Knife in the spine (episode 3)

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episode 3

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



Torch jumped to his feet.

“WHAT!?” he screamed.

“We suspect that this manner of trickery is just another attempt to distract us from the war!!! The United Alliance of Pugnar will stop at nothing to try to separate, conquer, and destroy us, but we will not let that happen!!!!!”

Torch gritted his teeth. He knew that Cicilly City had declared war on the United Alliance of Pugnar three years ago. Ever since then King Darmuth had informed the public about the different plots to confuse the citizens if the city. However this time, Torch knew better. He knew what he saw. Why would the king blatantly lie to the people like this?

Torch glared silently at the screen as the message from the king continued:

“…so now we must fight!! Fight for peace!! Fight to preserve our freedom!!! And we will not stop until this reign of terror is stopped!!!! We shall show the United Alliance or Pugnar what their mission truly is: TO DIE OR DIE TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a seemingly sleepy gaze, Torch stared at the screen long after the king’s image left the screen. Then with a disgusted sigh, he turned off the television, turning his room into a dark shadow.

The next day Torch answered his apartment doorbell. Drew was on the other side.

"Wassup man? sumthin wrong?" he asked as he walked in.

"I'mma explain in a sec." Torch said as he closed the door.

Drew nodded as he walked over to the couch Natalie was sitting on and plopped down next top her. Torch yawned as he strode over to the television and leaned his back against it and faced them.

“So, have yall seen the news lately?” Torch asked after a while.

“Um… you mean of the report on that weird explosion right?” Natilie asked.

“The one where the King interrupted.” Drew chimed in.

Torch nodded.

“I was really wonderin’ about that too!” Drew continued. “Is he tryin’ to say ‘dat didn’t happen?”

“Naw, that’s exactly what he said.” Torch said, folding his arms across his chest.

“Well, it’s obvious that he is trying to hide it… but why?” Natilie asked thoughtfully.

“I dunno.” Drew shrugged as he looked to Torch for answers.

Torch however, was deep in thought.

“There were eight people caught up in that explosion… I know this because I created the classified damage report with my shadow power… thing. But anyways, like I said: there were eight people caught up in that mist. Which means that there are other people who have powers like us or at least know that the King is lying.”

“What powers d’you think they have?” Drew asked.

“No clue. They may not even know they have powers yet, assuming they actually do that is.”

“I think we should try to find these other five people first but that’s just a suggestion.” Natilie said.

“Me too.” Drew added.

“Obviously but there is one big problem that has been bothering me.” Torch said.

“Well?” Drew asked.

“The eight victims… does that include the truck driver and the person who shot the truck or-”

“Torch, hang on now, how do you know he wasn’t a rival gangster who was aiming for you?” Natilie interrupted.

Torch heaved a sigh. He had forgotten that Natilie knew he was a former gangster.

“Well first of all, he wasn’t wearing the Deathmen’s bandanna on his head from what I could see of him. Second of all, you don’t aim at a person with a rocket launcher from that close of a distance, he’d kill himself as well as me.”

“Oh.” Natilie muttered.

“Yeah, he’s right, only a dumbass would shoot some one point blank with a rocket launcher.” Drew said almost laughing.

“So now what? How are we gonna find the other people?” Natilie  asked.

Torch turned a shadow on the table into a document of the people who were in the explosion. Drew and Natilie looked through them eagerly.

“Do you know anyone there?” he asked.

“I know Sharron, and Timmothy.” Drew said.

“Me too, but I dunno the others.” Natilie said.

“Okay well let’s go to the school and see if they’re there now.” Torch said as he reached for his jacket.

They drove to the school and walked to the lounge where they saw a goofy looking teen sitting on a sofa poking at the cushion with his finger. Torch smiled a little as they approached him, he often saw Timmothy running amouk all throughout the halls doing crazy things. He was surprised he was not expelled yet.

“Hey there Tim.” Natilie said as the three of them came to a stop.

Timmothy looked up at them with a lazy grin.

“Hey Natalie, I heard ‘bout your performance at Club Adultry last night.” He said.

Torch rolled his eyes as Drew snickered. Natilie blushes as she spoke.

“Um, w-well, we were just wonderin’ if you-” she began.

“Yes I would like to bend you over and put my- oooohh, shiny!!” Timmothy said as he was suddenly preoccupied with gazing over at a person’s massive necklass.

Torch sighed.

“Tim, did you see the news last night?”

“Huh?” Timmothy asked, looking up at him.

“Did you see the news on the t.v? You know… the box where you mistook for a outhouse the last time I came over?”

“I told you I was drunk!!”


“Yeah… I saw it. But it’s weird though. The king suddenly came outta nowhere and started yelling and stuff. He said that it didn’t happen but I promise you it did though!! I was there!!! Seriously!!”

Drew nodded eagerly.

“So were we dog, that’s why we came here, have you noticed anything different about yourself since then?”

“Yeah but it’s hard to explain.” Timmothy said as he sat upright. “Sometimes when I walk past people, they start screaming all loud and stuff. And when I ask them what was wrong, they always tell me they had a bad dream.”

“So you can force people to have nightmares! That’s your special ability.” Torch said.

“What? Yall can do stuff too?”

“I can control shadows, Natilie can shapeshift, and Drew can manipulate gravity.”


“So now we just have to find Sharron. You know where she is?” Torch asked looking around.

“Uh uh, sorry man. I’ll come with you to help out if you like.”

“Sure, c’mon.”

They set off down the hallway. For a while the halls were quiet. Suddenly, a loud cry of anger was heard.


Drew snorted.

“That’s her. I can tell that yell from anywhere.” He muttered.

Just then a girl sprinted out the room, narrowly missed being hit in the head with a flat screen monitor as she turned sharply to run past Torch and his friends. Sharron ran out into the hall and glared at the fleeing girl.

Suddenly a car crashed through the glass in the lounge where the girl was running and plowed into her, crushing her under the weight. Drew and Natilie sprinted to the scene to see who was responsible for running over the girl. Natilie screamed in horrar as Drew swore loudly.

“What!?” Timmothy asked impatiently.

“There’s nobody in the friggin car!!” Natilie cried out.

Timmothy raised an eyebrow as Torch looked back at Sharron, who had just turned to flee.



… to be continued…  


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