The Dreaming States

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a compilation of the dreams I've had.

Table of Contents

The Marlborough Penguin Witch

It was a dark and tempestuous night. She landed at the crossing sidewalks in front of Memorial and slid off of her broom. The ... Read Chapter

The Run of the Mall

Nothing makes you ponder more about doors and staircases then being chased through them. The narrow hallways with patchwork walls and roo... Read Chapter

The Weight of Hiking

There is weight in walking. The long military coat was heavy, but made up for the cold dampness that comes after a rain or early morning ... Read Chapter

The Endless Sea and Phantom Sky

We had just started and it seemed that it was going to last a lifetime. On the deck of the ship, I was back to trying to light that darne... Read Chapter

The Lone Bulb

There are some assessments that prove the scenario to be exactly what they appear. This was one of them. In the pitch black of ... Read Chapter

The Substitute Water God

We hadn't been in the tunnels for more than five minutes already, and I was already getting bored. It was all made out of clay, with powe... Read Chapter

The Reason for the Seasons

Eventually, somebody opened their mouth. "Why are we down here again?"   I sat on the floor and slouched up against... Read Chapter

Loss, High on a Hill

Looking down on the world from up on high doesn't lead to enlightenment, it leads to an inevitable depression. The grass was gr... Read Chapter