Denial leads to heartbreak

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Just a poem about my somewhat of an ex boyfriend.

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012




Your games started the day we first met.

But I played along with you to see how far we could get.

We started off strong and soon we were in deep.

You kept me on my toes wondering if these were feelings we’d keep.

The first time you kissed me, I felt as though I could fly.

When you told me it was over, I fell from the sky.

A downward spiral filled with tears and fights.

Measureless memories lost over our countless shared nights.

They soared all around us as I fell to the ground.

I thought you’d be there to rescue me, but you were nowhere to be found.

As I scurried to recover them, I got lost in what we had.

But I realized that I was left alone to gad.

A sharp pain in my chest came every time I saw you walk by.

You avoided me completely, acting like such a tough guy.

Spent and exhausted from trying to fix everything with you.

I decided to start over and find someone new.

I looked and searched but no one seemed to compare.

You were always by my side, but suddenly you weren’t there.

I pretended to move on and let the memories fade.

But everyone knew I was stuck on you and that it was just a charade.

Soon after it ended, I saw you talking and laughing with her.

It seemed like you had completely forgotten what we were.

I cried and cried every night until I fell asleep.

I wondered if it was only me who fell in too deep.

You looked away from me every time our eyes met.

Anger filled within me at how easily you could forget.

We had something special, I was so sure it was true.

I was just a game in your mind, something I always knew. 

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