My Curse

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Chronic Anxiety/Panic Disorder

Submitted: February 28, 2008

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Submitted: February 28, 2008



- My Curse -

My days have grown shorter, my heart feels so cold, on the outside I'm young, but inside me feels old.

My invisible illness, not seen to be real, its something inside me, no medicine can heal.

It allows me to live, my heart beats, I still breath, yet it's taken my life and left little for me.

I start to feel better, maybe it's gone! But just then it strikes me, the feelings are strong.

My heart begins racing! My breathing is fast! I'm searching for air! I'm starting to gasp!

The sweats running off me, my vision is blurred, my head feels so dizzy, my speech becomes slurred.

Why is this happening? What could this be? I feel like I'm dying, what's happening to me?

Often have I, these feelings of mine, but when they occur, it's like the first time!

It never is gone, I'm never set free, there's bad and there's worse, but its always with me.

I live with the bad, I hold on through the worse, this illness inside me… I call it my curse.

(Chronic Anxiety/Panic Disorder)

2002 Allen Filius

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