Down at the well

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Basically about a guy leaving and giving her a note and her note catching him in time to say bye.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



Nobody knew

Nobody could tell

What I put down there

In that well

Last night I dreamed of you

In this very real place

You scared me to death

So you got maced

I'm sorry I did that

That's what I said

You handed me a note

And this is what it read

I'm leaving soon

I just wanted to say goodbye

And you will always be

Right by my side

Forever in my heart

I wish for you to stay

I will think of you

Every day

I'm sorry I have to leave you

I just wanted you to know

That you are precious

And I will see you after you grow

It's time for me to leave

Remember to pray

Because I just might come back

At the end of may

I slowly looked up

My tears stained the note

I screamed out your name

When I saw the boat

It had just left

You left me all alone

All I have to remember you by

Was the note and your toan

Of your voice

Saying my name

As if

It was surrounded by fame

I woke up

To the very real dream

And grabbed the note

I ran as if I was on a track team

I passed people by

They all thought I was crazy

But all I knew

Was my memory was getting hazy

The boat was a blur

Through the rain

But I knew you were on it

And in my heart I felt pain

Nobody knew

Nobody could tell

The emotions I put down there

In that well.

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