Lovers Interest

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Mick and Rei are living the American dream...,their both homeless,with out food or shelter barely out of high school and expecting a child.

Submitted: June 26, 2014

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Submitted: June 26, 2014





The sun peaks through the shades on the window, the blank expression on his face shows he's with in deep thought. although the quiet in the room is peaceful, the noise going on inside his head is overwhelming. See how he hides it, the blank look the motionless body, who would think that this young man would have any problems in his life?.......




- A young woman enters -




"Mick?" the frail girl called slightly as she slowly crept into the room walking over to the bed and sitting down slowly, ”yes Rei?" he answered as he sat up and took a look at her sighing some out of relief that she freed him from his mental harness for a short time.” we have to go...the manager guy is kicking us out because we haven’t paid.. "she says low and vividly as if hiding the fact that she was saying it,” but we're paid until 12:30 tomorrow morning we gave him 800 dollars” he says slightly angered snapping at her making her flinch and look away in a light shade of fear, he calms and places his hand on her cheek and rubs gently. A soft smile appears on his face he turns her face toward his own and apologizes saying he didn’t mean to frighten her. she smiles and hugs him and stands walking over to the dresser opening the drawer and says dully" ill pack our things baby". he stops as she finishes and his mind once again beings to drift off while watching her. "How did this happen?" he says to himself privately discussing the last two years with himself in his head, in no time at all he has went from finishing high school planning to go to college dating the girl of his dreams to staying from hotel to hotel with no money supporting 3 people... him, her, and their unborn child. he study's her frame from bottom to top, her smooth slim legs, her pale skin going all the way up to her waist hidden by the fleece night-gown she's wearing, but still the outline of her swollen stomach remains visible proof that she is at least 6 to 8 months pregnant. further up as her long silky hair can now be seen shimmering in the little sunlight that’s managed to creep its way into the small room. Her smile is missing, the one he fell in love with is instead replaced by a dim look that she now wears like a badge of honor as if to express that she has taken so much pain still stating she's ready for more. ” so strong" Mick says to himself "and yet I’m so weak". He stands and slowly walks over to her and begins to aid her with the task at hand, they exchange lovers looks; his once blank face now showing love and care.


- a knock is heard at the door


Mick walks out of the room to the door knowing all too well who it is not bothering to look through the peep-hole. he opens the door sighing and sure enough it's the hotel manager with a frustrated look on his face "I need you out of my hotel now!” the manager said loudly with a harsh tone, Mick sighed as he calmed himself from making any rash actions toward the man. "listen.. "Mick said" we gave you 800 dollars this morning...that should be good till tomorrow morning...".the man rolled his eyes and huffed and puffed and pointed a finger at Mick "tomorrow I need you out!, do you understand? Mick nodded and shut the door in the managers face and placed his back against the it and listened to the manager stomp away ” baby?...we're good till tomorrow k?" he said satisfied, he paused waiting for a response " baby?" he called as he walked into the bed room finding his lover on the floor passed out "rei!!" he shouted with distress in his voice, he picked her up off the floor and laid her on the bed feeling her forehead there was no fever, he caressed her cheek and still felt warmth and as he sighed in relief she opened her eyes to look at him and gave a weak smile and tried to get up. Stopping her of course he placed his hands on her shoulders "ah ah ah, you rest..."he said lowly,” I'm ok ...I a little dizzy that’s all baby...” she tried to get up again as she pleaded her case "we have to pack", "shhh" he said ”just rest ok, I got us another day". she smiled with relief and laid back down closing her eyes and in a blink of an eye fell asleep,” so tired" he said as he gazed down at the beauty sleeping before him, he planted a deep kiss on her lips and to himself wished as hard as he could ”please.....let me be able to make her happy....please!”, he broke the kiss and opened his eyes and chuckled to himself ,stood up and left the room saying as he left "if only fairy tales were true..."






Chapter one


-Mick & Rei walking down a crowded  street - cold/ dusk -



"brrrrrr...."Rei lets out a chill with a shiver she rubs her hands and tucks her chin into her coat, Mick looks back at her and slows down wrapping his arm around her pulling her close ” better" he looked into her eyes and asked, she smiled and looked into his and nodded lying to him so he wouldn’t worry. The truth was they were both freezing but knew they’d be at the shelter soon and although crowded it was a place to sleep.” when we get to the shelter I have to leave for a while..."he said not looking at her when he said it which either meant he was going to try to get some money or to look for a job, Both were often needed but not always easy. he had always found a job here or there but get fired for being late all the time or be laid off because of draw backs. but the other, getting money would always cause trouble, because she knew of course he wasn’t doing the right thing to get it in the first place. god knows what he would do for her, she just knows he'd stop at nothing to make sure she's happy ,she can't blame him because not only would she do it for him but do it better. She looked at him softly and simply said" ok baby. be hear?", " yes.." he said hiding the shame on his face that she was freezing and all she could worry about was him, a tear almost ran down his cheek as they arrived at the shelter, that thought kept running through his mind. They walked in the building and met with the shelter manager , who then  directed them to a room so they could make "camp" so to speak. he kissed her as he left the room she watched him till he turned the corner of the hallway, as he left her sight she frowned and sat on the bed,  the loneliness that hit her quicker then she expected was over whelming as she lied down and closed her eyes promising not to cry repeating it to herself as tears ran down her face the pain in her heart could be felt throughout the entire building as she waited for her lover to return safely and wipe her tears away....



- hours later in a back alleyway - mick with another guy - sunset - cold



"so what ya got man?" Mick says, "i-i got 34 man...i-i know im short but let me slide...please!" the man says shaking nervously, bags under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in a year...sweat rolling from his brow even though it was below zero today, his clothes ragged and dirty as he was no doubt homeless. "come on know I can't  do that"
Mick turned his head as he spoke, looking around as if he too were paranoid but what about was still hiding underneath the surface." c-come on diein out diein.." the man smirked and winked as he said that stumbling through his words making a mockery of the English language, Mick sighed and reached in his pocket pulling a small bag out and handing it to the man as the man handed the money to him.. "you didn’t get this from me hear?!” Mick stated "i-i got you man...thanks*the man answered as he walked away.


 So the story is told not only does he sell drugs to make ends meet he has to look his wife in the eye and lie to her thinking she has no idea. The cold air feels his lungs as he sighs hard rubbing his hands together " still short....dammit...”what other trials must this young prince go through to prove he's worthy of the love he is given each day...time and time again he must do the unthinkable or push the limits of his being to guarantee the lives of his lover and his child...why does he do it you ask? is simply...a love interest...

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