Odd love for me and shadow

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Shadow teaches me how to swim

Submitted: October 14, 2010

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Submitted: October 14, 2010



I screamed in horror as the red echidna and White bat dragged me to a bloody beach. It was surpirzingly very clean and no one was there except my friends and shadow. Shadow. That's odd I never noticed how much I liked the name, whatever.

"just get in the damn water sonic!! There's nothing to be afraid of! Unless you want Amy to help you?" he dragged me back.

"I'LL GO IN!!!" I tried to run really fast but when he let me go I fell onto shadow. He got hit on the head and everyone just quickly ran away. I poked him for anew minutes. He was out. I smiled. "oh shadow! Are you okay? Maybe I should do mouth to mouth?" I laughed. I laid down and my head was on his chest. His heart was still beating. Maybe he was awake. I inched closer and closer too him until we were inches apart. I smiled, I was literally on top of him. My tail and bottom was up high and wagging. Soon something kicked me and I accidentally kissed shadow! I moaned accidentally. Shadow opened his eyes and started kissing me back. "mmm...sh-shadow....I-"

"sshhh..." he purred and started to nip my neck. I bit my tounge so I wouldn't moan or anything but that didnt work. Soon shadow was on top if me and he pinned my arms down. He sucked on my neck until it turned purplish bluish like a bruise. I groaned slightly. Shadow moved his legs around making my...little friend, get bigger and squirmier. "happy now are we?" I blushed madly.

"sh-shut up...!" he smirked and worked his was down to my nipples. He licked and sucked on he left one. At first I squirmed and moaned. But i stopped and started to enjoy myself. "ngh....ugh.....mhmnn...." i muttered. He chuckled. He sucked and licked lower until he was at my waist. I couldn't push him back up cause he still held my arms down.

"nnngh....sh-shadow....please....n-not h-h-here..." i pleaded, shadow looked up and I made myself look as scared as possible.

"fine but when we get home I get to pound your ass." shadow said and I nodded. We layed along the sand until morning turned to a beautiful sunset and the sunset turned into a starry night.

"wait...wasn't I stupposed to learn how to swim?"

"ah screw it." shadow put his arms around me and chuckled.

Authors notes: Hello again my lovely sonadow fans! I have decided to make other pairing such as Alvinxsimon from alvin and the chipmunks, hikaruxkaoru from ouran highschool hostclub, scourgextails from sonic,and many many more!

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