Life is not an alternate opinion

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Just about the comfort of friends or that special somebody coping with the world

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Life is not the alternate opinion 

Life is not the alternate opinion

When sanctified by love's familiarity

That which once reeked of hate becomes a perfume. 

 A breath any more giving is the fragrance of charity

For your emboldened heart the furthest becomes nearest

As the furthest dominates pang hint of the nearest

When love compels, hate repels,

As when the strange novelty of the storms encounters with the lightening, it confronts the



Blending every element ominously

Sending such purified and sterile love for the earth tenuously

Churning a storm from a single brew , broiling out confusion


As clarity suffices in the potage

Then a smiles ingredient is given when one is in  remembrance of you during such


This is the tempest of all your friendships enjoined

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