The Fears

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This is about my parents divorce they started about two years ago.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



I write myself

A lullaby

And whisper

All of the byes

I've never felt this way

I've never had to

But my life

Has finally broken into ruins

I sit by my favorite

Tree in the backyard

I grab out my pen

And write on my card

This isn't just any card though

It's from the happier times

When my parents signed x o

It was before I heard the chimes

Of the calmy wind

That happened before a storm

And when that storm hit

I no longer felt warm

I felt the rain

That turned to tears

Running down my face

Releasing the fears

Basically every night

The storm came again

I continued feeling cold

And feared I would go insane

When the storm hit

It just wouldn't stop

Not even for me

The storm would just chop

Me back done

To my fears

This went on

For a couple more years

And when the storm calmed

It still left behind a mess

And when they asked if I was fine

I would just say yes

Because I didn't like showing it

I didn't like the fears

That the storm brought on

Along with my tears

I act like I'm fine

When really I'm dying inside

I always look for a way out

Or a place to hide

But I'm fine now

No really I am

That's why I'm writing this

I'm truly happy for them

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