's room. I searched every drawer of hers near, I was nearing the end of the my hunt I came across a bottle of watermelon pucker. Jackpot!


I went back to my room and washed away my fears and worries about Marley with the remainder of the bottle. After that I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up and looked around, my room I was someone in the corner. It was a girl around 17, my age. She was bloody and dirty. The poor girl was whimpering. I couldn’t see her face I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. She quickly spun around and I saw she was laughing. She had a wicked grin that was to big for her face, for any human really. She had razor sharp pointed teeth. Her eyes were all black, except her irises, they were red, blood red. I then recognized her face, Marley.


I woke up. “it was just a dream,” I whispered to myself. I was sweating. I decided to get a glass of water. Then I returned to my now dreamless slumber.


The next morning I awoke to a pounding headache. I thought to myself “damn, I’m late for school again.” I got dressed in black skinny jeans and a sea-foam green tee-shirt. I grabbed my bike and road to school. 10:35, the end of second hour. I decided to just skip the rest of second hour and go straight to lunch.


The bell rang and I saw Marley almost floating to the lunchroom. She was glowing. I guess I was wrong. It looked as if they took better care of her than she took of herself. Which is pretty impressive considering she treated herself as a queen. She walked up to me and said “what are you staring at kitty Kat?”


Nothing,” I replied with a cautious tone.


Okay weirdo.” classic Marley.


you seem really happy,” I said. “not the least bit sad or scared about last night.”


why would I be?”


because people died and ...”


She cut me off “you can't live in the past, and if they were smart enough they would have found a way out. Why is everyone so depressed? The people who were crying barely knew anyone in the bar that night.”


But they were people, Marley, what's up with you, you haven’t acted this careless before?”


lets just say I have had a change in perspective.”


And with that she walked away. Again she left me alone. I didn’t eat, I never did anyway. My stomach was in knots again. I remembered my dream from last night and entertained the thought that she had transformed into that monster. I thought that nothing like that could happen except in nightmares. I didn’t know what I know now.


I went through the rest of the day of school thinking of what happened the night before. It doesn’t feel like real life, it feels like a nightmare. I wish it was. I rode my bike home


I finally reached my house pulled out my pipe. Before I had the chance to light it up I heard a knock on my window. Which doesn’t sound unusual except my bedroom is on the second floor. I looked and it was Marley. I opened the window and let her in.


What's up buttercup,” she said in a cheery voice.


Ummmm, nothing,” I replied with a questioning tone. “how in hell did you get up here?”


I climbed the tree silly”


There's no branches for eight feet.”


it's not that hard, anyway, are we going to blaze or just sit here?”


oh, okay?” I passed her the lighter and she took a huge hit.


Damn,” she exhaled. “that’s the stuff. Oh yeah.”


She passed me the bowl and I took the biggest hit I could manage. I blew it out away from her face but she moved so I would give her a shotgun. She took it back and took a big puff. She got really close to my face and blew it in my mouth. I exhaled.


God, I love this,” she said. “I really missed you.”


I missed you too,” I took another hit.


Marley moved close to me I blew the smoke into her mouth and she held it in and blew it out. The bowl was cashed. I hid it away under my bed and got on my bed and turned on the TV. I handed the remote to Marley she turned it to a music station and the song Kill Me by the pretty reckless was playing.


I need to tell you something,” she said with a hint of sadness. “you can't tell anyone”


She took my razors out from my closet. I wasn’t aware that anyone knew where they were, especially because I moved their hiding place. She pressed down hard on her arm and dragged the blade across her skin.


What are you doing?!?!”


Just watch,” and as soon as the cut appeared it disappeared. “Isn’t that the shit,” she chuckled.


I was speechless. Did I just see that, or is this weed better than I thought it was?


This is what I can do when I’m full,” she said as if she was telling me something normal. What the fuck did I just see.


What do you mean when you’re full?”


first let me tell you what happened a couple nights ago, the night of the fire.” I knew something was different about her, but this wasn’t at all what I guessed. “well we drove away and at first I didn’t notice anything different or strange about my surroundings, it was like I was in a trance. Then I looked around the van and I noticed a book. The book was about demonic sacrifices. I started to get scared. You know the douche bag lead singer dude, his name is Zander. I asked him where we were going he said “its not important” I said if he was going to rape me I would kill him. They all laughed. Inside I was panicking but I had a cool exterior or as cool as I could be. We reached our destination, somewhere about 40 minutes away. As soon as they opened the door I tried to run away but they tackled me to the ground they punched and kicked me.” she started to look as if she was going to cry. She continued her story. “ they tied me to a long upside down picnic table. Zander had a dagger in his hand. For some reason he decided to explain his thinking to me, as if to make up for what he did. He said “you see our band has been limited to playing in hick town bars. And we all agreed to take more drastic measures. That's why we have you. You get to do more than be just some slut in high school.” god he's an ass. He told me that they were going to sacrifice me to the demon of money or some shit like that. After that he drove the dagger into my stomach five times and twice in the heart. I kinda blacked out after that. Now I can do these crazy things, like heal super fast and I have a glowing complexion and I can levitate. It's super cool.”


I still don’t understand when you're full,” I said.

There's one downside, well, I don’t really think of it as a downside but you might. I eat people. Well not even people, just boys, and they’re half pigs anyway,” said matter-of-factually. How can she be so okay with what she has become?


You can't be serious. What-- what the fuck?” I screamed at her.


Why are you so angry? You could have saved me if you really tried,” why was she blaming me.


You could have said no. don’t try to pin this all on me,” my words were rushed and labored. Damn I was so high.


You saw the way I was. He put me in a trance with those...” she paused and sighed and continued, “eyes.”


I’m so sorry. I'll find a way to get you back to the way you were.”


She grabbed my arm and growled, “no, why the fuck would I want to change? I am perfect!”


Get out! Just leave!”


Jesus Christ calm down psycho.” she chuckled


How can I calm down? You just admitted to killing people!”


Not people, just boys,” she grinned and swept my black hair behind my ear.


She leaned forward and kissed me. Against my better judgment I kissed back. I pulled away and saw her eyes were black with bright red irises. Shocked, I crawled backwards.


She pinned me down so I was forced to look in her eyes. “what am I not beautiful anymore?” she said that sounded like it was between her voice and a demons voice.


what the fuck,” I whispered.


This is what I am.” she had pointed teeth and a smile that ripped into her cheeks. “This is what you could be. Just give into it. Close your eyes and it will all be over soon.”


I pressed my feet to her chest and pushed her off of me. She didn’t like that at all. Marley realized she was out of control and she leaped out of my window. That was a close call. My mom opened my door.


Is everything okay,” mom asked.


Yeah, I just had a bad dream,” she looked as if she believed me.


Okay then, if you want to talk about it I'll be downstairs. Call me if you need me”


thanks mom”

She left and I decided to go to sleep.



It was one week later and I didn’t talk to Marley or anyone else for that matter. I was torn apart. My best friend had become a monster. There were a couple of murders. A lonely boy named Dan. He was a corner kid, he didn’t have many friends. Another was Mr. George smith, he was a bitter old man. One time George had pushed me down the steps of his porch when I tried to ask him if he had seen my parents, we were neighbors.


She fed on them. I see her walking down the hallways. She glowed like a goddess. Every guy in the school wanted her, but thy didn’t know that they might be her late night snack. Nobody knew it was her, except me, I knew she had to stop.


I went through school like a zombie, barely passing any of my classes, I skated by with my knowledge from my previous years in this hell hole. Finally after what had seemed to be the longest day in school I rode my bike home and got naked. I walked to the bathroom and started the shower. The warm water felt so good. I knew this might be my last day alive. I wrote my mom a letter. I explained that I wouldn’t see her again and I was about to do the only thing that my worthless life would amount to.


I put on my bra, my black veil brides tees-shirt that I got at hot topic, my black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knees, and the last piece to make this outfit complete, my black zip up hoodie. I packed up a backpack of clothes, weed, my lucky pipe, and all of my cash and $100 I stole from my mom.


I waited until it was dark and set out on foot to Marley’s house. I had a large dagger that I stabbed through my pocket and a crucifix in the other. The night was silent except for the occasional cricket or toad. I hoped she didn’t know I was coming, but with her newly discovered powers who knows what she could do?


I wasn’t scared, okay, that's a lie, I was terrified. I didn’t show it and I convinced myself that I would make it out okay. I thought about the innocents she has stolen from her victims. The last boy she slaughtered was only 13, little Benjamin, he was an adorable white-blonde blued eyed kid. I had babysat for him a while back a couple times. I looked back on the fond memories of him and any fear I had left turned into fury.


I started to run. Something felt different. I tried to rub my eyes. My hand was on fire, but it didn’t burn thought. I looked behind me and the ground was on fire. I noticed there was a river running beside me and I quickly ran in. I got to knee level then I realized that the fire was out on my hands before I put them in the water. There was steam rolling off my body.


I remembered what Marley had said, that all I had to was close my eyes and it would be over in a second. I traced back in my memories to that night that she was in my room. Then I came across something that didn’t make sense that I wasn’t aware of when it happened. The light, one second it was light and then it was dark. This change happened right after she said that damned sentence “Close your eyes and it will all be over soon.” what did she do in that missing time? I looked down at my arm and realized that there was a bite mark, fresh.


I understood then what I was. The shock was so great that I had to say it, “succubus.” I knew that I could kill her but it would make it easier to use my new powers. I didn’t know how to control them yet so I ran home trying to make it before my mom arrived at 11:00. It was 10:45. If I sprinted I could make it. I ran like hell. Everything seemed faster.


The trees were blurred, that was strange. My surroundings looked the like the neighborhood passed mine. That’s impossible, I had only been running for five minutes. I ran back the way I came, this time I payed attention to everything. I got t my house in seconds.


I got undressed to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom. I heard a strange noise. It sounded like quiet giggling. The shower curtain moved slightly. I ripped open the curtain, nothing was there. I started the water. I looked in the mirrored medicine cabinet for vicodin. Then I shut the door and there she was. A smile that ripped her face, sharp teeth, her weird eyes and claws.


I smiled, Marley couldn’t scare me, not anymore. “please knock before entering.” I looked down and realized I was naked.


i see you’re very busy, I’ll come back later,” she replied wittily. She walked out of the bathroom.


I turned off the water and walked to my room. I dressed myself in black sweats and a black tees-shirt that said “honey badger doesn’t give a shit, neither do I.” I pulled out a cigarette and lit it with my hand with the help of my new demon powers. Damn I see why she didn’t want to change back. I sat down on my bed. I looked in the mirror on my wall, I could see my aura. Fuck, what else can I do. I grabbed my computer and looked up meanings of the aura colors. I found some interesting things like gray in the aura means the person is weak. I have a lot of black spots in my purple aura, I have a lot of regrets. One of them being that I befriended Marley.


Come to think of it, she wasn’t a very good friend. When we were little she used to steal my toys. When we played pretend I was always had been the ugly unpopular girl, not unlike real life. She was the princess who eventually mercy killed me. She always got really depressed and irritable if there was a prettier girl than her starting in sixth grade. Marley was the most confident person I knew. I can't help but wonder if she was intimidated by me.


When I thought of that, our friendship seemed make sense. She didn’t want me to take her spot as queen of the school. I wasn’t ugly, but my image could be greatly improved if I got contacts or more stylish glasses and bought more skinny jeans rather than yoga pants. I could easily be more beautiful than her. I started to think like her, finding ways to prove my dominance.


Suddenly, my vision started to get blurry, which is unusual because I was wearing my glasses. I took then off and I saw everything perfectly, better than I could with glasses. There was so many details, I saw individual specs of dust moving in the light of the cracked curtains. I closed my eyes and payed attention to the smells around me. I smelled the hazelnut candle downstairs. I smelled a strange something I never had smelled before, I think it was coming from my dog, it smelled like sleep. Was it possible to smell sleep? I listened to the sounds. I heard my dogs heart pumping slowly. Everything was an intense experience. I walked around my room, taking everything in.


I heard my moms car coming down my road, she was a mile away. I got in my bed and pretended to sleep, even there was no chance of catching any Z’s tonight.


My mom walked in, I could smell alcohol on her breathe. This worried me because she was a recovering alcoholic.


My mom kissed my forehead and whispered “good night kit Kat.” I hadn’t heard her say that in years. I felt guilt for not being closer to her, I had turned my back on the one person who truly loved me. I felt terrible for ignoring her. But, soon I would have to disappear forever.


My mom walked out of my room and I felt a small breeze then an arm wrapped around my waist. It was Marley. I turned around and pushed her with my feet off my bed. Fights between succubus seem physical but most of the damage is mental. I through a wave of powerful negative energy toward her. She fell backwards a couple feet and through her fire energy at me. I tried to block it but it burned my arms. I threw my fire energy at her, she tried to dodge it but it burned her face and chest. I squealed a high pitched noise that clawed at her ear drums. A little blood trickled down her cheeks. She was doubled over, that’s when I stopped. She fell to the ground. Marley looked up at me with her twisted smile and red rimmed eyes.


She threw a punched to my chest and I felt my sternum break. I kicked her in the ribs, it sounded like celery snapping. She gripped her side and growled at me, “how dare you kick me, your sire.”


i am stronger than you, the thing that surprises me is your desire to kill me. I am your superior. I made you this, I made you stronger, better, more fit, more meaningful than your human life would ever be. Why are you so angry with me.” Marley was trying to manipulate me. She almost did, she was my best friend besides the demon in her.


you are worthless. You took away any chance that I had at living a normal life.” I replied. I looked furious, I was but I was more scared than anything.


i can smell the fear on you. You think that you are more powerful than me don’t you? The sire is always more powerful. You are a lost cause, I suppose I should end your meaningless life now.” she leaped into the air and delivered a kick my ribs. I fell to the floor.


I was curled up fetal position. She walked around me, inspecting me. I grabbed her feet and pinned her down. “i guess this is goodbye then.”


I kissed her forehead and then I ripped her throat out and started eating her tissue. This is what I am now. She tasted like the best steak ever mixed with ham. I ate her heart, the center of her powers. Her magic flowed through me.


I looked in the mirror. I was even more beautiful. My hair was raven. My body was white with an hourglass shape. My blue eyes glowed and sparkled.


That’s my story. Now I'm just rotting in this cell. It's time to escape. I jump 20 feet where there is a window. I kicked out the glass and iron bars.


I am Kat.


I leap out the window and into the night, never to return, forever.


I am Kat.

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