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About a year before its release, when I first heard tell of the concept for Frozen I had many preconceived notions as to what the story would be. I have since watched the movie and found that the concept in my head and the actual movie intersected here and there, but overall were completely different. They did somethings properly, but there was a lot that they didn't, especially when you think back to classic Disney princess movies. So, I combined what they did right with my own ideas and decided to rewrite the wintry tale of Frozen.

Submitted: April 15, 2014

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Submitted: April 15, 2014



Elsa's powers emerge when the young sisters are playing. Only Anna knows Elsa's secret until Elsa accidentally uses her ice powers to injure her younger sister: freezing her right eye (Nothing serious, its just icy blue and non-functional) and causing some of her hair to turn white. This will signify that Anna sees everything as how it once was, as if it were frozen in time. Instead of wiping memories, Elsa is just isolated while Anna is sent away to another castle to be educated and protected from harm. Elsa is stuck being groomed to become the queen and use her powers whilst Anna is traveling and being educated herself. Anna visits occasionally, but because Elsa doesn't want to hurt her again, so she avoids her and their relationship is stressed. The Queen and King go on a ship to visit Anna oversees and never make it. Elsa is declared the next Queen and is guarded by many men to thwart an assassination, one of which is a young man named Sven, who takes a fancy to Elsa. Anna returns for coronation day, introduces Elsa to her fiancée, Hans, that she just met while she was on one of her Adventures, and Elsa, still feeling attachment to Anna, feels like this is Anna finally giving up on her. Elsa accidentally releases her powers, frightening many except for Sven, so she runs away into the mountains. Anna chases after her in an attempt to bring her back, but fails to ever reach her due to the blizzard. Hans pursues Anna and saves her from the storm, bringing her back to the castle. The mountains are covered in an eternal storm that prevents anybody from going to Elsa. 
Years pass: Anna and Hans are now the King and Queen and have a young daughter named Elisa (after her Aunt). Their marriage is entirely non-communicative, and the young love has gone cold. Tales of the Winter Witch are still circulating. Because of her freedom complex, Elsa has erected an army of Snow Golems and marches against the Castle that she feels imprisoned and then rejected her. When she sees Elisa she abducts her niece and calls off the attacks. Elsa returns to her Winter Palace in the mountains, and sticks Elisa in a room, never telling her that she is her aunt. Elisa and Elsa talk a lot: Elisa is a very happy child that seems to destroy all of Elsa's reasons for being angry and cold by being entirely loving and kind-hearted. It also turns out that Elisa has ice powers as well, which she uses to make a snow-man. Elsa shows Elisa what she has been working on all this time: A giant, semi-sentient ice storm that will destroy the castle below. Every day she has poured her negative emotions and ice powers into making it, but now that she has met Elisa, she decides to try and make up with her sister, and ignore what people think of her. 
Meanwhile, Hans is retaliating and with a small army, making his way through snow golems to take his daughter back (a venture of weeks). At the castle, Sven is standing guard and comforts a weeping Anna. They talk about how you shouldn't just fall in love and immediately get married, but that true love does exist and the flame of love needs to be kept kindled. Sven also confesses that he was once in love with someone (Elsa), and that true love embraces people even when they are bad and then they talk about Elsa, and Anna still feels guilt for not getting back her sister, and now she has lost her daughter and husband. Elsa and Elisa travel down, walk through the town (not caring if people judge), and to the castle where they reunite with Anna. Up at the Winter Palace, Hans finally makes his way inside, only to find it abandoned. One of his soldiers goes into the room with the Great Storm, and accidentally releases it.
The Great Storm makes its way down the mountain towards the Castle. Elsa sees it and tells everyone to get inside, because the only way to keep the buildings from being destroyed is to coat them in protective ice. Sven and Anna usher the people to do such, while Elsa and Elisa freeze everything. The Storm comes, but instead of just passing over like it was supposed to, it stays in an attempt to completely destroy the castle. Elsa uses her abilities to shield Sven from the Blizzard while he travels to its heart and stabs it with an Flaming Sword. Elsa uses all of her energy shielding him and leaves none for herself, becoming a frozen statue in the middle of town. Hans and some of his men stagger back into town and is reunited with his family. He and Anna promise too make an effort in their marriage; the town accepts the Elsa as a hero; and Sven gently touches the frozen cheek of his lost love. 
This is the part where desire to end the story vary. You decide which one you prefer more. 
The Disney ending: Sven's tears and love unfreeze Elsa and they embrace. Everyone lives happily ever after. There is a montage of Elsa and Sven talking and doing things together, with him eventually proposing. Elsa, as the eldest, still abdicates her throne to Anna, but stays in the castle teaching Elisa to use her powers. The End.
The Disney Ending for a Sequel: Sven's tears and love unfreeze Elsa and they embrace. Everyone lives happily ever after. There is a montage of Elsa and Sven talking and doing things together and Elsa teaching Elisa how to use her powers. While Anna and Hans focus on fixing their family, Elsa retakes the throne, being coronated just like in the beginning, but she uses her powers for good and everyone loves her. The Sequel is about Sven, a lowly castle guard, having to compete with Nobles for the hand of Queen Elsa.
The Sad ending: At the Beginning of the film it was opened and started like someone reading a story. At the end when Sven cries over frozen Elsa, everyone else is morose as well. Then it cuts to a happy future. The Queen closes a story book that she has been reading to a bunch of children, and as they run off, she looks up at the still frozen statue and whispers "Thank you, Aunt Elsa". They Queen turns out to be an older Elisa and she is escorted by an old Sven, who is now captain of the guard.
No stone-trolls, no needless comic-relief, and no hinted bestiality. The moral is that Love does grow cold, as do people, and sometimes it takes effort to thaw things out. 

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