I'll Just Be Me

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I wrote this a long time ago when I was mad at my mom. I write to get my feelings out of my body this is the way i like to express myself. This is pretty much the things i think my mom expects of me.

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



I'll never be perfect,
I have tried to be perfect,
I'll never be Barbie
I won't wear girly clothes,
I'll forever be a tomboy.

Harry Potter will always be my life
you can't change that.
I don't care about when you were my age
I do have friends.

I'm not stupid
don't call me that.
I'm not a bitch
don't call me that.
I'm just trying to find my place
I have feelings too

My aunt thosen't have to know about me.
I live in New York 
but in winter I'll wear short sleeves
I hate long sleeve

I thought if I try hard at school
you'll be proud
my report card had one B,
you yelled

Don't call me dirty or garbage
I'm not a piece of garbage
I would clean if you weren't yelling at me all the time
My room will never be cleaned like you want it

I'm not the perfect child
I'm sorry if I'm not the perfect daughter
I'm sorry if you think I'm not normal
I'm sorry for the things I do wrong

You always breake promises
You broke me down in many pieces
I can't ever not cry
These tears coming down my cheeks
Are your fault.



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