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Isn't it really depressing when people judge you because you don't act a certain way or the way they expect you to? Not crying doesn't mean that someone is heartless, cold, or detached and crying most definitely isn't a sign of weakness.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



You look at me with judgmental glances

At these tearless eyes

That cry no more


This bleak well has been dried up

Used to the point of damage

Pushed and driven until there was nothing left


Only a dead end, with not even a glimmer of hope

And just you, with your judgmental glances

And these tearless eyes, that cry no more


You don’t ask or show interest

In what it is now

That has plagued my distressed heart


Just criticize and judge

As if it is your place to do so


Again and again

I am forced to endure you

And your judgmental glances


There is nothing I can do

There is nothing I can say

To change your view


Why am I the victim?

I have done nothing wrong

Maybe you are the one that is in the wrong


My supposed apathy

Has you on edge


You are disappointed

I understand

But I do not understand


Who are you to judge?

It is not your place

Who am I to care


About your judgmental glances

About your whispered gossips

About your spurious life


Who am I to care, indeed

I am myself and I am

No one

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