The Strange Call

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When you wish the wrong wish, and call the wrong number

Submitted: September 06, 2010

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Submitted: September 06, 2010



"Did you hear the about Anne? The girl who goes to Westover High School?

"Yeah she got kidnapped, why?"

"Do you know the whole story?"

"No, you know the whole story? Tell me!"

"I heard this from her closest friend, Jessi. Anne was so angry of her friend Lily cause she stole Anne's boyfriend. Anne's bored so she wanted to prank call someone. Because she's so angry she dialed a weird phone number; 999999999. She knew there wouldn't be any answer because that phone number doesn't exist, but she was wrong. There's a girl who picked up. The girl in the phone said she could do anything Anne wants, she will grant any wish Anne wishes, anything. Anne was kind of shock by knowing that someone owns that number. Then Lily came across Anne's mind so Anne said she would love it if Lily dies and she wishes that the girl in the phone would kill her. The girl in the phone said "okay" and closes the phone."

"So? Nothing happened right? Maybe it's just a prank call."

"No, there's more. The next day Lily didn't come to school, and the day after that too, well Lily didn't come to school for the whole month. Her mother said that Lily went out to the park alone and never came back. Her mom was worried sick. She hasn't tell the school about it until her boyfriend came to her house. When Anne heard about the news, she was terrified. She thought maybe that girl in the phone was actually real. So Anne went off searching for Lily and wanted to find out if Lily's okay. When she got to the park where Lily had been, she saw a body laying behind the bushes - With blood everywhere. It was Lily. Her back was stabbed hard and blood coming out of it everywhere."

"No way."

"Yes way, I didn't believe it at first too."

"Then what happened?"

"Anne didn't tell anyone about it, when she was walking home not long after she saw the body, she got a phone call from 999999999. The girl in the phone says "I've done my work, now it's time to take my salary." Anne was surprised. "Salary? What salary?" Then the girl in the phone closes the phone. Anne was in great shock."

"What happened to Anne then?"

"Anne's best friend, Natalie, found her in the exact same place where Lily was found. Anne was laying there, with the same condition as Lily. But Lily wasn't there, and in Anne's hand, there's her cell phone. On the screen there's a text message from 999999999 that says; My work here is done."

"Wow, that's crazy...... Wait a second.. You just came to this school yesterday and you already know who Anne is?..... Who are you?"

The girl who tells the story took out her cell phone and dialed a number. Then suddenly, the other girl who was talking to her got a call, when she took out her cell phone and looked at the screen, she gasped and almost shrieked. She still can't believe of what she's seeing on her cell phone screen was; 999999999.

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