Nightengale Dawns

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It is a hymn in the for of tennysons Maud but it tells about the warring of religions mostly the christian and muslim religions and how religion is decaying and dying in the new millenium then also singing about the decay of western civilization

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



An ode of dreams 


By the silent movement of a nightingales wings

Upon a sable horse riding over the living waters

Of O this dearest earth as the sun

In a fading opal dawn dither’s twilights


By pull of perpetual motions,

Sacking sanctions

Of a much mocked divination

Or does the coffin cross suspended


In the sackcloth moon elate the eclipse

Out of its corroded sepulcher

Or as pulses of a celestial heart

Expected from mortal veins


Yet deadening The Astronomers wail

As the moon and sun disintegrate

Then dissolve into stranger night

 As the strength of keystone dawns


Trundle in the fathoms of few

Neither weaker souls nor humbler

Spirits excluded yet persuaded

Of a crystallized freedom


Whom its beams shoot the fears

And freedoms are seen in myriads

As billions strong are such prisms

Such rays of sagacity,


Emissions of dogma’s

As man revels in interpretation,

O language of temptations

What symbol faith may I


Reside for to and overcome hells quagmires

O hear the wild cries

From that mouth which salvation

Screams as the forbidden voices

Are hushed by fleeting brains

Pumping still the ventricle

Of history with few obstructions

Sealed the flow of a freedom


Oxygenated blood O dearest mother

Wreath your natural freedoms

But a liberty once unknown

Now avails its thorn


To wilt not the burning petal

Either cipher or prophecy

Neither original or scene


Yet reverted this cryptic scene

We walk open veined as we bleed

When the dawn is stolen

When all night has broken Hope


 Is our mistaken token

Then our essences are chosen

Out from the void of fire

What of the flame men


Feudally know only the fear

Of invisible cinder and unruly bark

On which frok your loves thought  burned

Is our liberty so parched


 Starved of nutriment

The un leavened of innate breaths

Having risen from the keystones  

Quelling and retarding

Heat from exfoliating its pour


There our temperance and ingredient is tested

Obedience is not commodity

Of such breath, neither of a humans blood

Yet purchased by angelic economies

The multitudes await

Their hurried security,

Whiles dilated souls are absorbed by manna

As all yeast expected


To leaven in such a mold

Then form so that the yeast

 Be as sufficient as its eternal halo

This the new tower of babble

May be built yet not of couriered

Stone or chiseled rock .


But built by false hearted

Fears agonies and meeker strengths

Although the righteous


Are found in catacombs evading

Tortuous shadows maimed

Persecuted, defiled, embarrassed,  

Then languorously beaten


Yet do not cry our mourn

For us yet you will feed on the martyrs

 Your worship their blazoned trails


The gavel of the fall on you youth

But our injustices will ratify

And rally against our riots to satisfy


May our aims focus the truth to live

Although after judging

When collateral is equaled

Then the amount found in


Produces its own revolution

Sacrificed in the name of blind empires 

Those that feed build such towers

And those that feed finishes the towers


Feeding in the name of the nameless

Those that makes feasts of such bread,

The molded fungus hides the resplendence

Of the manna So the eyes hoaxed


Feed on the sin filled loafs, as the masses

Forsake the potency of the fungal yeast

The yeast from cavalry is forgotten

Out of a rebellious assembly


Yet is it fair to discard

The numerous sands

Of the sifted forsaken is the rapture

For the desert treaded by the harlot


Only Loath not the ignoble deserts

Of this earth was it a righteous tour

Over the earth O harlot

That in Eden made the ignoble


O grains of the desert, O bubbles of the sea,

The great the strong to which is your bond

The demy-gods whom rule over the elements

You are the bread of heaven Yet erroneous belief


Is charged against your regime, deception harps

Again O yeast of the world

Whose indispensable drive is to inflate

Against the heath of worship

By a bow of a knee or a clutch of a fetish


A crucifix fold and incessant drive to exalt

That which is diviner then bone and tissue

Either convulsion of a release

But such innate desire has infected


A sickening earth,

Turned to a sphere of misunderstandings

And childish grudges

To prove dominance of their semblance

Turning the stone we have mistaken as bread

Turning freedom to a pestilence,

Fracturing this globe centuries thick

Turning stones to parched, barren, amends

Compounds of infertile wilderness

(These stones  in a parched

And barren wilderness

When turn  into bread

Mankind will run after you

Like a flock of sheep ,

Lest you withdraw your hand

And deny them bread”

But what is freedom

If obedience is bought with bread.  )


But threat to dry out

The yearning and the will

Shall be infected with disease

Invading like a cancer


To kill such breadths,

While manna expire

For the spirit of the discarded sand

Will amount to mountains against


Ourselves and the spirit

Which once stricken to strive

The very vessel that carries my soul

And swallow all the righteous yeast


For you can not ask the sands

About the dew from the forests

Of heaven or the bakeries of angels

For if it rained is such deserts the mystery,


Miracle and authority of the rain will be

Revealed for reason of the manna is revealed

Yet the dryness and coarseness of the earthly sands

Will harden after the rains and break

From the kiss of the living waters once again



When the dawn is stolen

When all night has broken

Hope is our mistaken token

Then our essences are chosen


Either cipher or prophecy

Neither original or scene

Yet reverted this cryptic scene

We walk open veined as we bleed


The gavel of the fall on you youth

But our injustices will ratify

And rally against our riots to satisfy

May our aims focus the truth to live



Then whatever cleaves

The soils against and raise

The wheat will farm the conscience

And belief of the next generation


A harvest for which crop will precede

And welcome years of celestial growth

To what conception can conceive

The endless of infinite things


That can be conceived

Yet breeze in access

What is transposed

Destroying everything for that which is pointless


When the infinite rests in the hand of the finite

Though the expanses are broader,

The caprice shrivels as the gamut of damned,

Righteous befall obscurity


The snare is stealth in the exceptional,

Vague, and enigmatic with throngs of variety

Proliferating by choice



Yet a cynics confidence

Suffice behind the incontinence

Of the cynic while the universality

Of invention, the evidence


As each attaches to a stricter station

By acting flawed in our cause cursed

In our aftermath  

The more answerable now is our troubles


Yet miracle, mystery,

And authority spellbound

The projections traumas

And tantrums for all


O choice adhere

To the verdicts my heart judges

But to reject a child

Is to reject the womb


To suffers twice the sentence

As men are lest imprisoned

By a miracle alone


Only those of basest natures

Caught in the troughs of restlessness,

Confusion and unhappiness

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