There's Been a Delay (Part 9)

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Submitted: March 05, 2016

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Submitted: March 05, 2016



Part 9

Ancient waters inundated with turmoil across turbulent seas where a quiet shore is hope.But with hands frozen in fear the boat’s line unravels.  Returning to the sea’s raging storm in black of night.


Tyson advises Abigail, “Willoughby, he’s on the phone asking for you, he sounds desperate.”

Abigail in pink pajamas is working on her computer, but with little hesitation takes the phone, “Willoughby?”

Willoughby is hunched over and sitting on the side of a bed in a motel room in Howard Beach, Queens, on Crossbay Boulevard.  His face is pulled and stretched with anxiety as if taffy.  Taffy and a glass of cold milk is a nice little snack, but not for a man overcome with fear and despair.

“Listen to me, Abigail.  I am madly in love with you, that’s why I had Colin killed.  I paid Johnny Grayson to do it.  He stabbed him to death outside of your house.” Willoughby.

“Turn yourself in.  I spoke to the police here.  They’re looking for you.  Turn yourself in and pay for what you did.” Abigail.

“I will pay,” Willoughby replies then ends the phone call.


The Joseph Addabbo Bridge on Crossby Boulevard across from Jamaica Bay which leads into the Atlantic Ocean is in the area of “The Gateway Wildlife Refuge”, and is with a bloom of nature, birds, and trees.  Willoughby, set for a dive off the bridge, is crying and shaking with fear.  Colin suddenly appears standing beside him.

“It’s a long drop and that water’s cold.  It’s not a courageous act, it’s a sin, but even a sinner such as yourself has to have the guts to go through with it.  Come down now, get back in your car, and give yourself up to the police,” Colin states.

Willoughby turns to see, with a look of horror, Colin.

“It’s you, how can that be?” Willoughby.

“Your friend stabbed me nine times, but never touched my spirit, not even a scratch.  I saw the suicide and confession note you left in your motel room.  Very good handwriting I noticed, and good spelling too,” Colin states with a slight smile.

Willoughby’s fear has by this point escalated to an unbearable level, he then jumps off the bridge and crashes into the water.  Willoughby doesn’t resurface until he is dead, having crushed his skull on the rocks below the surface.  The lifeless body travels gently, floating, and moving with the current slowly, as the water carries him past Pumpkin Patch Marsh, through Black Wall Channel, past Yellow Bar Hassock.  The current having gained strength pushes the body harder and faster through The Raunt, past Ruffle Bar, under the Marine Parkway Bridge, through the Rockaway Inlet, and out into the Atlantic; where he will eventually be found.


The End


© Copyright 2019 Allen Henriquez. All rights reserved.

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