babys new world

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this is a poem that explains how i have been feelings since my dad kicked my boyfriend out

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



The baby discovers a new land

Among walking, things became surreal

Grabbing on to the table,

she took her first stand.

Seeing what seemed to be a trusted friend

she took the cats paws

Trusting it to never do any wrong.

They were the best of friends day after day 

Nobody tried to break the bond

Until the day the baby cat was made to go away

she cried and cried 

For days and days 

nobody seemed to care for her pain

she was just a baby they"d say

Nobody knew just how much that baby loved her best friend

determinded that would not be their last meeting

she thought of the cats promise,

how he would come see her again one day 

she has waited and waited hopen it will be one day soon

her best friend she will again see. 

until that day she must endure the lonesomeness

that consumes her for she and her best friend 

have a special love

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