The Crash of Him

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Poem of a crash

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007



Holding on to life and hope

While  watching him with fear

You see people come and go

Some who will help some who will not

People dressed all in white

Come to comfort you in your time of need

No matter what they say your eyes fill with tears

For you now what has happened

And as you fall to your knees

You start to cry

What is there to say

What is there to do

You lost him to the gods of love and war

The car came fast

And your loved one went to

Just as fast as the car that hit

Your heart is heavy but your soul is crushed

You start to blame god for what he has done

You cry out in pain for how you miss him so

The way he touched the way he loved

But now it is all gone

Feeling you lost everything in the world

You lay in your bed as you slip away fast

But not before you say

I love you so and we will be together again

And with those words that are said you slip away peacefully

But to only leave her alone the one who you should have thought about

But did not

Your little girl is alone no dad nor a mom

Where is she to go

No home nor a family

But a god who takes

And leaves nothing behind

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