Classroom Window

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Life of teenager

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




Through her classroom window

She stares at the single tree

Been thinking dull life

As she herself had nothing

As poor as her family


Thinking of future seem dark

Too dark even the light is lost

There is no guide for her

Alone in her journey

Walking her path in blind


She crying, while the friends laughing

She thinking, while the friends playing

She sad, while the friends had joys

She alone, while others not

She hungry, while others have satiety


She is just a fourteen teenage girl

With unknown father

Which never been heard of

With a single mother

Who never show emotion


She feels depressed and cry

Deep inside of her soul

She wishes, she had beautiful garden

Planting a colourful plants

With lots of flowers


She wishes she can

Have yesterday rainbow

She hope she can

Have the future of tomorrow

But it seems endless


The suffering in her soul

The torments of her families

The harassments of relatives

The smirking of the friends

The mocking of the teachers


She wishes, she can die young

She hope, she is not strong

Then, she realized herself

That she cannot give up her education

The only happy things she had


The tears never dry up

Now, that teenage girl

Has turn to be a woman

With her establish career

She is still crying alone


There is no longer belittling

No longer tormenting

Ceased the smirking

Peoples look up to her

As an iron woman she is


She still feels that day

Of her looking through

Her classroom window

Just like a yesterday

As she is the same person



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