Widow's Maiden 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sorry for the wait ... i kind of forgot about it xD Mind has been on skype >w< well this is chapter 1 continuation and chapter 2 enjoy~ xDDDD Aria making a friend LE GASP!!! 8P

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012




Chapter 1: The way of the wind.




Marie, a girl from middle school, popped her head out of the kitchen. 

"Hey Carly when is my mom going to come?" she asked the waitress. 

She looked at Aria for a moment as she was silent. She wasn't scared. She didnt even know who she was. She jumped over the counter almost tearing her skirt on the bar. She ran up to Aria and reached out her hand saying, " My name is Marie! I work here part time!" 

Aria stood there blankly staring at her when the waitress pulled Marie away from her. 

"Wh-Why did you do that carls? I was only introducing myself to her!" she argued. 

"You don't walk up to strangers!Your mother would be angry with you!" Carly yelled. 

"Well, My mother isn't even here! So let me go!" Marie said as she ripped her arm away from the waitress. 

"I think i should get going. Enjoy your day ma'am." stated Aria as she turned to walk away. 

"wait up!" called Marie as she grabbed Aria's hand. "Wanna go do something? Im off shift!" 

"I dont even know you. I dont understand why you want to do something." replied Aria. 

"I thought since you look like you are in middle that we could be friends!" said Marie. 

"Friends. With me?" Aria turned her head to look at Marie. 

"Mmhmm! I think we could get along great!" she said excitedly."You know what we should do! Karaoke!" 

"Karaoke? Singing?" questioned Aria. 

"Oh yes! I want to sing so bad right now! Im sure you have a great voice too!" 

"I guess we could... but i dont have any money." 

"Oh dont worry! I can take care of that!" assured Marie as she put her arm around Aria walking towards the door. 

The two girls left blabbering about various songs and artists when the waitress' mouth fell open and her eyes widened. The old bar tender looked at her with a surprised face. 

"Did the widows maiden ... just find... a friend?" he asked.

The waitress was in too much shock to answer his question and continued working. 

Later that day, when Aria and Marie reached the karaoke building, the wind started to pick up. Aria lifted her hand in the air.

"Its going East."

"what is?"

"The wind."

"Oh it is kind of chilly now that i think about it"

"Do you think the wind is important?"

"Well. It isnt helpful really. I mean a girl is trying to rake up leaves in her yard. She finishes. The wind comes. And blows it all away and scatters it on her lawn yet again."

"Its the way of the wind"


"The way of the wind is to go with the flow. Just like us humans"

"Wait. Are you saying that we all just go with the flow and never think about our actions?"

"I did not say that. I said we all go with the flow. Meaning that we do what we have to even if it affects someone elses life in a bad way."

"Are you some type of cycologist?"

"no.. no i am not"

"then stop being so smart and loosen up a bit, 'kay?"

"what do you mean?"

Marie pinched Aria's cheeks "You're like a teacher! Just be a normal child!"


"Nah its okay! Lets go sing!"

"Yea okay." Aria said as she walked into the building.  

Chapter 2: New feelings.

Hanging her head out a window, Aria looked into the starry sky. Marie walked into her room with blankets. 

"Got 'em!" she said as she looked at Aria. "Watcha doin'?" 

"Looking at the stars." 

"The stars?" Marie put the blankets down. "There are stars?" 

"Of course! It doesn't matter where you are! There is at least one star." 

"I have never seen one from my room." she said trying to find one. 

"Hold on. They are hiden by the clouds" Aria waves her hand in the air and the clouds moved. 

"How did you do that?" 

"It takes a lot of skill" joked Aria. 

"Oh ha ha ... I was being serious!" 

"If you must know.." sliding her back down on the wall of the room. "Im the widows maiden" 

"What!? It is you who they fear!?" 


"Carly and Oscar and all of my friends at school.They talk about you like you are some monster!" 

"Oh... I have been noticing people backing away from me lately.. didn't know that was why." 

"well! I wont back away from you! To me you don't look or act like a monster! No not at all!" 

Aria smiled. "Thank you." 

"No prob gir! I got your back! Forever and always!" she said as she patted her back. 

The two girls laughed about it and went to sleep. 

The next morning Marie's mother knocked on the door. 

"Honey time for you and your friend to wake up!!" 

Aria and Marie woke up to the sound of her yelling. 

"Mother?" asked Marie. "OR ARE YOU AN INTRUDER!?" 

"It's your mother. Just open up. And stop screaming." 

Marie opened the door holding a plastic sword. 

"Oh it is you mother!" she said as she hugged her mother. 

"Strange child I have." 

"Oh thanks. Love you too." 

Her mom laughed. "Breakfast is ready so you two get ready for school." 

"Yes Ma'am!" Marie said as she saluted her mother. 

Her mother patted her head. "One day .. one day you will get married." she mummbled as she walked downstairs. 

"T~T did you hear that. My mother she is so mean to me!" whimpered Marie as she looked to the spot Aria was sleeping. "Aria?Where are you?" 

Aria had climbed up the wall onto the cieling while she was talking to her mother. 

"Right here!" she said as she jumped down in front of Marie. 

Marie jumped back freaking out. "HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT!?!" 

"Told you last night...Im the widows maiden. Feel free to gasp at this moment" 

"O-Oh yea..." Marie remembered as she fakely gasped.

"so what school do you go to?"

"Willowsworth Middle. nothing special. But has a good sports system."

"No way! I go there!"


"I believe the correct response is "Cereal?"." (OOOOO THAT IS A FACE!!!! "." xDDD... *Cough* i thought i should point that out.... >.>) 

"Oh I worry about you." 

"That's what my mom used to say!"(quick question *RANDOM*: Do you like anime???????)

"I bet!!" Marie said as she changed into her school clothes. "You know i should have gotten that you go to my school from your uniform." 

"well maybe it is better to act like a teacher than act "loose" or whatever you said." 

"yea yea... turn around my thoughts." Marie joked as she stuck her tongue out. 

"I can cut that tongue of yours off." laughed Aria. 


"for what~" 


"Oh im sure... its important" 


Aria and Marie walked downstairs to find a surprise. 




© Copyright 2020 AllisonCurranVPkmpg. All rights reserved.

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