Knife in the spine (episode 2)

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episode 2

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014




Torch sighed as he walked into the classroom with the events of last night’s hospital visit fresh in his mind. He sat down in the class room and yawned. A few minutes later, Drew sat down beside him as the rest of the students filed in.

“What up Torch?” he muttered.

“Hey.” Torch replied lazily.

“Man, we have to talk.”


“The warlord crew.”

Torch frowned.

“What about ‘em?” he asked.

“We need to join back up with them-”

“No. Hell no.”

“Why not!?”

“I’m through with gang bangin’.”

“Yo, once you’re in this, you can’t get out Torch! You know that!!”

“Well I’m just gonna be the exception.”

Drew sighed as he shook his head.

“Are you serious?”


“Well then how are you gonna pay for college then? Tell me that! You’ve applied for everything around here but no one will accept you. And I know you love it here!”

“I’ll just-” Torch began.

“Or wait!! You could use your shadow power… thang… to make money yourself!”

“No, because if I did then they’d get suspicious and they’ll know somethin’s up.”

“Well you might as well-”

NO!!” Torch said firmly.

Drew shook his head in disgust as he pulled a book from his book bag. At that time the teacher strode into the room and began the day’s lesson.

The next day Torch sighed as he waited for his turn in line at the bank. With a yawn he looked over his shoulder just in time to see a man in a ski mask withdraw a pistol from his belt. He stormed in and fired three shots into the air.

The crowd of people screamed as they got down on the floor. Torch reluctantly did the same as he squinted at the gunman who looked oddly familiar. The gunman paused as well as he started to the cowering banker. They looked at each other for about three seconds when Torch gasped: The bank robber was a member of his former gang’ enemy. The gunman noticed the same thing apparently because he pointed the gun at him.

“Ha ha!! You bout to go ‘way from here sucka!” he laughed.

Torch concentrated on the barrel of the gun. Suddenly from the shadow within it, a small pipe bomb appeared. When the thug pulled the trigger, the explosion ripped his arm off. The man collapsed on his side swearing at the top of his lungs. Soon after the police stormed in with the paramedics and took him away.

Later that evening, Natalie smacked the bouncer’s arm as he blocked her way from the club entrance.

“What’s your problem!?” she asked as some of her older friends walked into the club.

“No one under twenty one allowed.”

With a sigh, Natalie turned and walked behind her car. When she reappeared, she was a slightly older woman with an even more voluptuous figure than she had originally. This time the bouncer let her in without question. She walked into the bathroom to transform into her normal self without being noticed. When she exited the restroom, she frowned as she walked up to her friends who laughed at her.

“How did you even get in?” Anette laughed.

“Don’t worry about that.” Natalie muttered.

After a while of dancing and drinking, Natalie looked over her shoulder at her friend who just tapped her on the shoulder. She pointed at a young man who was watching her from across the floor.

“That guy’s been watchin’ you almost since we got here.” She said, adjusting her glasses.


“Go over and talk to him girl!”

Natilie looked over at the man then back at her friend with a slight smile.

“You think I should?”


Natalie laughed a little as she weaved through the crowd of people on her way to the handsome stranger.

“Hey, I was wondering when you’d notice me.” The man said smiling as Natalie reached him.

“Yeah, sorry if I seemed like I ignored you.”

“No problem, my name is Ryan, and you are..?”


Ryan nodded as he leaned back on the bar.

“I see you come here often.” He said.

“Do you really?” Natalie asked with a laugh. “But yeah I do.”

After talking for a few minutes Natalie’s friends watched as she followed the man upstairs into a private room away from the loud music and drunken people.

Drew ducked behind the car door as he reloaded his pistol. He stood up and fired away at the rival gang members who lined up over the dead bodies of who were Drew’s allies. The bullets ripped through the young man’s chest as he fell, but the other two continued shooting. Suddenly Drew’s gun jammed. He looked up at the two men as they ran towards him to finish him off. Drew panicked for a split second, and just then, the guns in the would be assailant’s hands became too heavy to hold. They fell to the ground with a loud thud. The thugs looked at one another confused as Drew activated his mysterious gravity powers once again. Suddenly, the two men became so heavy that they crashed through the pavement with a sickening crunching sound. Drew looked around to make sure no more enemies were near him before he heaved a sigh and ran off.

The next day, Torch was watching the news. He folded a shirt and put it in his drawer before he turned up the volume.

“On today’s news, we again touch on the subject of the mysterious explosion that has been raising many eyebrows here in our humble city.” The announcer said just before the clip played of the explosion she was referring to.

Torch squinted at the television and realized that the incident was the one where he received his powers. The tanker truck jackknifed in the road. Torch waited eagerly for the rocket he had seen before to slam into the truck. However just before that happened, the screen changed. The face of the King appeared and he was livid.

“The story that you just saw is fake!! No such event happened and whoever is responsible for this forgery will be punished to the full extent of the law!!” he roared.



… to be continued.

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