When Amelia Martindale is forced to move from the city to the suburbs, she can't help but wonder why. She hates her new house, and the area. But once she meets her neighbour Orlando, things change. Will he make it better...or worse?

Follow Amelia in this tragic love story as she develops and struggles to cope with a murdurous mental disorder and complicated family issues.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Dear Diary, Bad things are going to happen. Don’t ask why I wrote that, I honestly don’t know. So, we’re finally here. At t... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Jacob had invited Casey and Amelia to his house later that night. Casey would probably be the only one that turned up from what she said ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Orlando laid his head against his bed and closed his eyes. He needed to think. Why did Jacob have to push him all the time? He didn’t k... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Jacob woke up to find Casey holding herself above him.Her straight blonde hair brushed against his bare chest as she cocked her head to t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Hey. Nothing happened between me and that girl the other day. Let me explain, please. I love you. That was the 3rd time Orlando had t... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

April knocked hard on the blue door that stood out from the rest on the street. It was an unusually bitter night, the trees were swaying ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

“Orlando, wake up,” April shook Orlando’s arm hard. He groaned and rolled over, turning his back to her. “Oh, for fuck sake!” A... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Amelia’s phone buzzed beside her, making the internet connection on the laptop break. She picked up her cute, purple blackberry and che... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

“Alex, remind me again why agreed to come here with you,” Casey picked up one of her lightly salted McDonalds chips and pushed it tid... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Jacob caught Casey exchanging an astonished look with Alex and cocked his head to the side in bafflement. “What’s up with you two?”... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

“You’re not serious, Amelia,” Orlando looked over at the delicate, blonde figure that was sat, cross legged, on the pillow at the h... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Amelia broke into a fit of hysterical giggles, partly because of terrified expression on Orlando’s, normally manly and cool, face. But ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Alex scanned the garden for Scarlett. It was the day of the barbecue and he, Amelia and Casey, didn’t know anyone there. This was suppo... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Dear Diary, I forgot about you again! Sorry. So, I’ve been living at the suburban house for just over three weeks now. 24 days, to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Alex stared at his sister sceptically, “Casey, are you sure this will work?” Casey’s plans in finding out which sister he was desti... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Casey pushed her way through the crowded room towards the tall dark haired figures she recognised as Jacob and Orlando. The halls and roo... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Scarlett, Orlando and Jacob walked quietly through the beautifully spotless white halls of the hospital carrying a large black bag they h... Read Chapter