Stray Persian Cat

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About stray persian cat, looking for home

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013







Stray Persian Cat


He is just stray cat

White fluffy dirty coat

Scared of human touch

Avoided human eyes


He, a beautiful creature

So full of life ahead

Being throw outside the drain

Hungry and starving alone


He, kept wondering the streets

Asking for foods and drinks

But none were given

As he is not worth a penny


He, an ugly stray cat

Fighting for street life

Surviving harsh reality

Of animal cruelty


He, a white Persian cat

Should be cared and love

With a cosy home

Yet, he has nothing


He, just a disable creature

Begging hard for human love

Trying hard to live on

With no future ahead


Stray Persian cat is his name

Without love and care

Turning yellowish in colour

Without longer lovely coat


Stray Persian he is, as pretty he is

Trying his best to, live in this world

With a hope in his glittering eyes

Someone will come and save him


From the miserable life living in street

The suffering of cold when rains

The anguish of hot climate

The tantalizing of dirty drain


How can he sustain his life?

Where has the humanity gone?

Will his last breath be a happy ending?

Or will he just lay dead beside the street?

Just like most of stray cat were fated to be?


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