Still Alive: Loss

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an intro to my up and coming novel "Still Alive" Detailing the loss Sean suffered and can't help revisiting.

Submitted: March 08, 2014

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Submitted: March 08, 2014



They were everywhere. Surrounding us on all sides. I fired randomly into the masses as they drew nearer desperately trying to slow the approaching horde. To my right my brother was doing likewise and behind us my mother stood embracing my younger sister. I pulled the trigger again and again as they stumbled towards us, their feet scraping along the groan. Over the noise of rasping breaths and gurgling mouths I heard a sharp click come from the gun I held nestled against my shoulder. I reached behind me to my back pocket for another magazine. Empty. Swearing I flipped the gun around and started to batter the faster ones who were within reach, cracking their skulls with a satisfying crunch. The butt of the gun quickly gained a slimy coat of thick blood as more and more swarmed towards us.


I looked behind me and saw the elevator was still moving, excruciatingly slow towards our floor. My mother and sister were still crying as I turned, a second too late to face the oncoming horde. One of them grabbed hole of the gun and tore it from my grasp. I shouted out and landed a punch on the side of its head, giving my time to draw the worn baseball bat from over my shoulder. It to was stained with blood and I was determined to give it a second coat. My brother stopped firing as he waited for one to get closer. Placing the gun in its mouth he pulled the trigger. Click. A look of total shock and terror came over my brother's face as another one grabbed at his arm. He dropped the gun and drew his knife but not before it had sunk its teeth deep into his arm and another snapping at his neck, causing blood to boil forth. Cracking another skull I looked over to see his situation. I shouted his name before running towards him as he sank the knife deep into the things head. He let go and fell to the ground as I drew near him. Pulling the knife out I held it in one hand and the bat in the other, protecting his body as they tried again and again to finish the job. My sister shouted and ran over as she saw my brothers crumpled form. I continued to defend the both of them as the lift trundled closer and closer.


I fought on for a few minutes until a break in the action allowed me to turn around to check on them. My brother had turned and at some point sunk his teeth into my sisters neck who stared wordlessly at him as the blood flowed freely from the wound. Tears began to form in my eyes as I knew there was no way to save her. I ran past them both cursing myself for allowing my sister near the body. I struggled to keep fighting as I saw the world through a sea of tears that continued to roll down my face. One of those things slipped past me and fell on my mother, tackling to the ground. I screamed in pain and grief as I turned around and shattered it's skull as my mother lay screaming on the floor, a visible bite wound on her arm.


The elevator door opened with a loud ding, still clutching my bat and my brother knife I turned and helped my mother to her feet and pushed her into the lift and pressed the top floor button, before stepping back outside the door. I killed the ones immediately closer and slipped into the lift just as the doors closed.


The silence in the lift was unnerving as moments ago all could be heard was countless moans and screams from the countless undead. I quickly removed my shirt and went to wrap it around my mum's arm. “Don't!” She said with a forced smile. “You'll get cold.” tears were forming in both our eyes as the reality of the situation set in. we both knew only one person was leaving this lift alive. “Just once, in the head.” My mum whispered as her voice grew shaky. “I love you so much!” she smiled as she began to cry. I drew my pistol from my side, I had one bullet left, but it was never meant to be for her.

“Couldn't have planned a worse rescue mission huh?” I said as my voice also struggled to remain stable. “Say hi to the family for me” I placed the barrel of the pistol against her forehead. I screamed like a wounded animal, letting out all my rage, all my pain, all my tears. I pulled the trigger.


The lift doors opened and bright orange sunlight bathed the lift. I took a few steps out and the doors closed beside me. I walked towards the sun, letting the pistol fall from my hand. My chest felt heavy with the loss of... everyone. I kept walking, the tears no longer falling. I shrugged out of my jacket and kicked off my shoes as I came closer to the edge. I wasn't going to need them where I was going. I stepped up onto the platform which ran around the perimeter of the skyscraper. I felt at peace, standing in the warm embrace of the rising summer sun. I spread my arms out wide and looked down at the ground, lying far beneath me as it writhed with the movement of countless beasts. The things that took my family and would soon take me.


I stood there for about an hour. As the sun rose higher into the sky, swaying back and forth as a gentle breeze meandered through my hair. Just listening to the sound of bird song. I felt more at peace than I ever had, mainly because I knew if I wanted to, I could end it. It could all just go away. All the pain, all the anger. Gone. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, looking down one last time...


Before stepping away from the edge, I wasn't going take my own life when so many others had their lives snatched way from them. Those things, whatever they are, don't like the sun. I began to pick up my things and head towards the fire escape. It's a long way down but I’ll be dammned if I’m taking that elevator.



Still need character suggestions *see earlier post)

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