Sad Face

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Sarah should not have played the game

Submitted: December 31, 2014

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Submitted: December 31, 2014



Hello my name is Sarah and i would like to tell you a story.

My friend came over for a slumber party, we did the normal things thirteens did like Facebook and look at cute guys on the internet but after a while she lost interest in stead she stared at my doll. My doll was old and i had got it when i was young, it was a clown with a sad face, his eyes were black and mouth red, like a normal clown. She turned to me "want to play a game" I looked up from my phone "What game" she looked at Sad face "hide and seek" i looked at her this time the way she said it was kinda creepy her voice was like a zombie, I finally answered "Sure, who's it" she look at me "Him" she pointed towards the doll "who Sad face" I looked at the sad doll she nodded "okay" I got up and walked towards a hiding place were to this day was the best, I waited for her to come find me. After ten minites i heared a scream, i jumped out and walked towards my room "Ashley?" I looke at her she was her stomache, I slowly walked over to her and rolled her over, i screamed as i saw the horror her stomache was cut opened and her chest was punched in, but her eyes were the most frightening her eyes were black as well Sad faces, i looked up and saw my doll with blood on his hands and a knife lay at his feet, his face however was a smile no more of a grin, i walked back and ran down the hallway.

To this day i never play as everytime i do he is there

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