the port side

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just something i thought of. i hate deep water but love riding the staten island ferry. ironic?

Submitted: November 19, 2008

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Submitted: November 19, 2008



That asshole was going to catch him. He could feel the sting in his feet as they hit the cold metal floor of the ferry with force. Behind him, the bum was breathing hard; panting out a vodka breath. Jory's lungs rolled violently in his chest. There were people lined up on the benches on the outside of the ferry, all of them watching the strange chase. Next time, Jory would make sure the bum was asleep before he took his little styrofoam cup.

Some of the change sloshed inside his jeans pocket and clanged loudly onto the ferryboat floor. He thought maybe the bum would stop to pick up the pennies and dimes but he didn't. The boat was long but Jory neared the end of the port side and just as he reached the corner where he would turn and lead the bum up the stairs to continue their chase on the upper-level, something happened. A girl was sitting at a bench and had been watching the chase coming toward her with a bemused smirk across her graceful lips. As they made eye contact, the girl smiled at Jory in a way he would never forget. It was like they'd seen each other before but he couldn't remember from where. She continued to smile and everything was in slow motion. Carefully, she stretched out her leg into the pathway of Jory and the bum. Jory hopped skillfully and avoided the limb. The bum, however, was not as lucky and he tumbled clumsily into the railing of the ship. He hit is eyebrow in the rail and blood, bright as the girl's lips and just as beautiful, slipped slimily down the bum's head. He wailed in pain.

At the edge of the ferry, Jory stopped, panting. He looked at the girl who was looking at him. She still had that gorgeous half-smile painted across her mouth. The bleeding bum didn't seem to bother her, for her gaze remained locked on Jory. The boat's horn squealed loudly and Jory, after smiling briefly at the mystery girl, jogged back to the front of the boat and exited to the Long Island Railroad.  Next time, he'd be more quiet when stealing from a bum.

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