A Memorable Day by Allen Henriquez

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A day that leads to days, never to be forgotten.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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Submitted: September 18, 2015



A quiet Saturday afternoon, the autumn equinox unfolding, a bright, brash, flame before the winter is on display: falling leaves, orange, red, yellow, brown, yet soft, subtle, magical, on the dirt, the ground.  The sadness of summer’s green departure can’t sustain itself with the song of crushed leaves, afoot, with a deep blue sky above, a giant soothing glove.  It was however chilly on this day, a sweater or jacket would be appropriate, perhaps the jacket you could open it.

Inside Catherine sat reading aloud to Liz and Tommy.  She in her middle years, the in their early.  The book was Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  The joy of the story with its twists and turns of strange characters, and surreal circumstances, intrigued the nine and eight year olds.  The bright light of imagination glowed.  The mechanics of thought for all present could be considered and approximated in their eyes.  And so with it, on went the story, and brighter grew the light.  But never beyond this day days to follow would it dim.  Perhaps a subtle and quieter tone, but dim wasn’t in the equation, because more reading would come, consuming many words, in countless stories, books, and authors in the world of reading, and read imagination.

While outside the leaves stirred, the wind churned, and the day’s beauty didn’t’ remain, it elevated.


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