I'm Jim Josh by Allen Henriquez

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Poem by Allen Henriquez

Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



Nothing special

nothing to excite

or delight

I’m a drunk that clings

not to a chair

wall or bar stool

they move especially when a wall

has a window

then you fall

The floor is my domain

get where you’re going

fast is what I say

But I have troubles

My troubles My friend

Marvin Tarven Smith

arrested on a charge of


The murder of Karen Vivien

an investment broker

Marvin’s girlfriend

Nothing I can do

Marvin said I lent him

a meat tenderizer here

in Greenpoint

I don’t remember

Hey I’m just not

that type

I never remember

Marvin’s girlfriend

Karen Vivien

was strangled in Chelsea

Marvin told police

He was next door

in his apartment at the

time and borrowed

a meat tenderizer from

Me his best friend

Jim Josh


I’m Jim Josh

I’ll tell you

I’m a drunk

I go to AA

But in scorn I reject

it all

I come back drink

and lay on the floor

But I will reveal

with all sincerity

I wish my mind could

return to clarity

My friend Marvin

needs my help

I’m muddled broken

and in pain

my past made me


there is no joy

No bliss

No great bright day


Only darkness

only pain and tomorrow

In my dipsomania

more of the same


But fortunately

there is DNA

And the killer

was found

Karen Vivien’s co-worker

did it


It however doesn’t

uplift my spirit

No more chess games

of fishing trips

with Marvin

Now inside I’m

cold frightened

and friendless


I think I’ll return

to AA this time

with all sincerity


Hello my name is Jim Josh

I am an alcoholic

please help me


to leave the darkness

and relight my spirit

where hope and happiness

lay dormant inside



© Copyright 2019 Allen Henriquez. All rights reserved.

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