Old Wooden House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
The memories of a little girl house that has been demolished for the sake of modernization

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013




That House


That House stood still

More than 100 years

Pre-exist before World War I

Survive World War II


As majestic as it is

The house aging beautifully

Seems like an abandoned place

Still a family live in


Just a shattered house

Build from old wood

Pests’ swellings the walls

Waiting to be demolish


The roofs are broken

Raining inside the house

Getting a basins for drops

For not getting wet


So poor as a family

Meat is scarcity precious

Anchovies the only solution

Feeling hungry every time


There is a little girl

Wondering of her ruined life

Pondering of her dark future

Bantering for joys of suffering


With her poker face

Always shines sweetest smiles

Keep laughing for consolation

Asking to be taken away


Looking from dull window

Miserable path ahead her

Thinking of being happy

Trying to be happy


Staring at her reflection

Saw unkempt appearances

See wept flowing eyes

Yet, still tempts for smiles


How hard she wishes

She can run away

Choose another road of

Being normal like others

Her tears has dry

Long ago knowing fate

Will not change at all

Of her miserable life


She takes her heart

Put it in a box

As hard as a diamond

And accepting her destiny


Promising herself

Talking to herself

One sweet day

It will only be a memory


Now 15 years has bygone

How fast time has flew

Reflecting her old pictures

Reminiscing her past history


Now, that little girl

Have brightest smiles

For she is grateful

Being the happiest woman


Life is hard Fate is tough

But she walks on her path

Alone with strong courage

Knowing she will succeed


Her heart for now

Has been taken outside

From the diamond box

Glittering beautifully like a star







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