The Waiting of Amsyar

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A girl whom waiting for her lover to seek for her in 10 years, and he never did, and then the news came to her, that he has already married.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



The Waiting of Amsyar

When I am 16 years old

You came to my life

Offered your heart

Taught me about love

You makes me happy

Despite my miserable life

Unhappy of dysfunctional family

Makes me laugh and smiles

A year later

Your parents despise me

I am not beautiful

I am no flying colours student

I am a bad influence

I am not worth a penny

I had no father figure

My mother just a blue collar worker

I have nothing to be proud

You have everything

Bright future ahead

With scholarship offered for overseas

With a handsome face

With a perfect family package

I am not worth for you

Neither nor deserve to be by your side

27th May 2003 is the day

The day I let go of your hand

The day you cried

The day the promises were made

The day I have started waiting

For a happiness of us

I am always dreaming

That we will be together

It has been 10 years

The promises to seek for me

Yet, you never come

Still, I am waiting

Every night I am thinking of you

Every breath of mine waiting for you

Every moments wanting for you

Every seconds praying for you

Then the news reached me

That you has become a husband

That I am nothing

Just an unimportant history of yours

Such a suffering

Waiting for such a long time

Asking for a mere happiness

From someone whom taught me love

And it is just an emptiness

My dreams were shattered

My life is too fragile

My heart meant nothing

I has cried a lot

My tears never dry

My heart keep bleeding

Even time cannot heal the wound

Now, the scar is there

I am frightened with love

No longer have faith in love

No longer need love in life

I am now move on

As world still keep spinning

Birds still chirping every morning

Nothing change, but my heart has

I am no longer a fool

I am no longer a believer

I am no longer that girl

I am a new women

Though there is still a girl

That were confined deep in mine soul

Always waiting and wanting

That you will come to be mine

But life is in reality

And fantasy is always be a shadow

Of our cruel life

You will never be mine

You are the one

That I love the most

But you are the love

That I will never have

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