Sacred tides

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Prose poem or whitman ode
see if you can guess what the yellow rose stands for the Elysian angel and Caspian and theme of atlantis

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Sacred tides  

What obstruction would recede this phallic shore

The weaning shores are caught moaning

All heaped in the procreative sands

In this deserted facile sea-drift the prodigal apparition whose

compassing dwelling brattled and dried of its secretion

As pores of earth exfoliates its mineral

Columbus maimed and impaired as Isis wields the equinoctial


In a heart and soul vacant of any love

And the wanton stranded left to tire a selflessness recessed from

conflicting ardors

Seeing yet out from dreams being what is sought I thirst for you

our sinless tides  sterilize my grave if willingly redeemed

We are such shores of boundless worlds whirling twinned in our


Scooping all human panorama’sInjustices by scenic affliction All humanity tallied and surveyed Yet incorporated with a myriad transitions Cringed by to many attachments yet surveying focused On detachment groveling  for wisdom Co Supremes sing In their domains By cruelty animosity and fury Pounds pedaled and practiced perjury Against the fellows damned to a horrific destiny  A servant without a paulbarrers glove Of plutonic love All suited gainsOf insidious  pursuits That is welcomed faired O you prodigal dove  O the loathing bath of delight All this moaning all our of spite In darkness fraught and frightening Lounging in eh of pity upon self and all the self-untutored and un helped  O with bitter and spiteful despair clouding this intriguing night That to endure death and diversity We love presently if betrayed leaving the masochists displeased with their torpor paradise 

If gone lead before the astral eye whose hypnotic equinox

Dilates the eye breeding its waves, that strive ambitiously towards

One endless eddying paramour that has steered guided by a beam

Shooting through a prism with a diversity of a  thousand faces 

amounting to a  single sufferance

That if by a syllable-toe intruded beyond but and inch inside a

boundary that  if trespassed stains the righteous sands of Sinai


As the covenant kept by self –errors and selfish mistake

That has willed to procreate a war of mingled bloods mast hangs

two banners

Self insolated in their hues of sagacity

A selfish scripture seals its treaty out from where both bloods find

their recess and a peace more receded in this modern age


Along side the eras preceding the present

And those militants using ruthless vigilances

To its spite infested adversary

Then out from the peaceful hush the implosion may at war be seen

By the aged murmur preached before this earth.

As prayer hoping against everything malicious as a wolf to prey

 Blocking all emphatic scene blotched out by vapors these vapors seemingly disintegrate the day from our summers  Man is ensnared as a thorn to his own benignityPassage by a disgruntled humility O traceless continuity Yet feeling effect to a lifeless charity And our humidity makes our passions perspire With all vanity required  

Deaths whispering the old aged-echoes humming upon their lips a

deprivation, hollowness, withdrawal negligent when asked to


In a docile nature whose protoplast forms and modifies all that is



As spoiled purposes

As aged depletes and warps the heart in into its frivolous

manifestations and resplendent difference

As a balm of life softens the expected death and cushions the


As from birth traces of that balm enwrapped in innocence

invigorates ever more that impressionable lotion that keeps.


Life is the alternate opinion blessed with love

Then what was once hated is cherished, furthest is nearest as the

furthest dominates that nearest

When love compels, hate repels,

And when the strange novelty is encountered the lightening

confronts the thunder

Blending every element of every storm signal brew in a cauldron

and climates of confusion

  Sing O songs that stampedA carving into touchstones of chortled loveO music encamped  Mending broken wings of a flightless doveIn once kiss of a melodic tongueThe belting spirit sealed and sung from a breathing sunAll the storms shed awayAs lightning runsAs thunder guns As hurricanes are drowned by a sapphire day Down my blood O embalming songThat I may again tread a road followed by a lovers throngEncumbered and distraughtSoberness then sought As the globe blasts when the stars swarmInto the ears of a zephyr knightSo that ears may hear such lightMelting when the coldness is warmAs winter falls to the riots of summers fight I revived after dying from messages of desireThe rifted tune plucking an instruments thin wiresDefeated anger harks the pining note in a choir Again rekindled by beloveds O chronic fireO send my place beyond all moonsO transmit me beyond the starry portalsTransport me and implant my seed into heavens soil As I am weakened more then worriedWhile the music deepens its rootShivering off all worryShadows in living in their trustTo live we must out from scurvyDeath, conquered by trustHaving music to lifeFinds the boundless ends of lovers strife. 

When obsessions is pledged to love a delusion of truth

Belief is welcomed and combed over the very hair of lies she grouped

That gullibility turns the innocence of a virgin lover raped by deceit

Although the signals and alarms never set off the smokiest cloud

Now the years of the latter memory is haunted by the orphic figure

The obsequy of a liars tongues brands the subjective faults if love would

avail the conclusion

And the threnody sings anthems of a newer and older mould not yet


For in this non-engendering counterfeit of love, leeching from me what

power in her arsenal insincere double faces

Twinned with the love in me of me while strangling the love that is

innately in me

From our faults the more the yearning the more that love will not exist

The loves when love leaves the fleeting heart

A dark shroud warms and freezes my desolated blood which move like spirits haunting suggesting drown the night of its floating sleep

The worst phantoms is when amount to men and men amount to animals

yet when the men are perfected they outrank women perchance of

civil dominance

Women are as serpents in a foul Eden, although those creatures that are


Dominate the burliest man dumb or genius she feeds

Leeching our wholesomeness

Though suspicion tempted the heart not to react but suspend in furthest


Suspected I was trained in yet each vanity of what was trained to speak

was of silence silent as the womb of hell that mutes its babes

Never will I know hells flaming truth the vault of the dimensions seals up

my closure

 Nestled below Caspians perilous canyon’ targetWhere suspended in a coral duplex whoseCompartments are were stale and dreamless values seal 

In eyeless dreams raking out from this aquatic eel


Form from what nimbus did the fog of my hazy eyes spots this spheres

storm then negotiate the verdict of thunderous truth yet the

lightening detail flunks its crooked light

A female nimbus that deserves what she sworn reconcilement for truth yet

never winced or blinked at her injustice

In every hour spent before my crucifixion she cured my retrospective


 My march was charitable in one parade yet a different parade on the

wrong time displayed

The blimp o perdition floats always above my head still a heights my souls

altitude was in limbo with heaven


Although this chemistry of charmed fools is a ignorant banter

Therefore when death solicits love for ambitious hearts to buy willingly

The ancestor of a sightless hope stops and arrests my fears in a fervor

For favor the flavor is christening cautions

That alarm against the tyrannical in justice did to our own lineage

In our own obfuscating life


You and I my turtle once had a phoenix ringed engaged now to dissolve

deeper and beyond the furthest things

Victim to a liars mason, noises swing towards truth as my other is trustless

now to me

Always cautioning for betrayal and malicious perdition if perdition seems

an option

To falser truths told and received morphing into exaggeration

As the genesis ensues its end for factions and fees of madness that brought

divorce to our affliction

If let when I expire and trade unloving of each passage of senseless



You stole from a charitable sovereignty

Yet fail from its function or disjointed from its injunction

By this furious injunction rallies a nervous conduction after the revival of

its introduction their lies the dysfunction by the defied instruction

With ever deceit lies a morbid lie whose onset is strong and destructive

and terror is prone

Then from meekness crawling into happiness then apathy here is where

the weeds direly grow

From happiness the that love falsely arose

O dear Lazarus-heart coaxed into the death crate an abysm not yet filled

retiring to the deepest oblivion

Never was I wrong of her early beauty witness cherished the grain of

earthly wealth

Eternity was the girth of this hour,

  Fourth such beasts rise In their tenets beneath the watersThe sun with its furious opinion of heat only speckles And shrinks its stronghold, still arctic threshold In Caspian’s own blue heart That is as dry and worthless 

O yet this elysian state where senates with each feeling a senetor govern

these scandalous and temptation to love comfort nothing

For that is a current feeling

In each age nature charged its dominion with respected farms of


The others speaking the rally of bloodlines of opinions must have

discretion, stimulate a loving response to the propaganda confessed

As alchemy poured to tease the mind into its trap

I courage of discretion I call upon


Yet masked to keep sacred its origin Or genesis-force that obscured your

image to me

The broken edifice is I 

Let your soul invade the airs of weightless eddying in those dreams that


That no speech can command 

The elysian took to a unguided tour into hell as each sign scrotched  a lung

and every deception has its preacher

O inferno of love, lesson not graded fire 

As the sermon hoaxes the fine and brittle rifts that play in men shadow


I put on a pedestal unknowingly that I and collected with a collection of

elder ignorant heads that love her before me 

Slaves we are to Elysian’s spell this essence a basis of most friction

When the spirit wishes without strife but of hope is the syllabus

By trust the grail standard forum, archetypes is of ancient alphabets better


Without stress the chain of love never kinks, there is the counterfeiting test

If ambition be fore fame the lovers serpent, if ambition battles for hearts

then you are seduced by hearts   In my wakingSin hides in my takings The footsteps through these articles Are hoved steps into leaves of particles

Whenever a defiant declaration pleads against self-restraint  is a charge

Brought to  incarcerate soul alone by a single verdict

With the dullness with an infernal  craving for procedure 

Yet the vain keeps the incarceration by a linking action held captive by consequence 

The warden and I the cellmate share a twin prison as each eye sees its difference and tht

is the indifference of feeling 

As liberty is enslaved by the absence of judgment as justice is never found in a human


Yet the ventricle heeds not to the empty bosomed jury, cold in their verdict for the hatred

of such murderous feeling 

I am cited at the closure of a glare of such misunderstanding of nature although I weep at

the closure of a loving eye 

I am wronged by my caved interpretation, although I am fluent in the shadows tongue

A warriors are those who conceded lives and unleashed a migration to life

Those icons of living smoldered death after every march

Yet their olden shame cured by the winery of time and trepidation

Ever depending on the potency of my droopiness

The same Is the genome of my soul the ennui manipulation disfigures what I have

damasks and buried

Yet you holding me yet you are never yet ever near dearest nurse I homage you O love

The kiss of such breath murmurs an eternal ambition


To think upon the grief’s of youth and divided Old the adolescence between such


In youth the innocence and wanting in dim elder seasons where the olden oak clamps to The breath of its seasons and where the living bark restricts and saves its breath and leaf

for a healthy tomorrow

Where needs correspond with the wants

Ski in the troughs of endless seeming grief there are processions and processions that

follow the conductor

Neither is there a single act yet a cotillion of marches and different steps to different

conductors of trepidations

First the smallest tests the fortresses and then full flanking assaults come agaist the

defending fortress

We divide ourselves from severest judgment yet arr4ested by the same laws which

apprehended my blood since birth

O the wishing of a premature fetus crying when out from the womb with memory of the

secure fertility

Yet when the fertility of our needs become pregnanat with responsibility the ability of the

response may enable the heart to dry from its blood pulsing socket and bones

blacken from their pearly marrow

Madness plucks the vision from sanity

All respects remain adjudged until a collateral of equal amount is found in the gavel of a

judging soul 

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